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The Fire Dragon via Beatrice Madsen, October 17th, 2018

The Fire Dragon

October 17th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

My name is Santor and I am a powerful fire dragon that serves Mother Gaia. It is with joy that I am in touch with you and I now aide in the large awakening and primarily in the cleansing process. We dragons are powerful beings – very powerful. We have always at a subconscious level been in contact with you. You can see this in your whole cultural history and we collaborate with you and the light. You have during a long time heard that you are not powerful. You are supposed to obey and bow your head to the superiors and see yourself as sinful beings.

What rubbish is this, I say. That time is long gone. We connect with you to help you find your true power and potential. Wake up, human, you are a big powerful co-creating source of light. Believe in yourself. Your beauty has no limit and has nothing to do with surface. Your time is NOW. You can create and you do create. Rest now and then and when you sleep we meet. It is boundless love we meet again – dragon and human. We have strong ties from earlier times, other planes of existence and dimensions. In Atlantis and Lemuria we walked side by side.

My element is the fire and nobody can escape me. I am a karma dragon and stand next to you humans when the evil ones must face the consequences of their actions. They must look into my powerful eyes of fire at a spiritual level and cannot escape. I do not fall for those overbearing, manipulating or for flattery and cunning. I will see if the heart is pure or not. I can see the slightest of traces. I can see the hidden agenda and I come with fire from all of those who have been forced to suffer and give their lives to these monsters. Judgment Day is here and they get to face the consequences from all their evil deeds. They have under such a long time, time measured as you do, they have plagued you and made you powerless. They have harvested your life over and over again and believe me they have no compassion. I let out a roar of fire that get their beings to shiver.

I stand at the border by the portal to keep watch. It is no longer possible to draw down the energy on my Mother Earth. If you try I will through fire at you, – oh you monster. I am in service to the Mother, the Light and the humans. See that you get back what you give and nobody will escape me.

Santor at your service.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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