Love is our new reality

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The Light Brigade via Losha with VIDEO, February 24th, 2018



February 24, 2018

The Light Brigade Collective

Let us begin, then. We believe all of you beloved Lightworkers are doing a more than admirable job in helping Gaia to ascend, while also assisting all of humanity to ascend along with her. We can see and feel how very challenging it is, and has been, during these very chaotic “end times”. However, these end times are not a depiction of your much-talked about “apocalypse”…rather it is the “end” to all of the tyranny, enslavement, and, as you say, “rabble-rousing” all over the world, by these beloved dark ones. We call them beloved, because even though they are committing dark acts, they are still a God Spark, just as each one of you are…and they are just as deserving of Love, as you are.

There is a new, daily meditation that has been initiated by one of ours, or, so to say, an old soul…a very old soul, at that!…and one of the topics of focus during this meditation recently, was to send Unconditional Love, to all the dark ones. We very much appreciated seeing that…seeing all of the Golden White Pink light, saturating every dark, confused soul, on Mother Gaia.   We can tell you that it helped the beloved White Hats to carry out their very challenging tasks, more than you know…and it is continuing to do so.

We would add that there are many, many spiritual souls who have been getting together in groups, to meditate on the states of the world, and they have also been very helpful, indeed. However, as has been addressed before, there is infinitely more power generated, when the numbers are larger, and the focus, simple and straightforward.

We can see the most amazing changes that are beginning to take place on Gaia, since this “8,000” meditation has begun. We see people being kinder and more compassionate with each other, we see great insights coming forth inside your minds…and we hear joyous music, as if from the heavens, bursting forth from the ethers! It is wonderful and miraculous!

We are overjoyed to see you Lightworkers claiming your rightful place in this Universe…using your gifts to help lift humanity out of the depths of despair, and raising them up, into the heavens of Love! We cannot wait for the veil to be completely lifted, so that you may be able to see, as we do, how much Light and Love your efforts have brought to Gaia, and all of humanity…it is a beautiful sight to behold!

Each of you has within you, a path which excites you…a course of actions which inspire, enthuse, and thrill you…and we see that you are truly beginning to hear and see, these authentic paths, yourself…for you to follow.   Our channel is experiencing that for herself also…and it brings us Joy, as much as it does for her.

We could go on and on and on (a small nod to “Jared”!)…about how inspiring the actions of you Lightworkers has been, and continues to be, for us. Yes, we are in the higher dimensions and do not have to address such challenging obstacles such as you do, and that is all the more reason why we are even more awestruck by your continuous compassionate actions toward your fellow man, and woman…you never cease to amaze us, and to earn our admiration.

Well…we will end this particular message now, as we promised this channel, to keep them short and sweet!   We send each of you, all of our Unconditional Love, and our offers of assistance and encouragement, any time you need it…just call on the Light Brigade, and we will be there!   With much Love and Light…until next time.   Your Light Brigade Collective.