The Pleiadian Council of Nine via Eliza Ayres, November 24th

The Council of Nine via Eliza Ayres: Communique

dscn0147We are the Pleiadians. We are your sisters and brothers. Long have we watched you from afar, but now we move among you as human beings. We are here.

In our hearts we sing to your planet, which so lovingly supports your race, despite ongoing efforts to destroy her, by those who are not of this world or dimension.

Free your world and yourselves from the tyranny of hate, despair and anger. Turn to one another in an air of acceptance for each of you is entirely unique and individual, yet part of a collective whole.

We understand the pain and suffering in the world comes from ignorance. You have forgotten your sacred ties to the earth, to heaven and to each other. Release your fears.

Let the dreams of your childhood come back into your adult memory and shake yourselves loose from the need to compete against one another.

There is a profound misalignment in your world, stemming from a deep loss of soul memory of the sacred beginning of the Universe. You have become ignorant of your own beginnings. And your true history has been hidden from you.

Many of you see yourselves as being apart from Source, lost, like a stray cat or dog, or a neglected child or elder. You have never been separated from Source, for the light lives within you, within the secret chamber of your heart. There you are one with Creator, with Source, with Father / Mother God.

Your race once descended from the Light and to the Light it shall return. The path of Return has commenced. The Event of which so many speak is happening Now, as more and more individuals decide to change their lives and seek the sacred within. And as that heart opens, they suddenly can see their neighbors and co-workers in a new light.

The Light illuminates and brings with it divine wisdom. This wisdom has always existed, but has remained hidden during the dark ages after the fall.

We encourage to you to seek out the wisdom that exists in the teachings of the indigenous peoples of the Earth. They have held these secrets close to their hearts, knowing that the wisdom would be needed by all of the people, even as it appeared that the world was dying.

The old world is dying. The world that many of you grew up into and became conditioned to is now in the process of coming apart. Dark forces resist the ever increasing pressure from the light and seek to ensnare the multitudes in darkness and ignorance once again, so their control of the reins of government and commerce cannot be loosened.

It is up to each individual to make the choice whether or not they wish to be free, whether or not they wish to change their lives and then to take the next step.

Your process of transmutation takes on the form of a spiritual journey, where you are divested of your old beliefs. For the sake of your healing, you relive and pass through many transformations as the layers of old sticky energy are removed and released from your energy field.

You are undergoing a complete clearing of your individual, familial and cultural karmic patterns, so that humanity will not have to relive their lives in a repetitive negative circle of suffering and misery. You are breaking free of the Wheel.

In a time long lost in the mists of time, humanity lived upon this planet in harmony and grace, in a paradisiacal setting in the midst of the Pacific Ocean. Some of you remember this land as Lemuria or Mu. While there, humanity had not yet taken on physical form; that came later on Atlantis, as the entire planet descended in frequency.

Once your consciousness was housed within bodies of light bodies, yet as the planet descended in frequency and the vibration slowed down, your bodies took on physical form, becoming heavy and dense.

What you see as physical matter is simply vibration slowed down to where it can be seen and felt by the physical senses. In truth, your world is made up of waves of light and sound, dancing at different frequencies. As the vibration slows, the matter becomes dense. As the vibration increases, form becomes light. Sounds can be seen as color and colors emit sound.

As your consciousness expands into the higher frequency ranges, you will begin to experience the underlying music of the Spheres, the songs that the planets and stars sing to each other, that even your cells sing to each other in a frequency that is beyond your current physical ability to hear.

Once your bodies are freed of the old programming, you will begin to ascend into the higher frequencies until your physical body is transformed into a magnificent body of Light. This is what is taking place for those among you who are dedicated to the ascension process in this lifetime. These way-showers are re-living the sacred path of initiation that once was hidden from the multitudes.

The path is challenging, but we bid you to remember that everything you do is for the sake of all humanity. Keep your focus on your desire to know God, to embrace God, to allow God’s angels to sing to you, to guide you and to enfold you within their Grace. Your desire to know and feel Oneness will bring you safely through any challenge that you might face. Know that you carry great power, wisdom and grace within.

In truth, you are all human angels, long ago descended into this world, a story that will be told elsewhere. You did not fall out of malice or deceit or rebellion, but out of a desire to experience the deepest levels of Creation, that of the lower worlds, of the third dimension.

Some of you even descended lower, taking form as the elemental beings, enlivening the rocks, trees and animals. All life has intelligence and is alive. Allow the elementals to share with you the wisdom they have learned. Reflect on the sacredness of the smallest creature and the wonder of creation, which has been brought forth for your enjoyment.

Life can once again become harmonious and gracious, freed from fear, but first allow the purging fires to burn away the dross of misunderstanding and open your inner eyes so that you might look upon the world and see that there is, in truth, no bad or good. There is only consciousness.

It is how you choose to judge some experience that ensures how you will continue to draw that same energy to yourself. Let go the need to judge and view the world with neutral eyes, filled with compassion. Allow what you experience and observe to teach you the deep wisdom of Spirit, how matter is merely animated light.

Release yourself from self-judgment. If you feel that you have failed, allow yourself the option of trying over. The angels do not judge as they do not have egos. The ego mind or left side of the brain has reigned long over this last age, but the unification of the two halves has commenced, even as the long deactivated DNA of your cellular structure is lighting up, in response to the incoming waves of protonic Light emerging from the center of the Universe.

With the two hemispheres of the brain becoming one, you will contain Unity consciousness. It is what you are within, deeply hidden within your own crystalline DNA. You are in the process of leaving behind the pupae or caterpillar stage of your evolution and becoming, once again, Angelic Humans, capable of so much more than what you can manage today.

As we look upon each of you, we see your past, now and future. For us it exists in the Now. Each of you has a choice whether or not to go forward into the Light or to retreat and remain in darkness. We love you no matter what choice you make and will remain as guides for those who are willing to explore beyond the comfortable boxes into which you have been coaxed and conditioned by well-meaning but ignorant adults and mentors.

This journey is an individual one at first, but will soon expand to becoming a collective experience as more and more individuals awaken to the startling truth that they are a fractal portion of God, a light being having a human experience.

We greet you in a New Dawn for Humanity and the rekindling of a beautiful friendship between our two races. We are One, as humanity does not exist on Earth alone. There are many races who claim this solar system, this galaxy and this Universe as their home. As your consciousness expands, you will begin to communicate with and traverse to these other worlds. There you will be greeted as long-lost relatives, as indeed you are.

We honor you for your willingness to explore the lower levels of Creation and welcome you Home to the stars.

The Council of Nine, via Eliza Ayres.

“The Council of Nine: Communique,” channeled by Elizabeth Ayres, November 21, 2015,

Source site: Elizabeth Ayres Blue Dragon Journal

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,
Do not alter this message from its original written form without prior permission from the author. Include links back to this blog when reposting. Translations into other languages are permitted.


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