The Healers Genoveva Coyle, November 19th, 2018


Please do invite us in, and then allow us to take away from you all that is not contributing to your joy and happiness. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest friends! Greetings! We are the Healers of Tralana, we are the Halion engineers, coming with great pleasure to offer our friendship and assistance, for this is why we are traveling through the universes in the multiverse, to be of service to anyone in need, to work on our plan and promise to The Mother.

Of course, we are respecting your free will, and we would never intervene, as eager as we are to help unless one is inviting us in. What we have to offer is love and our skill in the rapid removal of the dis-ease and disharmony within, by debridement and extraction of the old, followed by healthy repair and instant reconstructive interventions.

Most of you here are still having a difficult time with wounds and scars caused by the old and even ancient trauma, by being exposed for many years to the accumulation of that which was not of love! And we come to work on removal and extraction of the deepest and hidden untruths, followed by the rapid restoration and building of your new, lean, and strong physical vessels.

Yes, we can work on purging out the self-sabotaging thought forms, all those memories, and untruths from the unconscious mind; we can remove the fears and doubts that you might still hold in your emotional body as well. All of which are still holding you in limitation, thereby preventing you from taking further steps into your Divine Authority, and into the fullness of your magnificent being.

Many of you are still working – walking around on Earth – with tears and holes in your Solomon Seal. And there is no greater pleasure for us than to weave you another and brand new one that is shiny, flexible, and impenetrable to the old and harmful energies that are swirling around.

Some of you here had us coming often to assist and work on you, but, for some hard to understand reason, you believed that it was of service for you to walk around with wounds and less than perfect shielding. And to a certain degree that was quite fine – but only for a short period of time – because it had helped you to understand better the energies that had to be released from within yourselves.

To give you a short example, for instance, when the energy of jealousy, directed towards you from another, was hurting you by poking and even penetrating your auric field… then you are made aware of that same energy being present within yourselves as well. It had assisted you in your removal of deeper unconscious programming, and whether these false constructs were personal or of the collective, it mattered not, because it was your clear intentions that they had to go! And gone they are! Well done! A very humbling process indeed!

But this type of processing is outdated and not needed any longer, dear friends! Let go of it!

Once you are completely renewed at every single level and particle of your bodies, it doesn’t mean that you are not to assist your fellow humans! Even more so, you will now be able to reach farther and deeper and to many more, because you already have achieved a heightened, clear, and sharp awareness. All of your senses have been magnified lately, and you can move on unencumbered by the physical ailments, fatigues, or any other painful distractions.

We do this in love dear ones, and we do this in conjunction with your wishes, and by following your original blueprint. There is nothing that we cannot do for you, from removing the tiniest genetic particle of disease in your DNA to reshaping your body and rebuilding organs, to repairing your houses or tending to your beloved pets and beautiful gardens. Just ask and then give us the time and the space to do our specialized and loving work!

Please do invite us in, and then allow us to take away from you all that is not contributing to your joy and happiness. We are here with you, in love, excitement, and joy!

Closing this message now! Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.