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The Pleiadian Light forces via Ingrid Noren, January 18th, 2020


The Pleiadian Light forces

It is a great pleasure for us to announce that people have risen high in consciousness and it has gone at a furious pace.

Us galactics who are in the atmosphere in the thousands and thousands, witness how the light on Earth has increased in recent weeks. After the winter solstice, the planets Saturn and Pluto resonate with each other, which means that the astrological timelines are in resonance with each other. People will see a lot of activity in the sky in the near future. It will increase throughout the year 2020. Many strong energies are sent to Earth uninterrupted and that light is intended for some special people who will pass this light on over the Earth along with their own light.

At the same time as the light is sent all over the world, everyone is encouraged to endure the light and end activities that do not benefit people but are intended to harm people in order to profit from it for their own gain.

The galactics help send light to Earth to facilitate the light workers who do a fantastic job of also contributing light to the galactics in the atmosphere. The darkness that has been so conscious and affected humanity in such a negative way is over. There is much that still needs to be cleansed from the dark, but visualizing a vibrant, bright and beautiful world means a lot and the ascent to humans is faster than ever.

Soon it will be made clear to the people, as a sermon from our Lord GOD the Almighty, that a new world and future is imminent. People have to wake up to realize that now light has triumphed on Earth and nothing can change that. It is irrevocable. From now on, it is the light that will shine more and more upon the Earth. It is a joyous time that will now continue to increase in strength. Although it may feel like it has never been darker, rest assured that the darker it is, the closer the light is to remain.

We are excited to announce to people how they have come into their ascent and awareness through this channel.

Love yourself and all other lightworkers, because it is all of you.


Big thanks… love I earn… ..I AM




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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