Love is our new reality

Group (The) – Channeled messages

The Group via Steve Rother, April 25th, 2018

Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time and I bring you a little story about harmony. Understand that harmony is the sixth plane. Humans have a wave pattern for everything on your side of the veil. Each wave has a frequency to it, as it travels up and down, forward or backwards. That is the frequency of your wave, or your tone. Every part of your body has a slightly different wave and vibration, and yet you have a signature vibration which you send out into the world at all times. Can you alter it? Yes, of course you can. Just having different thoughts can help to open those waves so that you can more easily harmonize with other people.

In our collective channel earlier, we shared with you that the collective vibration of humanity has risen although you do not see the results of that. You had been moving apart in this huge wave of separation, but as that is starting to change you’ll have the opportunity to form unity. It is helpful to keep in mind that unity is your natural state. That is the first dimension that you lived in; you were not separate from each other. Instead, you’re all a part of each other. It’s very difficult for you to understand or even grasp the concept of that while you are pretending to be separate, but that is what you’ve done. You have gained your own individual personalities, which we adore. We find that not only fascinating but beautiful. When you return home, you will bring that beautiful core personality with you and even as a spirit, you will still laugh at the same jokes, have the same energies, see and believe some of the same things. However, your humanness will be left behind; your fears and your energy that did not harmonize with a larger collective spirit of who you are.

This harmony can be seen in the area of relationships. Look at a relationship as if it were keys on a piano keyboard. Everyone thinks that they must find a relationship, in which they’re playing exactly the same note as their partner. If you are playing the same note time and time again, although it is validating, it is also rather boring. So, you try to get very close on the keyboard and end up playing chopsticks, which is tolerable, but aggravating. It is not until you move a comfortable distance apart on the keyboard that you can strike a chord and find harmony. In effect, you move out of dissonance and into harmony.

That is what we’re looking for as you ground yourself in this new vibrational light. It is coming, dear ones, as we have mentioned before. We already see the changes occurring on the vibrational level, and now it is up to humans to anchor those changes. How does one do that? You look for harmony. You look for those ways in which you are alike, rather than the ways in which you are separate. Even as you play different notes on the keyboard, look for harmony. Yes, we’ve said that many times before but over the next several months it is going to be even more critical. Many of you have been concerned that there are so many of you that have differing views. You think one way, yet how can you harmonize with those who have a different view? Over here you are conservative, yet over there you are liberal. Is anyone right?

No, not as long as you are that far apart. The separation has become so incredible during these times that we wonder if you even are playing on the same keyboard.  You have moved into the fifth dimension and a wave of fear has swept over this planet. Besides that, Earth was pushed into timeline at a very inappropriate time during a cosmic event. A quasar exploded and sent a wave of energy that hit Earth at a very awkward time. Ripples of the wave impacted people in such a way that it caused them to try to hang onto their old truths and ideas, in an attempt to prove themselves right. Can you prove yourself right?  Of course you can. As a conscious creator you can believe anything that you wish to and hang onto whatever truth you hold, but is there harmony? That’s the biggest question at this point.

How much harmony can you find in one another? Here you have a person who watches a certain television station, and over there another person watches a different one. Their belief systems are so far apart that they cannot come together. So, what can you learn from this person? That’s the first way to find a harmony. Will you agree on things? Probably not. But if you can find those areas that you do agree on, that starts a harmonic wave in motion. Over the next several months, this will be critical for all humans on Earth. You can pretend to still be separate and divided, with huge amounts of space in between your understanding of each other. Or you can start to find whatever little harmonies there are. Whatever it is, there’s always something you can learn from another person if you look. That will be a challenge to you, at least over the next seven months. There will be opportunities for harmony of all humanity that you did not have just a short time ago. If you are able to achieve such harmony in mass, you’ll return to what you had in the days of Lemuria. You will rediscover that magic ability to communicate even long distances without words and without the technologies that you currently need for that.

You will be able to eradicate much of this ambient energy which floats around and causes so much frustration. Sometimes people act out and explode into road rage or other acts of violence, such as mass shootings. People often do crazy things, just because they cannot hold that intense energy any longer.  But how does one work with somebody of that nature? By listening, talking and focusing on that one piece that you can agree on. That one tiny piece, no matter how small it is, makes all the difference. Once you find it, you can expand upon it and work with it. You have now formed a bond and unity that you not share any other way. That’s what’s coming for all, dear ones. You will have an opportunity to step into a morphogenic body to be able to shift into a new light frame to hold more light in your body than you ever have before. This will begin a luminous lifestyle that allows you to step into any circumstance and find harmony.

When that happens, you become magical. Are people going to fear you? Sometimes you are in this harmony that others have tried so desperately to reach not knowing how to do it, but then you just walk right in and find it. Yes, people can be afraid of that, but it is not your job to worry about it.

The Family of E

You are all well-trained, even though you may not understand it. You are from the family of E with which the Keeper has spoken. Many of you want to know what that E stands for. Well, wish I could tell you but there actually are is no single word in your languages to define it. You can call it “empowerment” or “evolution.” Yes, you can call it by all the empowering words you know and that will be close. It may also be helpful to know that e is the most common sound in all languages.

Many have come in with those reminders all around them. Some of you have e’s in your name, which are pronounced loudly. If you have a name that doesn’t include an e, sometimes you shorten it and add one, so that Sandra becomes Sandy.  These are all gentle reminders of what you are doing here, who you really are and what harmony truly is. You can find these over the next seven months with all this energy coming in, through the 22 waves that are approaching and landing on planet earth during this next year.  This will bring huge changes for everyone. If you can find ways of introducing that harmony for yourself, many of you will turn around and teach it to others because that is your nature. What is important is you are forming a sphere of harmony around you in all dimensions. Once you learn how to do that, the world is open to you.

You have now landed in the fifth dimension and you have abilities of conscious creation. So far, very few people have exercised this in the way that you will in a very short time from now for it will become commonplace. What you have experienced before with people who could do magic in some way was a singular magic. Oh, dear ones, you know something special. You would say they are given a gift, but you don’t know if you can have that same gift. Maybe you even put them on a pedestal, but dear ones, what would happen if every person on earth woke up tomorrow with the gift of finding harmony in everything?  You would be returning to the days of the Lemuria, back to the times of a very simplistic lifestyle.

Communicating through Harmonic Resonance

You will be working with an entirely different potential, which will help you move very quickly.  You are now evolving as you carry the morphogenic lifestyle, a luminosity that would simply imprint everyone else. Does that mean that your vibration is going to take over? No, that doesn’t happen. It means you can find a resonance with the vibrations.  The Keeper plays guitar and he keeps it on a stand in the corner, even though he does not play it very often.  If you sit at the piano in the same room as a guitar and hit an e-note on the piano, the two e-strings on the guitar start to vibrate. That’s a beautiful harmonic resonance. The string inside the piano is much, much longer than the string on the guitar, but they are in harmonic balance. Finding this resonance will become more important as humanity evolves.  There are those who speak words that you cannot even hear, while some speak words that you absolutely disagree with. Does it mean you don’t listen to them at all? If you were to listen and find the one or two things that you can actually agree with then you could even gain something from an interaction that you would have missed otherwise. Dear ones, it takes time, patience and practice to find harmonic resonance at every opportunity.

This is the time to help others awaken from the dream, to grasp the energy, to step forward into a whole new light. Dear ones, you’re working with these dense physical bodies and we tell you in a very short time, you will learn how to stop the aging process. It’s easier than you think. Most of you already hold the key to this. You simply have not put it into use into fifth dimension.

As more and more people start grounding a fifth dimensional reality, it will be acceptable and easier to communicate this way. It will happen very quickly. Have you noticed how quickly things change on your planet now? Things that have gone on for years are suddenly viewed in a different way. A critical mass is now reached easily. Suddenly everybody is on board. Why didn’t we do that before?  One of the critical mass triggers is moving into this morphogenic body where you can carry more light. Is it a day that you will wake up and find things have changed? Is it a process? Is it an activation that you will go through to get there? No, dear ones, it happens one moment at a time. You’re starting the process right now. Most of you have been working on this for some time. You may call it by different words. You may speak of it in different ways, but simply beginning because your physical dense body that you hold right now starting to hold more light.

What if you substituted that word light for love? How much love can you hold? We tell you, dear ones, most of you are only at one percent of what you’re being can hold.  What happens when you overload yourself with that much love? Do you lose your unique personality? No, you become like those in the days of the Lemuria with completely open hearts where you can tap into anything at any moment. Does it mean you must carry the pain of another? Does it mean you must feel all the things to try to avoid now? No. You can select where you focus. You can select what you work with and where you can be of the highest harmony. It requires an awareness of harmony.

The next time a new person comes into your field, whether it’s a person you’re actually going to work with in person or someone you’re going to watch on television, wherever it is, immediately sense their vibration. Immediately find out how much harmony you have for them right off the bat. Then step aside, take a couple of breaths, come back in and find what harmony you can find. You will be amazed at how much more harmony you can find in an otherwise dissonant situation.

Now, this next seven months is going to be very critical. The majority of the 22 waves are coming in during that time and you’re going to see some very interesting things take place. You’re will also experience some movement in the opposite direction, which can be either quickly eradicated or harmonized. Start moving together whenever possible. We have great hopes for what you can do during this time, for the Earth is yours. Humanity is yours and this is your experiment. It is your game, and in reality, you even wrote the rules for the game. Now you will change whatever is needed to start returning to the unity process again. Those things that pull you together, those harmonies that you can find to bring you back into a likeness of the first dimension when you were all one, will be supported. That which used to separate you will no longer be. Although they will still exist, they simply cannot in the same way as you step up.  Play the game joyfully, dear ones. We ask you to remember three little things. Treat each other with the greatest of respect, for you are all masters. Nurture one another when every possible, every single person and no matter what their harmony is in relation to you. Enjoy the game as you play it well together.

Espavo, dear ones,

I am the Keeper of Time.

The Group channeled by Steve, January 21st, 2018

Greetings from Home. I am the Scientist of the Heart.

I have joined you this day to tell you about some interesting things taking place on your planet over the next several months. There will be opportunities appearing and many will see openings where they once found resistance. There is a shifting taking place and these new alignments are opening as humans evolve. Dear ones, you have had to experience massive changes to arrive here. There was no easy way to do that, but you have made it and are ready to move to the next level. You will find that it is up to you to choose whether or not to step through these new openings. These opportunities are entirely yours and you can move through them with your own energy. Let us share with you more about the energy is changing planet Earth itself.

Pushed in the Timeline

Some time ago you were pushed into the timeline. Now earth is edging toward the other side of that push. What happened was that two neutron stars collided some time ago, sending a wave of energy that was predicted by Einstein many years before. That wave hit planet Earth in a massive wash, which started to shift your timeline because gravity and time have a relationship. It felt like the rug was being pulled out from under everyone, which created a panic wave. In turn that feeling caused many to overreact and move in ways that they normally would not, which caused somewhat of a separation that is still in progress today. The entire process was like a boat moving through water sending out incredible ripples, which are rippling through your world even today. But we tell you, something exciting has recently happened when an asteroid stretching some three miles across and all of your telescopes were fixed on it as it passed Earth. Such a large mass has not come this close to the Earth in recent times. Due to its proximity to Earth, it brought another small gravitational wave that is counteracting the original massive one that started back in late 2015. Humans and Earth have a much higher sensitivity to gravitational changes than is presently known. The tide will turn again with opportunities for hearts to come together as one. Humans will begin looking toward unity consciousness and see the ways they are alike, instead of the ways they are different.

That will start to open many doors and hearts on your planet, but it is still up to you to take hold of this. Re-member, dear ones, when people get set in their ways they tend to hold on tightly by justifying their decisions and actions. We ask all of you to look deep within yourselves. How can you open your hearts and see the many sides of a coin? In the true fifth dimension, how will you use many of your senses that you have not used before?

All Eyes in the Universe Are Upon Earth

Back in 2012 Earth stepped fully into the fifth dimension, but that did not necessarily mean that you have lost your third dimensional ways. There are many who are still trying to use the third dimensional attributes inside the fifth dimension, which is causing much of the wave of separation to stay much longer than it needed to. It was not simply an asteroid traveling by or just a gravitational wave that hit planet Earth. There were many things taking place simultaneously, all working together within an area to help humanity move to that next level. Now it is well underway, so we ask you to celebrate this and add your energy to the change. Celebrate the opportunity to move back into unity consciousness in a way that you have not been able to do for some time. By adding your energy, it will have the effect of a doorstop holding a door of opportunity open. It is time to awaken and play your part. For the first time in quite some time, you will start to feel the wind at your back. Look for it, use it, and step forward into your truth. When you do so in a way that makes space for others to speak their truth as well, you will start a whole new fifth dimensional ripple of empowerment.

Dear ones, all eyes of the universe are upon planet Earth, for something amazing has happened. You have not been the most technologically advanced planet throughout the universe. In truth, many other beings have been far beyond your technical capabilities. However, you are the only planet of free choice, the only on without a predetermined direction or outcome. You literally had to move through these experiences by making choices within yourself, and the fascinating thing is you have moved more than any other game throughout the universe. We tell you, dear ones, no game throughout the universe has ever shifted a collective dimensional reality the same way that humanity has.

Being able to move from the third dimension through the fourth f to acquire all these new imprints, while landing firmly in the fifth is amazing and quite unexpected. You are still figuring out how all these different attribute work. Even physics has performed differently in the fifth dimension than in the third or fourth. Although you do not spend much time in the fourth dimension, you have gained many of the imprints that were necessary for you to shift. This collective dimensional shift has never happened anywhere before; all eyes of the universe are upon planet Earth and humanity is evolving right now. Our greatest dream for each and every one of you is to start moving further into light body, recognizing your spirit first and your humanness second. To do that, it will require going deep within your heart and evaluating yourself and everything around you in a slightly different light. You will view it from a different perspective, having an opportunity to see things as they truly are from Home rather than the tainted vision that you have had in the third dimension.

Dear ones, even your own physical bodies are changing. You will be gaining new attributes and senses. We have told you all along you actually have closer to eight senses than five. Other than the chakras, you typically have no idea of how you move energy into and within your physical body. You will start to learn how to discern it and use it, for you will learn how to carry more light within you. Even your own vision is changing. Visible light is only a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and you will begin to be able to see in wider ranges. Many humans are also starting to hear inter-dimensionally, and some are quite worried about the sounds you are hearing. You may be starting to feel a magnetism from your other dimensional realities. This is not the collective dimensionality of the third fourth and fifth dimension, but the multidimensionality of humans having eleven different experiences at one time.  These dimensions are separated by magnetic walls of energy, and what is happening now is that you are starting to be able to feel through those walls. The magnetism of the heart is moving through the walls at incredible speeds as they start to disintegrate, who brings about many opportunities.

Losing Separation

Understand dear ones, you are living on the planet of imperfection so you have had to hide your perfection between all eleven dimensions. That separation gave you the opportunity to pretend to be a human, to pretend to be separate from each other. As people feel these walls dissolving and the connection to others gets stronger, it is causing much fear because they feel they are losing their identity and uniqueness. This is causing many to act out rather boisterously as they try to hold onto their truths in the same way they did within the third dimension.

Be patient, dear ones. Know that there is no right or wrong, for this evolution will carry forward into light body as many who wish to go. It is not about a judgment; it is not about leaving behind those that are too slow or not good enough to go into the next level. All will have the opportunity, although there will be some that stay behind and simply choose not to move. Do not judge them and know that they are part of you as well, by helping to provide the ladder that is needed for you to open into that next dimensional reality. Dear ones, you have made it into the fifth dimension. Now we ask you to start fully letting go of the third dimensional pieces that sometimes hold all humans back.

Creating an Empowered Society

Belief systems will begin to fade in favor of individual beliefs.  Instead of judgment in seeing things as right or wrong, up or down, good or bad, and love or fear, start using discernment. Simply take what is for you at this moment without judging that something else as being bad. Look for the good in everything. Reflect the light in each other because that is how you empower yourselves, dear ones. As you empower the people around you, suddenly you are in an empowered society. It is as if you are working back in the days of Mu when you all had these open hearts and connections to each other. There are so many of you right now on the planet who are carrying this tremendous opportunity for empathy. The empaths are here in great numbers. Many of you have been in hiding and understandably so, because it is very difficult to be of such a high vibration on such a low vibrational planet. That it is truly that high vibration that pulls everything up into it and you have made more of a difference than you will know until you return Home. We are so incredibly proud of you. Look forward to what is coming, dear ones, for there is no sadness in what is happening. We will say it again, just wait until you see what is coming.

You have earned your way into a higher vibration by taking steps that have never been taken before anywhere. There are more games like yours happening throughout the universe, than you have numbers to count in your systems. When you consider that, perhaps you can understand why you are so incredibly honored. You are stepping forward. Yes, it is difficult and painful at times. Sometimes it means you must live on a harsh planet in order to awaken everyone to move toward it, although you will never all believe the same things. There are a million ways Home, dear ones, so do not think that only one belief or a single belief system will get you there. Only those who are looking toward a unity consciousness will be able to make the biggest difference in what you are experiencing. We ask you to love each other unconditionally. Know that no matter which side you think you are on, in truth you are all in this together. Step forward into the new light and take your place in the Family of E on planet Earth, because this is now about empowerment. Find the ways to empower those around you in any way possible. Dare to step up, to step out of hiding, because now is also a time for your voice to be heard. It is not about who can shout the loudest, but those who stay the most in harmony with those around you. You have traveled a long way, dear ones, and some of you have spirits that are somewhat tired.  You have worked so hard and invested so much in this grand experiment of the planet of free choice. Know that you are no longer the only planet of free choice, for there are others that have started to replicate the miracles that are taking place here right now. You have already won the game and that is beautiful.

Enjoy this journey whenever you can, find the light within and reflect it back out. Pull that light through to help you understand and trust that you are truly spirit first. You have earned your place to be here and we are incredibly proud of you dear ones. Take this beautiful wave of magnetic energy and let it stir your heart to the highest of highs. Know that above all, you are loved. It is with the greatest of honor that I greet you in this way and ask you simply to treat each other with the greatest of respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and play this game well together.

I am the Scientist of the Heart.


Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

I have come this day to bring you the next story of Amor. It was a beautiful connection and although it was clearly in the third dimensional reality, he was working with first dimensional attributes of unity consciousness. This day we take you into that unity and help you see Amor as he stretches out into his next stage of life in Lemuria. Today we find Amor looking for his purpose. He has done many exercises and met a lot of people to get ideas.  Amor went to his father who held a high position in what you would call the government of Mu.  Lemurian government was quite different from what you experience today. Government officials were not meant to be world leaders, they were simply meant to be servants and they had specific jobs and customs that they would follow. There is no judgment in the government at all. Being in the government allowed Amor’s father to be extremely familiar with the customs, and he told Amor a little bit about what it would be like to move into this process.

Passion Is the Key

And his father said, “Amor, one of the most important things about being in service of any kind is to also blend it with your own passion. Son, if you can find something that you love to do, you will never work a day in your life. You will have fun at what you do and that is incredibly important. But Amor, on top of that, I wish to help you understand an important custom that has developed over many generations here in Mu. That is the custom of only being in a job for three years. What we ask you to do is the same thing that we do here in the government of Mu. And that is simply that we work to do the best job we can as long as we are having fun. Roughly every three years we will change jobs. Now you may be in a job that you absolutely love and that still feeds you after three years. But if you leave that job for a year and come back into it after that point, you come back with a different perspective. So that is one of the most important customs that I wish to remind you about as you are making this choice of this next incarnation of your life. This next stage of being a Lemurian. Understand that nothing is forever. If you look at it as a three-year journey, you can approach it with the highest potential.”

As Amor looked around he saw what some of his friends and teachers were doing. That is when Amor decided he wanted to be a healer. But of course, you did not have colleges in those days because you did not need them. People taught through experience, so that is what Amor did. He took his first job without pay as an apprenticeship in what you would call a healing facility. In those days, dear ones, you had rejuvenation temples. You worked with crystals in a different way. It is fascinating because you could go into these crystal rejuvenation temples roughly every three years, spending a day or up to three days in the process. These were beautiful places that were lined with crystals with refracted light sparkling from everywhere. It was amazing just to watch and be in that energy. And when you spoke, your words vibrated through these crystals and were reflected back to you in a different way. You would learn during this time of rejuvenation, as you could really see yourself.  One had to be careful what was spoken because it would become ingrained within you. Amor liked that it was such a place of change and growth. He wanted to work as a facilitator, to help people get ready for going into these rejuvenation temples and to help them understand the type of work that they were going to be doing. He would give them guidelines of how they could get the most out of their experience.

Fear Is the Base of the Aging Process

Amor got to meet many people as he stepped into this work. At first he found the change difficult, as he was accustomed to being free all the time looking just to have fun and being with his friends.  He enjoyed having a purpose and loved that first job. Amor learned much from the people that were working there. They taught him how to teach and empower people without taking their power from them. Amor learned how to set people at ease, how to help people expect and get the most out of their experience as they were moving into these rejuvenation temples. The facilities were also associated with many different forms of healing, because bodies were very dense at that point similar to what they are now. There were physical illnesses from time to time, but they also had different ways of dealing with them from a vibrational perspective. Amor started learning and understanding much about this work, and he found he had an innate ability to reflect people’s energy in such a way that he could help them see themselves.  One day Amor asked one of his teachers, “What is healing? What exactly do we do when we heal another person?” His tutor laughed hysterically. “No, Amor. No one heals anyone. That is not possible. The only healing must always come from within, so what you do is you reflect the person. You help them to see each other in different ways so that they can learn to heal themselves. That is truly what a healer is, someone who creates the space for others to heal themselves.  Although aging is not considered to be an illness, the average lifespan was about 300 years in Lemuria. There were times when people go into these rejuvenation temples without proper instruction or focus of their mind, then they let fear enter. Then they age whenever fear enters, because that is truly what is at the base of the aging process in a human form.

In the temples, whatever is spoken or held in thought is picked up by the radiating crystals and reflected back into their bodies in a different vibrational harmonic.  That allows one to clear anything that is not in accord with the real you, because two vibrations cannot exist at the same space. Amor quickly fell in love with his work. He felt he was truly in his passion and often thought of the words of his father. His tutors were happy to have such a passionate student and they gave him a wide berth allowing him to make many decisions. One of his tutors told him that they would be watching him, “We will be over your shoulder and we will be assisting you for at least the first year of your travels here. After a year of working with this, we will turn you loose. Furthermore, we will ask you to even be creative and come up with some ideas yourself on how you might improve on what we have taught you. That is the greatest thing a teacher can do. Not only teach you what we know, but we encourage you to go beyond that and bring a part of yourself into your work.”

Amor was very excited and he would show up every morning early for work. After he finished working with everyone each day, he would clean out the rejuvenation temples even though it was not part of his job. He just wanted to be there to be part of the miracle and, of course, to learn as much as he could. It was not so much about technology dear ones, because the crystal energy and the crystals lining the rejuvenation temples did all the work. It is a very natural process with the crystals having the highest vibration of the mineral kingdom. They were able to reflect the highest vibration of the animal kingdom to help set every cell in your body back into its signature vibration. This process was called entrainment and Amor had to learn to control his thoughts because these temples were a true fifth dimensional space. Whatever was balanced between your head and your heart within this space manifested into your reality very quickly, so Amor learned to master his thoughts.

Soon, Amor returned home for a visit and he could not wait to share what he had learned with his father. He said, “Father I am so happy with this that I could be in it forever.” His father said, “Re-member Amor, three years is the custom for you have much to experience. My dear son, you have many things that you will gather along your way. Do not think any of them as being good or bad. Do not judge your path. Simply step forward and allow things to take place and your spirit will lead you on the highest potential of experience as a Lemurian.”

Amor replied, “Father, it is my joy to guide people whenever I can. Perhaps one day I will become a Lemurian guide, although I know I will have to work into that at some point. It means going through many different levels of the customs, studying and teaching in different ways to move into it, but that is one of my dreams.” His father said, “Three years, Amor. Follow it for three years. Take a break and then decide where you wish to go from there. Do not lock yourself into a long-term goal because you have much to experience in your 300 years in this body. So many things can take place. So many different aspects of yourself can come to fruition here. These are exciting times for you and be sure to enjoy every moment of it, including what you would call the mistakes.”

Now Amor became a bit confused by that. He simply thanked his father and went about his way. After wrestling with it for a couple of days he brought it to one of his tutors who was teaching him about working at the rejuvenation temples. Amor said, “What if I make a mistake? What if I tell somebody the wrong thing? What if I take somebody’s power from them in some way instead of helping them to empower themselves?” And the tutor lovingly laughed again and said, “Well, Amor, that is why we are here to watch over your work and make sure that these people are in harmony as they step into this experience so that they do not de-harmonize themselves. And furthermore, what you are considering to be potential mistakes may not always be mistakes. What happens is when you step into this work and you are of service, you start receiving your channels as you start opening to spirit, to yourself. It takes time and practice, but it also takes trust to be able to bring that energy through you and offer it to another person in the form of a word or phrase. Do not forget Amor, keep your heart open. Practice your metamorphic shell and open it up at every opportunity, because when you meet these people sometimes they are afraid. Sometimes they are looking forward to going into the rejuvenation temples but other times they do not know what to expect. You are the one who can keep the heart open and that is enough, dear Amor. If you make a mistake claiming that you are human, that is because you are. You are not here to make everybody’s experience perfect. You are here to help them to as much as you can, by creating the safe space for someone to experience the rejuvenation Temple and heal themselves if they so choose. If they walk out three days later without ever raising their vibration it is not your responsibility, but theirs so keep that in mind. They are the only ones who can heal themselves and some will choose not to. Many may simply to walk in there because it is a custom. Perhaps some will choose not to let go of some of the things that bring them illness. It is not right or wrong. It is not for you to judge, but to simply live up to the highest potential that you can.”

Amor grew more excited every day as he worked there and could not imagine possibly leaving there in three years. Even just a couple of months into this work, he was starting to blossom into a beautiful healer and teacher himself. Amor was someone who people could reflect their own energy in his eyes. It was amazing to watch the experience of Amor and the beautiful energies that he had an opportunity to work with. Amor started to grow in those times. He shared that energy with his father who started to work with different energies himself. Amor saw his father reach a third year in his position. Although he was well respected, his father did exactly what he said and left that position for a year. Amor’s father took training at something he had never done before. Although they missed him, he worked with missed him greatly he took his full year off. During that time, he learned a totally different attribute of service, a new way of doing things. A year later he did go back into that same position, for it was held open for him. People stepped back to make that space and he was greatly welcomed back. He had a fresh attitude and a whole different perspective; he took a life seriously. That day, everything was good in Lemuria.

Dear ones, you are getting close to those times of Amor. You are returning to those beautiful days of Lemuria right now. Your hearts are starting to open, you are starting to feel each other in different ways and we love it. Amor would be very proud of all of you.

Espavo, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.


Greetings, dear ones.

I am Merlia and I join you this day with great pride. We watch what is taking place on Earth with an unbelievable eye toward the beauty that you have created here. You are moving at the speed of love, which is substantially faster than the speed of light. There are possibilities in your future to start shifting and coming back together as humans. You have seen the incredible rise of feminine power on your planet and the shift toward trusting the feminine voice. This has opened the opportunity for everyone to see things from a different perspective, to make choices consciously instead of by belief systems or past ways of thinking.

One thing we would like to bring to your attention here is that as the feminine continues to rise on planet Earth, which it will, there is a harmony instead of a force. That means you use power in a totally different way, rather than as a forceful power. As you acclimate to the attributes of the fifth dimension, you will find that true power comes from harmonizing. One of the challenges is that if the feminine rises so quickly, there may be a backlash. Although that can be avoided, it is heading in that direction now. You can all take responsibility for that wherever you are in your existence, and whether you are carrying a masculine body or a feminine one. The feminine is rising in everyone. For those who already carry a lot of feminine energy, make space for that masculine to blend and balance, which can have a profound impact for every one of you. That is the type of thing that can help avoid the backlash, that wild swing of the pendulum of human advancement. Instead of going all the way to the edge, you will be able to make a gentler, easier move and ultimately much smoother move.

The Beauty of Imperfection

That is how things were done in Lemuria, so we ask you all to make space for that to happen. Those of you who have carried much masculine energy, whether you are female or male right now, make space for the rising feminine as that is profound and will help to open many of these doors. It will help you to raise your expectations, dreams, and visions, and begin understanding that what you perceive is only a very small amount of reality.  You will soon see that your imperfections are actually at the base of your beauty. Keep that in mind dear ones, and look for beauty everywhere. When you find beauty, you will very rarely find what you called perfection, because it is actually the imperfections on planet Earth that create beauty in the first place.

So, how does one start to change and see their own beauty? First, find beauty in every aspect of what you see around you. Every time you look at something, perceive its beauty no matter what that may be. Whether it is light coming through a window, flowers blooming or trees changing color, or even simply another human being smiling at you. Whatever the beauty may be, own it and allow it to fill you in that moment. You can ground that light or energy by simply being open to it and knowing that your power is not a force but rather a harmony.

Electro Magnetism of the Head and Heart

That is the new way in the fifth dimension, to be able to communicate in different ways not only from the head but also from the heart. Understand that the head is electrical in nature and the heart is magnetic although both part of the same wave. It is magnetic if you measure in one direction, but electrical if measured in an orthogonal direction. As the feminine is rising on planet Earth you are raising the use of the heart energy, blending it with your thoughts in a whole new way.  These things are taking place as they are aligning right now. Toward the end of next year, you will see some major changes and opportunities for each of you to step into power in a new way.  Much of this has to do with the rising feminine energy coming into a balance of true power. Yes, you will see many women moving into positions of power in government. You are going to see many of the feminine energy even in masculine form finding a whole new expression.

Keep up the great work. Know that you are never alone, and we would appreciate it if you would stop trying so hard to be. Enjoy this journey dear ones. It is with the greatest of honor that I greet you like this, for you can finally hear me now. We tell you three simple reminders: treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.

I am Merlia. Come up and see me sometime.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”.




Keeper of Time from Espavo, September 19th, 2017

Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time. I have come in this day to help you mark your time. As I have mentioned many times, dear ones, time is circular in motion. From your perspective, it moves as a line which is why you call it linear time. Human perception can only focus on one item at a time.  Therefore you see past, present and future in a straight line with future becoming the present and the present becoming the past. You see yourself moving down a line of time but in reality, it is much more like a spiral. That spiral of time gives you the opportunity to create the highest experience in each moment as you move through the spiral. That repeating motion is broken into cycles. If you are able to create the highest harmony in an experience when it returns on the next cycle you move through it effortlessly.  If it was unfinished, you will have the chance to harmonize it again through different circumstances as the spiral cycles again.  These cycles return in a variety of times, some taking days, others taking many years.

That is the beauty of the human illusion of time. Humans repeat emotional cycles over and again, usually in multiples of seven. This is done to allow for harmonizing between the head and the heart, or as we would say spirit and the human. When that is harmonized you then move to a new cycle and a new experience. That is the game you are playing on planet Earth. You are playing the game of pretending to be a human and hide your perfection in order to play that game on a planet of imperfection. You have hidden it in many dimensions of time and space but today, we tell you, you are completing a large time cycle in the collective of humanity. That is why very soon this whole energy will start to change again. You will find a new base of energy which you can start building anew.

A New Cycle is Beginning

Over the next several months, you will start to see what you call natural disasters, road blocks and changes in the game that will make you reevaluate your path. In these changes new opportunities will arise very quickly because you are in the spiral of circular time. In reality, you create the illusion yourself with your own torus around your being, again in multiples of seven. That is how humans ingest time-space. You look out upon yourself and your surroundings, looking for signals from Home. You look for things that are familiar to you in some way and rarely is it found where you expect it to be. You see what you expect to see rather than what is actually there. Confusion is made worse since you are conscious creators and often end up creating what you want to see rather than harmonize what is before you in that moment. No one said it was easy, dear ones.

What we are telling you that even though we have given what you may consider to be bad news, we tell you, wait until you see what is coming. You are starting to step into a whole new cycle of time and that is incredibly exciting. In reality, you are starting to return to a whole level of reality and a whole level where a multidimensional experience can harmonize together as one. This will be a profound shift in the human experience and the path of evolution. Keep in mind that although this new cycle will bring a heightened state of existence, letting go of the old state will be difficult for many. For that reason, many transition experts have incarnated on Earth at this very moment and many of them are reading this message right now.

An Elevated look at Imperfections

In preparation for the new cycle we will be giving you the tools needed for this shift. These will give you the opportunity to see yourselves as empowered beings of light. Yes, it is difficult because your reality does not reflect that. Your reality reflects your limitations and your imperfections. It is your judgment of those imperfections that we would like to start working on this day. Truly, your imperfections are at the base of what you perceive as beauty. Oh yes, we know, it is very difficult for you to see that. Lightworkers often look at the norms of the collective and often see themselves as different.  Yes you are different and that difference it at the base of your unique beauty. Human evolution is attained when the head and the heart are harmonized.  Once that is done, to change oneself to be like everyone else is actually a step backwards.  As a transition expert of Earth, at this time, your unique beauty is needed. An interesting note is that once a human takes pride in their uniqueness they often become beautiful to others.

On this next cycle, dear ones, when you are fully grounded in a new timeline, you will start to see much more diversity in the human experience. That will widen the collective definition of beauty. It is your memories of Home that you are trying to recreate on your planet. Even when humans see something nearly perfect, it does not register. It is not as beautiful as something slightly imperfect. Elrah is part of the group and he works with rhythms. Rhythms are beautiful because humans replicate rhythms through speaking, through walking, through actions of all sorts and even thinking is done in a rhythm. These rhythms also are repeated in the spiral of time. If you look only to music and the rhythms used to create music you will see this point.  Recent advances in technologies allow for the creation of a near perfect beat contained in some electronic music.  We tell you that musicians of such music are now becoming aware that even slight variations of the perfect beat are much more appealing to the human

Humans find things that seem to be perfectly symmetrical are not grabbing their attention as far as beauty is concerned. Examining a human face closely one will see that none are perfectly symmetrical. Find the most beautiful face to your liking and examine it closely.  Soon you will see what we call the perfect imperfection of light.

Challenge yourself to exude the beauty that you create, rather than to reflect the beauty that you see around you. Start redefining your own ideas of beauty and where you are right now. Wait until you see what is coming. We know you are getting tired of hearing that, but we cannot tell you enough. This is a move forward, not a move backward. Strive to be the perfect imperfection of Light.

The Earth is Re-balancing

Yes, the Earth herself is feeling the strain of having humans on it for humans have left an indelible mark on the Earth.  Up to this point the collective has largely worked to find harmony with themselves instead of harmonizing with the mother. As such, the Earth is roughly 1,000 years ahead of schedule on her next transition.  Due to recent events many are starting to awaken to the importance of harmonizing the actions of society with the environment of the Earth. Even though a new cycle is beginning please keep in mind that all things repeat in circular time. Thus, it is now more important than ever to harmonize the actions of the collective of humanity with the Earth. Now is the time to harmonize with Earth and perfect that relationship so that it does not need to repeat in the next cycle. Even though we say the Earth has now crossed a line of no return that means that it is critical to perfect that relationship so that it is not carried forward in the spiral of circular time.  The next four years are critical to this turn and right now humanity is making great strides in that direction. This will make it easier for everyone to transition smoothly and comfortably.

The current conditions of Earth will create many challenges. Hurricanes, super storms, earthquakes and volcanoes are all on the rise in the years ahead. They are going to continue for a while because they are part of the balancing of the redistribution of water on your planet that is necessary for the Earth to find a new balance. You can be more profound in this change than you can understand. Awareness of the Earth must come to the forefront of human thought at this time. One of the most effective ways is by admiring the beauty of what is all around you on Earth. You can travel to wonderful spots where you cannot hide from the beauty. You can also step out in your own back yard and find incredible beauty if you only look at it. You will always find that it is imperfect, for you are playing the game of pretending to be imperfect yourself. Soon we will start telling more of the stories of Amor, to start grasping some of the basis of what happened during a beautiful time of Lemuria. This was also a time when humanity witnessed a new cycle of the Earth and now you are all dealing with a very similar situation. .These stories tell how you walked through it together and ascended into the light. In truth, those beings, those parts of you, are waiting for you now. Do not lose sight of that for in every moment that you can see beauty; you imprint circular time, creating it in your future.

5th Dimensional Reality

The other piece that we ask you all to grasp is that you are clearly now in a 5th dimensional reality.  Yes, if one looks at the news it could be said that humanity is taking steps backwards in evolution.  You are still in a collective state of separation rather than unity.  Yet, we tell you that this is a natural reaction to fear and can also be considered to be the farthest reach of the pendulum of human advancement. Sometimes it takes steps backwards to refocus on what is important. Do not fear dear ones.  Remember that the transition experts are in place already and are awakening from the dream to take their power. Use what you have this moment. Yes, there is much coming, but do not wait. Step forward to find everything that you can about the human experience that you are currently in. You are even going to re-member the pain of change as a beautiful human experience. Step forward and find those little pieces first. Take the small steps that lead into the big ones and watch as the beauty gathers around each of you.

It is with the greatest honor that I greet you in these ways. I ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this new game well together.

Espavo, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.


The Group via Steve Rather, August 15th, 2017

Steve Rother – The Group – Crystals on the Path ~ Planting the Seeds of Light – August 15, 2017

Greetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time. I have come to share with you that you are in a magical moment in time. In truth, you have specifically chosen to be in a situation that can be very challenging for most. Yet here you are. Some of you are trying to figure out exactly what happened. You do not re-member agreeing to all this. You wonder if someone pushed you into this lifetime, then somehow you woke up in a human body trying to figure out what you were doing on planet Earth. Well, dear ones, let us tell you. You are not here by accident. Soon you will understand more about this energy and what is taking place on planet Earth. The largest plans of all beings everywhere are now starting to come together, so quite simply that is what is happening. Do not think that you are going through this alone. You are spirits playing a game on a very strange planet. Although you have fallen very much in love with the beauty of planet Earth, know that you are not completely of Earth. Dear ones, you are here specifically to make a change that we are here to help you with. We are not here to show you which way to turn or to open doors for you, but instead to re-mind you that you already know the way Home.

You Already Know the Way Home

You must simply find your way out of the humanness that you are dealing with right now. That is all that is truly necessary. Every one of you can step up to take the next level in the incarnation that you are currently in. Even though there is great change ahead on planet Earth for all of its inhabitants, we also tell you, just wait until you see what is coming. The magic that is held in the dimensions all around you is starting to align and come together. Although it would be easy to go into fear about this, we ask you to remain hopeful and re-member: “Wait until you see what is coming!” It will ignite not only your spirit but also your physical body. So much can happen in such a short time, for the masters of change are now on Earth and we are looking at most of them right now. You may not completely understand that, but on some level it resonates within your heart.

Masters of Change

We greet you all with the greatest of love, knowing of the tremendous work that lies ahead of you. Keep up the grand work, dear ones. And when you start to feel alone or discouraged, reach out of yourself and start to help others in some way, no matter how small. That simple action will right you again very quickly. Many of you have even traveled backwards in time to be here during this change, to help make this a smooth transition. We tell you, even with all the difficulties and challenges; we have predicted it can be a very simple process. You do not necessarily have to go through the difficulties of it, although there will certainly be those who choose to do that. We ask you not to judge. Understand that it is not as though the highest echelon is leaving and only the difficult ones will stay. Of course, that is simply the old energy way of looking at things and human nature. You have spent so much time in polarity even though you stepped clearly out of the third dimension well into the fifth. You still do not know how it works. Even your physics has changed and yet you still do not recognize it. Take some time and we tell you that the masters of change are already on Earth. You are here, dear ones. You made it! Welcome Home and wait until you see what is coming.

Wait Until You See What Is Coming

It is with the greatest honor that we greet you in this way. And we ask you to treat each other with respect, for you are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another at every opportunity, open all the doors you can, and play this new game well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time.


Greetings, dear ones. I am Merlia.

I have come to join you this day to help you see yourself the way that we see you here at Home, for we have no illusions here. We see the true nature of who you are, not only who you have been during this incarnation. Many of you have traveled throughout the universe for eons. Others are fairly new to planet Earth with only having 50 to 100 lifetimes here before. Know that you have all made a profound difference.
Transition Experts

One of the things we wish to share is just how important it is for you to understand that you are here on purpose. These are very critical times for all of you. One of the most important things that we have always mentioned is leaving and entering planet Earth. As your spirit goes through the veil through the transitions that you call “birth” and “death”, it your spirit is actually imprinted. That is one of the reasons it is so important that you pay attention to that. This is not only for yourself but for everyone that you have an opportunity to influence. When a human leaves Earth in a fear base, such as if they are scared or fighting for that last breath, all of their energy is used for fighting or sometimes even anger. However, you can actually become imprinted with that energy when you leave. When you re-turn into an incarnation in any lifetime anywhere, you will carry that with you. It is almost as if you must continue to play it out, in a sort of spiritual karma. This is happening to many beings, although most of you are actually transition experts. You have managed to put yourself in this time right now as many people will be leaving. They are transitioning, not just for what you call the end of this cycle of Earth, but also simply because many are finished with what they came here to do. Many of you are wondering. “I know, I am here for a purpose and I may even have something to teach, but is that all there is?” No, there is so much more.
Before you come to Earth, you plant crystals on your path to help you re-member

One of the things that happen to all spirits when they are deciding to come to planet Earth is that they plant crystals on their path. They want to re-member places and things that they experienced in other lifetimes. And they even want to re-member some of what you call mistakes so as not to repeat them. Of course, you are the only one who decides that something is a “mistake,” for there is no judgment here at Home. You are the only one who says, “Next time I want to improve my path. I want to make a change and do this a little differently.” So you place these crystals on your path, put on the veil of forgetfulness, then you jump in and say, “Why am I here again? I cannot re-member.” And you start walking forward blindly until you discover your beautiful crystal, “Oh that means the world to me. I do not even know what that is but it just lit me up inside.” And we laugh hysterically because you are the one who put it there. You are the one who wanted to re-mind yourself of all of the beauty that you hold within you. It is the magic that you as a spirit can exude through the physical bubble of biology that each of you inhabits, while you are on planet Earth.
Now, you can quietly plant crystals for others to find

One of the interesting parts about this is that many of you have gotten very good at planting these crystals on your path. Many have come to plant crystals for all paths, for all of humanity, especially in this particular lifetime. This is a critical time for the spirits of planet Earth, for you have come at a very important time to re-member. Now, will there be fear? Yes, we can almost guarantee there will be fear. We can tell you that is a natural part of the duality of Earth, which sometimes still hangs over from the old third dimension that you recently left. You have put yourself wildly in the fifth dimension; however, you are still trying to use the third-dimensional tools. Many of you have come in with the ability to quietly place crystals for others to find. That is very magical. There will be a time when you come Home and we get to show you all the effects that you have had on planet Earth. Consider all of the times that you simply said some crazy thing that entered your mind only to profoundly change someone’s life. You had the courage to speak it aloud, which helped them to make sense of something they have been trying to make sense of for a long time. You carry these crystals with you. This has been a burden for some of you because you know deep in your heart that you have a profound meaning. Yet you are not always being able to see the evidence of it or to make a living at it. Sometimes you have not even been able to see the validations that you so dearly seek. But here we are telling you about it and we would like you to pay attention to that.
Release Attachment

Dear ones, there is an interesting part about letting go and that is a huge part of being able to put crystals out there for everyone to find. If you stay attached to the crystal, people walk right past it saying, “Oh, that must belong to someone else. I do not resonate with that. I am not sure what that means.” So they walk right past the crystals because you are sitting in the bushes thinking, “I wonder if someone is going to find that crystal I put there?” Or you are trying to exchange it or try to put some other spin on this message that you brought from Home. Each of you have an incredible of beauty that you have brought from Home with a special ability to share it so others can see it. That creates an entire level of crystals that people can find on planet Earth. What will happen, dear ones, is that you are going to see an exponential curve taking place. One person leads to the next, but it does not go 1, 2, 3, and 4. Instead, it leaps from 1 to 100, 1000, 10,000 etc. It becomes exponential because they turn around and leave crystals for the others. So, when does it start? It begins now and that is why you are here. Many of you have actually reserved your seats for this exact moment of time and space to be a part of this change. Yes, there are many challenges and you are still wrestling with many old aspects of the third dimension. I am the last of the latest group of singularities as the Keeper calls us, because I carry the feminine aspect and you have been very staunchly in the masculine energy of force.
The Feminine and Masculine Energies

You are starting to understand that there is a very quiet energy taking over the planet. It is quiet, so it will not make headlines every day nor be forceful. In reality, you can place these beautiful feminine crystals on your path no matter who you are. Why would we say “feminine” rather than balanced crystals? This is because so many have held onto the masculine energy. There is a massive change still taking place on planet Earth and it is very difficult to release the old third-dimensional ways. You lived in duality for so long. Although your humanness has evolved tremendously in this area, you are shifting toward a balance. It is a re-emergence of the feminine power, the true energies of all beings which can give you a balanced energy of masculine and feminine. That is the next level of stepping into the fifth dimension where you can anchor your energies in a whole new way. Things certainly work differently in the fifth dimension than they do in the third. You are learning and adapting. Because you have been placing many of these crystals on planet Earth many are already starting to show, so give yourself some credit.
You are all one

You are seeing a quiet shift toward a neutral energy which is your spirit. When you come Home, dear ones, your spirit is not masculine or feminine. Re-member, you are a spirit first and that is one of fundamental elements=. Watch for your own crystals that you place in your path, these things that you can do to make a difference, and dare to acknowledge them. They may have even been placed there by someone else, but now is the time when everyone can benefit from these ideas. No one owns the crystals because they came from Home. You are all one, not separate from each other. When you return Home, you will understand that because you feel everything that everyone else does. Has that ever happened on Earth before? Yes, it has, although not in its totality because you are living on the planet of imperfection. You are the perfect imperfection of light, of love, of spirit. Own that. Step into it. Do not think that you hold it all; do not stay attached to your crystals. Release them in love and know they are for everyone and do not try to put an ownership on it as that is certainly a third-dimensional attribute which no longer works in today’s world. Know that there is not necessarily better than another, which is a difficult aspect because you have lived in a polarity so long. Alas, you have been climbing the ladder of ascension thinking that this vibration is somehow better than another with a lower vibration.
Learning to live amongst the other angels of Home

There is now an opportunity for the entire bandwidth of humanity to take that next step. We often re-mind you of who you were in certain aspects, especially in the days of Lemuria. In Lemuria, you were a very simple people. You did not need technology because you were connected by the heart. You understood what your neighbor was feeling, because you felt it yourself. When you are connected in these ways and so incredibly empathic in this way there can be no war because you would be bombing yourselves. Well, this is exactly what you do on planet Earth right now. You are pretending to be separate so much that you actually believe it. You are not separate and that is the key that we wish you all to understand. It is these levels of understanding that will let all of humanity take this next step into a new dimension of time and space to create something truly miraculous. You have created this game, but now the game is about to change. We are not worried though because some of the most wonderful experts at transition are already in place all over the world. Are these ascended masters? No. They are you. You are the ascended masters of which you so often seek. You hold so much inside. Yes, we know you are burdened with an ego. And that makes it difficult to see yourself and also to understand that you are not the only one. You are god; you are not the only god. Learning to live amongst the other gods, the other angels of Home, that is what is in front of you. The more that you have that ability, your lives will become easier. You will be able to walk into this next dimension of time and space with joy and a song in your heart instead of fear. Those are the crystals that you have placed on your path for all of humanity, and for all of the energies that you have carried for many lifetimes. Now you have the opportunity to play them out.

So choose carefully those crystals that you leave and then let them go and watch as the planet slowly changes and actually raises in vibration. It is already taking place. Do not believe everything you see. Believe what you feel in your heart and you will start balancing the energies of planet Earth in such a beautiful way.

It is with the greatest honor that I get to greet you in these ways and remind you of whom you are, to hold a mirror in front of you and help you re-member to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play well together.

I am Merlia. Come up and see me sometime.

Espavo, dear ones.

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The Group via Barbara, June 22nd, 2017

From the group with love.Greetings from Home, dear ones

We join you this day watching from afar. We must say first of all, we are so incredibly proud of the work that you are doing, of the energy that you have brought to this beautiful game of free choice. Humans are absolutely astounding.

First, know that you have done well. Many of you are so incredibly interested in all the details—how many times have I incarnated on Earth? What have I done before? Where is my energy now? Dear ones, you already have all of that information. You are what is important now; what you bring to life by looking at it, what you work with, and at this point your energy is starting to really accelerate. Now we have shared much of the information about the proverbial line in the sand, the 50-year mark that is remaining on the timeline of planet Earth. That does not mean that humanity will end; what it means is that humans will change form in some fashion—all of you. But you have been doing that anyway, have you not? You have been stepping toward light body, elevating your spirit and the Earth. The challenge here is that you have been trying to measure the Earth as a rising vibration. Even the Schumann resonance had a new high recently and everyone was very joyous that things were getting better. And then we sort of dropped a bomb by stating that, in fact, from the Earth’s perspective she is transitioning.

Planet Earth is Transitioning

We have used a lot of different words to explain this, including “dying.”  She is certainly on what you would call a death cycle but nothing ever truly dies, dear ones. Energy only transforms from one form to another. As you now look at Mars, you can see that she lost her magnetosphere some time ago. That is the magnetic protection that keeps everything at a distance and allows for the creation of the ozone layer that she had in the past.  It is fascinating to see that the cycle of planet Earth is reaching the end. It does not mean she will die, but it means that she will go through a transition. Most of the forms of light that are currently here may not go through the transition the same way that Earth will.

When you look at Mars, you think of that as a dry, desolate planet lacking the water that is so necessary for life to exist. However, that is not true. What you will also find is that Mars had and still has water, but by losing the magnetosphere it allowed the solar winds to come in and basically wipe the planet’s surface clean. As you discover even more about the cosmos, the worlds around you, and your human experience you will learn much more in the years ahead. Watch in amazement, for this is actually why you placed yourself here at this time. You are  a transition expert, even though you may not realize that or have the calling deep in your heart. In truth, there was a long line of spirits waiting to come in. We have told the story once before and we would like to share it again now so you will understand.

The Grand Meeting of all Spirits after Atlantis Sank

You see, dear ones, there came a time when Atlantis sank. Yes, it really happened and right after that time stopped for the very first time in human history on Earth. Then a grand meeting of all spirits who were involved in any part of it came together on the other side of the veil. Discussions took place and everyone wondered, “What did we do wrong? How can we correct that? How can we change for this the next time?” Yes, dear ones, there is always a next time so never forget that. During this grand meeting certain things were decided, such as if planet Earth ever reached such a level where humans could actually make a difference then the people would start coming in with the information necessary to make the transition occur smoothly and comfortably. And with that a long line formed in heaven, what we call Home. All these beings lined up hoping to have an incarnation, waiting to have an opportunity saying, “I can make a difference right now.” I know this is my calling…” and they would feel it in their heart to jump in this long, long, long line. It was fascinating to us.

Then something happened that bears repeating because you see, dear ones, on the other side of the veil you are not burdened with egos the way that you are weighted down with them here. In truth, you feel each other; you connect with each other in entirely different ways. Although you are actually a part of each other the same way that you are here on Earth, you cannot feel it. Something happened in the beautiful line. The first person in line turned around and looked at the person behind him, number 2 and realized, “You know, you have the opportunity to make more of a difference than I do. Why don’t you step forward in the line and I will take the next place back.” Then an entire series of re-arrangement of this line took place. That way the highest vibrations of beings coming into this planet could be here to make a difference, to shift and change the energy, and to work with it. There were no egos involved. Quite simply, everyone wanted the very best and that is what took place so here you are.

Let the Incarnations Begin!

Those of you who moved to the front of the line made it to Earth specifically with a reason to be here at this very moment. You made it Home. And now what is going to take place is that many of you will be re-membering, even if you have not before. You will start re-membering your power, your nature, and your gifts. In those you will find the confidence and certainty that this is what you came for, this beautiful celebration of light. So, let the incarnations begin. Although at one point, everything seemed as if it was going to reach that same level of vibration yet surpassed it. Many of you arrived en masse and had a major baby boom on your planet. Of course, as time went forward you grew up. When you could finally take the veils off and re-member who you were, many of you were well into your teens and 20s. So, you had a grand party that you called it the ‘60s. You are here now, working through all of this.

We also tell you that the process did not stop there. A refreshment of that line has been continually coming in since that point, which is why many of the highest vibration beings with gifts had to go Home early. They had to do so to become part of that line, to be here at just the right age and time to make a difference on this evolving planet. Do not be melancholy, dear ones, for this is not a sad situation. Instead, it is a joyous reminder of who you are and what your gifts are. Welcome Home, dear ones.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.


Greetings, dear ones. I am Em and I join you this day for a very specific reason.

All of planet Earth is in the process of balancing in a new way. That is my specialty—balancing. I balanced what you call the sexual energy of masculine and feminine together as one to have the full aspect and vibrational reach, to better understand your situations at this time. Dear ones, let us first address what is happening with the planet herself. She is on a cycle and timeline that is very individual to her. It does not mean you have failed, dear ones, so please keep that in mind for it is absolutely not true. Nor does it mean that everything is going to end, because everything has a season on your side of the veil. On your side of the veil all things must be finite in some way, each carrying a little imperfection. Therein lies the beauty and fascinating aspect of the game you are playing.   Never think that this was wrong or a failure in any way, for that is simply not true. In reality, had the Family of E not come together at exactly the right time you would not have passed that mark of 2012. Yet, here you are. Oh yes, we know, many of you expected to step into heaven at that point getting rid of all your day-to-day problems inherent in being a human. In some ways, dear ones, you did. Perhaps you have a different perspective on that shift, because you did such an incredible job. We tell you also, there is a small baby boom going on.

A Babyboom of the Family of E

It was not that long ago that we brought the Family of E together in a physical location. Not all of them, of course, but those who could break free and be in that particular session. We did something rather unique: we declared the Rights of Spirit for human rights. These are well-known for much of the Family of E is all about the balancing of human rights and equal rights, which is why I address you today. But it is much more, considerably deeper, than you originally thought. You are spirits and you have done this before, which is why we are here to help you re-member. We are not here to teach you, for you are masters in your own right. You have taken off your wings to come play the game of pretending to be human inside a bubble of biology, which is absolutely imperfect and has a timeline. You are here as spirits and the Family of E has gathered in massive ways. Only a couple of years ago when you gathered in that place called Arizona, someone asked the question in live channel to us, “How many of the Family of E are here on Earth?” We told them that roughly under a million at this time were on Earth, which was incredible because the room of course only had a couple hundred people. There were many beings on Earth that had that bent as a spirit and had those answers; it was incredible. Today it is almost 1% of your population and we hope you do the math, because that would confirm for you that there is a massive baby boom of the Family of E. Whether you wish to call that Empowerment, Evolution, or any of the other “E” words there are, the most important part is to know that you have help; it is already on its way.

You Have Help

Although it has to go through a time cycle to reach the levels, it is absolutely something to look forward to and welcome these beautiful beings in. Many carry the indigo or crystal vibration, with all sorts of new attributes that are needed during these transitionary times. You not only have guidance from those, but you also have help from your original parental races that have been watching this game unfold with great pride. You, dear ones, are the stars. You are the highest vibration that has ever lived anywhere, and have now superseded even the vibrational status in the days when the Lemurians ascended. That is what you will do and it is exactly what took place before. Yes, we know your books and channels talk about Lemuria sinking. Although the actual land mass did sink, the Lemurians ascended. Are you getting an idea of what is coming? You have been preparing for it a very long time, so let us share with you some good news.

First of all, the baby boom. Huge, absolutely wonderful. Many of you have worked your way into a parental situation where you can help guide, making a safe space for them to emerge and take their power. This is absolutely incredible and needed during these times. We also mentioned that your parental races are watching, but can they simply come down and swoop you up? No, it will not work. That is not the nature of the game which you have helped to design. In truth, you will do this on your own but so many channels are opening now. So many beings are coming in to help, share ideas, and to plant seeds in very fertile ground. These are beautiful, wondrous times. Let us also speak of your great hope. As you evolve and your brain continues to grow along in harmony with your heart, you have new capabilities. Now you can see things that were right in front of you before, even though you could not see them.

New Technologies

You are starting an entire new life cycle right. One of the areas that this will appear in involves your areas of technology. There are many things that have already been discovered, which are working their way into your practical use and daily life.. You will find new discoveries every single day. Many of them will jump the normal tracks and most of the time, you have to go here to gain an understanding then talk to the public about buying it. You are going to find shortcuts to reach people, for you already hold much of what is needed now. Oh yes, you may not know it but all that is truly needed is to give your spirit permission to re-member. That is very beautiful. All the wisdom of the universe, rather than knowledge, is accessible to each and every one of you. You have learned to listen to yourself in new ways. Five or six decades ago, you would not have been able to hear our voices because your vibration was not high enough. Now, you are going to start having direct communication through many people in different ways. You will have opportunities to see your own reflection of beauty and power, along with the re-minders of Home.

Take a breath, and on the exhale, give yourself permission to re-member. The technologies that are coming in will help to change your world and shift the energy in many ways. Was this originally the time-frame for planet Earth? No, dear ones, it was not. Your industrial revolution, pollutants in the air and dis harmonies with the Earth herself have brought this forward. Currently you have about 50 years to work with the Earth in the state that she is. We tell you that with full understanding that you are creator beings. Does that mean you can change the timeline of planet Earth? Somewhat, but in truth she is going through a normal, reset cycle that has been done five times before. This was to be the sixth and final time, although that still remains to be seen as well. There is so much that can happen here and the technologies have been dropped in place to help make these transitions easier.

The Next Four Years are Critical in Setting the Timeline for Planet Earth

Here you have been working with your spirit to raise your vibration. Raising the vibration of everything in your reality, yet over here you work with the hard science that has no faith, only proof. What if those two came together to meet in a new way?  We have vowed never to do that, for these over here do not understand all of this aspect. Now you have a new motivation, do you not? There is a line in the sand. Although it is movable slightly, you are roughly 1,000 years ahead of schedule due to the pollutants and the dis harmonies with Earth. Now along that same vein, the next four years are going to be very critical in setting that timeline and putting forth everything that can be done in harmony with the Earth. Whether it is buying an electric car or simply connecting with the Earth, working with her from your heart, watching the carbon count yourself, changing things that you know are out of harmony. Every part that you can do over the next four years will have a ten-fold effect. In these ways you will have definitely set and determine the end days of planet Earth.

She is going to continue to live, dear ones, she will not split apart or return to the dust from which she was formed. Earth will still be alive, of course. However, it is the life forms on Earth that will probably not make this transition, given the state that you are currently in. But have you not been raising your vibration so much? Yes, and that is why. You are stepping right out of one situation into another. We ask you to keep in mind that you have done this before, not only on other planets but even during Lemuria. Before the sinking of the land mass, Lemurians ascended and they are still there waiting to greet all of you and to help you. The technologies that have fallen into place are fascinating. You have physical restrictions and the laws of physics that you have placed on your game board. Now even that will be changing slightly.

You have learned to do something very fascinating, which is to make a material that is only one atom thick. One of the major substrates being used for this is graphite, specifically the substance called graphene. Very strong, powerful and effective. One small piece of graphene can take the salt out of water. It can be made into something so light yet incredibly strong. Graphite is only one of the first substances they are working with for this. What if you could make a rocket ship that only weighed six ounces, or one full size? Would that not change some of the energies and possibilities of taking a look at your Earth? What if you could do that with your automobiles? Then your automobiles would not weigh as much as the passengers inside? Would that not save on gas and carbon emissions? Yes, absolutely. All of these technologies are here and the more that you can integrate over the next four years will be absolutely critical in determining exactly where this line in the sand is drawn. We also tell you, dear ones, it is not possible to go backwards. You are going forward and bring so much with you. You have been going through the grief for some time, but do not lose sight of the fact that you are here on this Earth right now and that means you had a contract for it. You have something to do, your mission is to bring in a piece of wisdom. That piece is absolutely necessary and many of you know exactly what that is, for you have already been working in those directions. Keep your confidence high to allow you to feel who you truly are, and keep focusing on moving forward.

New Materials

You can gain the ability to draw on the strength of your spirit through the physical body, which will be more important than ever before. Not only is graphene a substance that can make everything lighter and stronger, it also happens to be a semi-conductor with very unusual properties. In the very near future it will be replacing the hearts of all of your computers. You are now carrying what used to be big-box computers around in your phones. Well, your phones are not actually phones; they are a program you run on a phone in a small computer. Soon they will be even smaller and will become a part of your life in a different way. They can also help to greatly reduce carbon emissions and your effectiveness on this planet. Yes, so much is taking place, but above all do not forget the ceremonies. When one of you and creates a ceremony with only 5 or 10 people around the Earth to connect her heart to yours, you have unbelievably profound effects. These ceremonies will be needed during these wonderful times of transition, and perhaps it is why you are here in the first place. Know that your energy is needed on this Earth at this time, and much more of what you have set about to do is making space on the planet for that to happen. We ask you not to doubt yourselves. You are creator beings with the greatest of strengths.  Can you imagine what happens when a creator being doubts himself/herself?  It sets up a cycle of negativity which is very difficult to break free of. Give yourself a break and when you do not have that confidence, just sit down and take three simple breaths. We will help you re-member because that is the time to awaken from the dream. It is the time to re-member what we put in our path, because now is the time to set it into motion.

Enjoy this journey, dear ones. Although you see difficulties ahead, many of you see the challenges and, of course, the sadness changing your evolutionary cycle from Earth. Wait until you see what is coming, for it has never been done like this before. You have been through many cycles on many planets but this one is new. Trust that you are going to be so incredibly overjoyed at what you are about to create on this Earth.

Take the challenge. Know that you were brought to the front of the line for a very specific reason and take pride in that. You are here and that will help you re-member.

It is with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that I, Em, greet you in these ways. All of you have been working on balancing the masculine and feminine and that is so incredibly powerful during these times. And we love you for it. Keep up the good work. Know that we are watching just over your shoulder along with so many countless others. You, Earth, are the center of the universe right now. All eyes are upon you and we are very proud of that because we have the best people on the job.

It is with the greatest honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this new game well together. I am Em.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”.

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