Love is our new reality

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The Pleiadians via Ann Marie, September 29th – October 17th, 2018

The Work of a Lifetime 10/17/18

When you commit to your process of self-awareness, you are essentially returning to the source of your soul. You are now an excavator uncovering the buried aspects of who you are. You are indeed complex, multidimensional beings requiring intense scrutiny. This is the work of a lifetime.

Shine 10/16/18

It is for you for you to release the ideas of another and remain detached from their fear. Go within.  Make yourself impenetrable in your assurance of who you are. You are more than you know as yet. You are a light—shine.

A Lifetime of Patience 10/11/18

This is a process, as you know. This process doesn’t end once you discover your life’s purpose. Then it is time for yet another new beginning. The discovery of your life is infinite. This is a lifetime of patience.

The Lightworkers 10/11/18

The Lightworker shines the light to expel the darkness. Into the darkest corners of fear the light penetrates to dissolve its manifestations in doubt, unworthiness, hatred, despair and separation. The Lightworker unifies the soul with the vibration of light.

Be Great 10/10/18

You shall now realize your potential. There are no limits. Step outside the confines of your mind. Give yourself permission to be great—it is your birthright.

Balance Your Scales 10/8/18

Allow the balance to flow in your life. Allow the spiritual and the material to weave together naturally, for you require both. Do your best to balance your scales.

The Fuel of Life 10/6/18

The inner joy is the fuel of life. It is the natural flow of love from within. This is the outpouring of the love originating from the universal source. When you give to yourself you make this energy available to all. You share it with the world through your joy. It is the perfect gift in every sense. This is not your ego—this is love.


The Force 10/3/18

Love will be the force of propulsion of the future. The Universe is aligning now. It will be a peaceful transformation. You will all be the force.


Your Way 9/29/18

We are all one, yet each individual is different. Follow your self. Do things in your way. This is your experience. Your inner communication is telling you what to do. This is your experience to create in your way.