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Infinite Being and all cosmic existence are in multiple forms, in octaves of existence and dimensions exist simultaneously.
It is in intricate masterly movement of simultaneous existence, in one single eternal dance of perfection, and not one single cog in the giant spiraling vortex of Creation is out of place nor nonfunctional – creation always exists in perfection.
Yet it is then forever expanding onto itself, continuously.  Nothing is ever static.  The laws of death and rebirth are one continuous cycle for nothing which is stagnant can ultimately enhance the greater spiralling flux and therefore it will disintegrate in its stagnancy at some point.

What I have discovered in the last few years of my earthly and cosmic journeys, when I started to tap into the different dimensions and the Super consciousness Energy fields, is that life on this planet is not only in existence in the all too familiar 3D world.  Therefore we truly cannot measure life or life forms, or any form of existence, just as one in  the physical world alone.
There are OCTAVES of simultaneous existences all working together AS ONE SINGLE UNIT, ONE single ENERGY FIELD – but in different dimensional states and then in a type of time-warp mechanisms, where one cannot tap into the higher octaves of co-existence, if one is not ready to step into them.
To me this has been an immense inner journey of starting to grasp the fundamental concepts involved here and I find this fascinating: = most scientists and human being only exist in the very dense and low/slow density of the 3D world.  To them this is what reality is all about, and then the utter chaining to this, the fear to explore beyond the norm – beyond the physical and move into that which is non-physical but exists.  It is  perceived by limitations of the human mind as non-physical, when reality it is just as physical but in a different octave of Being/Existence!
What we often see as non-physical is actually PHYSICAL and in Physical EXISTENCE in another dimensional form and higher frequency fields.  It is just AS REAL as the physical forms and physical existence in the dense 3D world and it moves in the higher octaves of energies and energy fields, which vibrate at a much higher frequency band.
Now, if you would step into the 7th dimensional state, with your very dense physical body, with very low and slow mechanisms which are holding it together in that state, you woulddisintegrate..  Your physical form would not be able to hold its low frequency band and therefore cannot hold form in the 7th dimensional state or higher.
You can however access the 7th dimensional state through your soul (and the soul connects directly to the heart energies) which is infinitely connected and exists in multiple dimensional, parallel lives and Universes, in other galaxies SIMULTANEOUSLY!
It is not bound by the physical form at all and you can tap into your higher soul frequency bands anytime and then tune into the other dimensions and the Super consciousness energy fields at all times. 
Your soul is not bound by anything.  It can therefore move in the infinite cosmic spaces of all existences, once you remember how to tune into them.
It is when you wish to switch television channels – some of the channels you can only access with the correct satellite mechanisms and technology.  For instance the pay channels will prohibit you from just using their connections, and then other Institutions also have security systems in place, so that persona non-grata cannot access this.
The same basic principles apply to the Super consciousness Energy Fields which are held in the collective 12 Central Suns and then those of their Ilk.
It also has its own security systems in place, mechanisms which will prohibit anyone from accessing them who do not have the correct intent, nor the correct decoding systems.
There are places on planet Earth where those same Energy Fields have been carefully hidden and access has been denied to human beings for billions of years, until they finally can start accessing them, with the correct keys and codes.  However these are so carefully programmed and therefore intricately encoded that only those which the correct SOUL INTEGRITY and PURITY OF INTENT will ever be able to access them at this time.
The crux lies in humanity and their inability to keep their own integrity, truth and higher states of Consciousness, without at some stage resorting to self-destruction and with it then  sink int the sea of forgetfulness.  The greatest lesson to master for the collective mankind is the LAW OF POWER AND RESPONSIBILITY.  The use of power, with integrity and within cosmic Laws – never to destroy, to use against each other, but to use for the greater good of all, and for the enhancement of what already exists elsewhere in the cosmos.
What I have experienced in the last few weeks and months have had me reeling at times.  I have been steadily prepared for this massive energy work since 2004 when I went through a total dying of the old me, and then culminating in 2008 when I finally had the guts to heed the call, and to allow my old Eve to disintegrate and myself cleanse, cleared, revamped, and systematically upgraded for this work.
With it I had to let go of all restrictive thinking, belief systems, and all ideas of what I thought was physical and what I thought was non-physical.  I literally often had to disintegrate and allow myself to disintegrate completely – before I could access what I had to retrieve, and then allow myself to remember how to ‘read’ what I had to ‘read’ and remember doing. 
Systematically I started to learn to tap into these energy fields and then also to do the work with them that I was supposed to do.  I had no maps to go to, for the so-called ley lines, and the so-called RULES (the grid system that even the army, navy, air forces are aware of).
I had to totally prepare myself for something so ancient, so high in technology, and no futuristic, that it took my breath away and had my mind reeling.  I could not understand this with my mind only – I had to understand it with my soul connected to my heart, my inner knowing.
Yet, with all of this, I had to do the inner work.  I had to shed skin after skin after skin, for if I had not allowed myself to reinvented, rebirthed, I could not have done this work.
It has been an immense humbling journey for me and one which I have systematically recorded, and culminate in my book-in-editing, “Why I was born in Africa: – the untold and unrecorded true history of the first ever civilization on earth, the crystal pyramids and pyramid grids, and the Lightning Rod of the Earth”
Yes, I am humbled to the very core of my being, for what I experienced goes beyond words, beyond expression as often I experienced such immensity of being and technology, soul expansion, for which I struggle to find the human language to start expressing this.
The human language, was only given to human kind AFTER THE FALL, for before that they had no use for language, for they communicated telepathically.
That is also why you will not find their history recorded on clay tablets, nor in hieroglyphs, nor in such like very primitive form – for writing is primitive.
There were far more advanced ways of recording which go way beyond even our IT abilities, and our own recording abilities.  It is such high technology that we will only be able to regain this expertise in the next thousand years when the New Golden Age finally makes its appearance.
I often stood with tears running down my cheeks, having experienced the inexpressible, and knowing I could not share what I just experienced with any human being I knew – mainly because they would not understand the immensity of this, and the profound KNOWING.
Yet, now is the time where my story has to become public and for the understanding to dawn to humankind that we are on the threshold of returning to the Cosmic Citizenship fold.
I profusely thank the Lion People, the Ancient Ones, my cosmic helpers and those pertaining to this,  the Divine (with whom I cannot function nor live nor breathe), and those who stood by me in this time, even if they could not understand what was happening to me, and why.
All I can say is that I would not be able to do my Soul Readings, if I had not gone on this journey.  Since then I have been given this gift to assist me to pay for the journeys I had to undertake and for the writing and recording of this.  This forms part of my highest service to mankind, and I am infinitely grateful that I can assist souls in this way, and through my writing and teaching on a daily basis to a global expanded audience.
Nothing in life comes without a cost – but whatever this cost me in ways few people even know or understand, I would not have one bit of the journey changed and I am grateful that my soul volunteered to come and do this work, and I am grateful that no matter how much I was challenged, and how hard the going got, nor how hard the initiations and testing, that I never gave up and that I now can gift humanity with this book, the knowledge, and this higher cosmic understanding of energy fields.
Here I stand – I can do no other, than serve with all that I AM.
(Judith Kusel)

138 thoughts on “THE OCTAVES OF ENERGY FIELDS AND MY QUEST by Judith Kusel, March 3d”

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