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The Pleiadian Council of Nine via Kerstin Eriksson, January 22nd, 2019

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Pleaidian Council of Nine: Dear Evolving Lightworker!

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Dear Evolving Lightworker, channelled through Kerstin Eriksson 22/1 2019

“We are very blessed to be in touch with the ground crew tonight and we would like to say we love you! So, our dear friends, there are much to to be said and we would like to start by talking about the new ground energies that some of you are tapping in to!

It is all about spiritual awakening and how you might interpret the progress that you are making! Right now you might feel that you have reached a point of stillness? And that it feels like some sort of a void?

Please let me talk about Faith, that is one of the most important energies in this Universe and how Faith has to do with your path right now!

Many of you dear Lightworkers envision your path as a walk up a stair! You have to change your perspective on this! There are no stair! Do you know what there really are? There is a sphere, a round orb, that contains all of your so far gained knowledge as a Lightworker, and up til some weeks ago you where attached to its inner side. And what has happened since then?

You are still inside your light orb, as you always have been, but the difference is that you have now let go of the side! And what does this mean!? It means that you feel a void and maybe you even feel abandoned as well! The thing is that you have evolved! But it might not feel as that! Now you will grow even more! Now it is time for you to mature as a Lightworker and what is really going on is that you have evolved and you have let go of the old! You have been attached to the inner side of your holy orb of Light and now you are flowing free within it and this might make you feel lost instead. It will take some time to adjust to the new energy because you have to find new ways to deal with your path and the free flowing!

And now we will continue to talk about how you can feel that this new energy is your friend! It is a matter of having Faith as well as Hope and Love, the holy trinity, safely anchored in your heart and why is that important? Well, it is easy really easy! You have to remember who you are and that you are made of Faith Hope and Love and that your precious knowledge is Light! You might not feel your side of your Light orb and it gives you the same feeling as if no one is holding your hand any more! You might feel as there are no time and that things have stopped?!

Now I really need you to envision that you are glowing in the most beautiful colours and that you are floating freely in your Light orb! The orb is actually made of Love and the sides are covered with the hands of all the angels and loving guides that are always with you! So you are perfectly safe and you are always in connection with all of your angels and guides! So, it is of great importance to us, to know that you are comfortable in your Light orb and that you understand that it is your normal process as a soul on a mission on Earth and that you aspire to evolve and also expanding your consciousness!

It will take some time to adjust to this new way of being and it is very important for you to know how deeply loved you are and we want you to know that we are closer than ever to you!

For now, the Council of Nine from the Pleiades says over and out and we will soon be back with new messages, just remember,
we love you!