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Mother God via Karen Vivenzio, November 16th, 2018


Mother God via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, of holy light – You are a beacon for others do not fear what has not yet come to pass. Focus only on those thoughts that you want to impress – for your reality is what you make it. Do not struggle and fret, rise above the current circumstance. It is not for you to worry about what comes next, for in so doing, you are giving away your energy and creating the circumstance that you most want to avoid dear child. Focus on helping those in need. Focus on joyful living and enjoying everything life has to bring. For there are many more positive experiences for you to face, do not sit and worry but put a smile back on that Angel’s face. We are all surrounding you now. From the ships above to the love we are infusing into the ethers – love and blessings are all around, it is up to you to call upon us now. We have been helping as much as we can dear child, now it is up to you to stand up and take action in the spirit of moving yourselves along – reaching into the higher octaves of energy available now dear one. For we cannot make you drink the elixir of life, you must reach out and increase your vibration so that what you experience now matches how you best want to live your life. We cannot make the hard decisions for you. You must allow yourself to be inspired by the energies that surround you and have faith that new solutions will flow easily to you but we cannot do this for you. You must set the intention to connect with us dear child and you must remove the barriers to your highest vibration, your highest elevation of what life can be. Take the blinders off. Remove the mask. Allow yourself to see your life unhindered by the news, the cable company, the outside thoughts that are impressed upon you. Allow yourself to breathe in the new aspects of you that are coming to the surface now. Integrating them into your whole and breathing out all that no longer serves you. For you are tired of the old, are you not, dear child? Out of hope and leaning into despair, that is not the direction to go my dear. We are still here. We have not gone anywhere. What you are feeling, what you are taking on, are the woes of others – this is not your song. Allow your heart to fill with the light of a thousand stars, beating brighter with each breath you take, each inhalation of the coming new dawn. For there is a mission here for you dear child, to shore up your energy, drink in the positive as much as you can and to stray away from the naysayers the negative sun worshippers, the legions of light call to you now to brighten your façade and shore up the light in the spirit of love. Soon you will be called upon. Lighten the load and set obligations aside. Open the space to bring the new elixir of life into your heart and mind. This does not come from the tv set or the legions of darkness that surround you – only change can be made from drinking in the elixir of love and loving everyone dear one, every one.

I AM Your Mother God and You Are My Divine Child / My Divine Self – You are an aspect of me and I AM an aspect of all that surrounds you in the spirit of love – take heed dear one, you will emerge from the darkness and into the life of love that you so deserve. For you are a messenger and a healer and you have a divine purpose for healing Mother Earth. I trust in you dear one. Wake up to the life you so deserve.

Peace, Love, and Blessings –


Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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