Love is our new reality

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The Hathors via Daniel Scranton, November 24th, 2023

Thanks, Gratitude & Appreciation: Tools for Creation ∞The 9D Hathors
gratitude thanks & appreciation - tools for creation - the 9D hathors - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens
Thanks, Gratitude & Appreciation: Tools for Creation ∞The 9D Hathors, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We have arrived. We are The Hathors, and we are very happy to be here with all of you.

We love you immensely, and that is why we keep focusing on Earth and Earth humans. We know how much adore beings from other worlds and other star systems, and we happen to be from another universe. We came to answer the call that was put out during the Orion Wars, and we have been with you ever since to assist you in becoming your whole selves, your higher selves. We have ascended from physical to nonphysical form, and we are in the ninth dimension. We are here to offer you our teachings, just as we did back in the time of the great Egyptian empire. Our teachings today are around gratitude, appreciation and thanks. These are powerful tools that you have to create with.

If you want more of something, and you have little of it in the moment, then to be grateful for what you have will add an energy signature to what you have that will put out a vibration to all of humanity and beyond, telling all who can pick up that signal that this is something that is getting ready to have some company. It also places you on a different timeline, a timeline where there is more for you to appreciate and enjoy. Therefore, the less time you spend complaining, and the more time you spend appreciating, the more you align with the perfect timeline by your definition. You all get to have more of whatever it is you have determined is good. You get to define what that is for you, and then you get to go to that reality, and the tools that you have for getting there are your desire and your appreciation.

When you love anything, you align with your true power, you align with your true self, and you align with more of whatever it is that you are in love with in that moment. You do not have to go about things the hard way, the old-fashioned way, anymore. And certainly, life there on Earth is telling you that and showing you that all the time. You have made it much easier on yourselves to get your hands on just about anything, including experiences, that you want. There are so many of you there and there are so many resources, and when you realize that and you tune in to the truth that there is no lack, it becomes a lot easier for you then to appreciate the world that you are on and the opportunities that living a life on Earth provides you with.

Your life on Earth is giving you so many opportunities to expand, to know yourselves and to have the experiences that you decide you want to have. And if you start by appreciating your life, yourself, your fellow humans, and your planet, then you can get more detailed about what you are grateful for. And then when you receive more of what you desire, you give thanks, you praise that which is coming to you and that which you have, and the avenue it took to get to you, and all the people, and the animals, and the trees that helped to bring it to you. 

And then you are in alignment with your true self, and you raise your vibration. Yes, you can raise your vibration by becoming desire-less and sitting in meditation, but you came to have experiences, you came to express yourselves, and you came for the physicality of planet Earth and your dimension. So enjoy it all, appreciate it all, resist none of it, and see how much more you have to be grateful for as you move forward in this life experience, a life experience that can be filled with abundance and joy.

We are The Hathors, we thank you, and we wish you a fond good day.”