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The Power of Light Within Me by Christine Meleriessee Hayden, 1 March

Walking Terra Christa ~ The Power of Light Within Me ~ Decree

romania bridge_773_600 violet pink
The Power of Light Within Me
I am traveling to the Golden Etheric City,
Of MauproLianTianTiah residing over Romania;
It is a city of high vibrational essence,
Which will allow me to fully incorporate the Vibrational Essence I desire.
I walk into the city with its beautiful scenery,
I see there are many mountains,
With valleys, nestled along the Goddess of the Sea.
In the far distance I can envision the Temple of the All,
Where Helios and Vesta who are the Chohans of the 13th Ray,
Embody their energy throughout the city.
Today I am working with RA the Sun God,
I am really excited,
I have been trying to ignite the element of Balance,
Within my Emotional and Mental bodies.
I walk along a grassy pathway,
That is nestled in between mountains on each side,
I see the Violet Pink being emitted through the Rays of the Sun.
I meet RA the Sun God,
He reaches out to touch my hand,
I feel the invigorating energy,
Running up into my arm,
Circling within my Heart.
He tells me that we have a special journey planned,
I will walk along the cliffs and the wonders of this city,
That represent the Power of Light that is within all of us.
As we walk together,
I start to feel the changes flowing within me,
My vibrational levels are shifting in a way that is balancing to my system.
He tells me to be silent as we walk,
I see the beauty that is here in this city,
I now start to see the beauty of myself being ignited.
I walk, I feel, and I now can express,
That I am learning the way of higher vibration,
Is just a moment within my breath,
Through my Heart,
And down into my feet.
I am now learning what RA has shown me,
As I continue my journey,
Of learning more about me,
And how my physical self will accept the Divinity of Light,
That I AM.
I AM that I AM that I AM

The Golden City of MauproLianTianTiah resides over Romania and represents the 13th Ray of Vibratory Communication.  It is also known as the CITY OF THE LIGHT OF THE ALL.

This golden city represents the ability to move through previous timelines that have been formed with darkness and now moves into the essence of Light that we are all a part of within the Divine Consciousness of Oneness.

Vibratory Communication is the 13th Ray within the Violet-Pink Flame.  It is guided by the Beings of Helios & Vesta, our Solar Logos and RA the Sun God.

RA is the ancient Egyptian Sun God. He had become a major deity in ancient Egyptian religion and identified primarily with the midday sun. RA assisted the formation of eternal beings moving into a material existence. He set up the formulation of the voice being the mechanism with the frequencies that we as a species are able to do and command. Voice takes the thought and moves it into a physical vibration.
Helios and Vesta are our Divine parents in the Heart of this Solar System. They abide in the very Heart of the sun, and serve with the Solar Hierarchies. The predominant quality of Helios is Illumination while the essence of Vesta is Truth. The God consciousness of Helios and Vesta regulates the activities of the sun and sustains our physical solar system as they guide the spiritual evolution of each planet. We can visualize the solar flares coming from the sun as direct light emanations from the heart of Helios and Vesta, impelling us to raise our consciousness to new levels of love, wisdom, divine empowerment and self-awareness that bring our planetary home closer and closer to solar awareness.
Special Qualities Include: Allowing the Expansion of the Higher Vibrations to be the main focal point within the physical body through the Throat Chakra; Communication comes from the vibrational energies through the voice, which can be a higher frequency, or it can mean the vocalization of higher knowledge being shared through the voice.

Aspects of Vibratory Communication:

  • Working with the vibration frequency of communication;
  • Expansion within one’s self to exercise those elements with others as in friendship, moving forward, and networking;
  • Utilizing the Pink-Violet ray to transmute and transform one’s situation, thoughts, elements that do not fit into the multi=dimensional reality which creates Healing;
  • Helps an individual to fully focus what is important by feeling the vibrational frequencies, thus, creating responsibility within Service Work, Team Work and ignites deep passion;
  • The frequency of the Sun of Helios and Vesta along with RA, the Sun God, will ignite within one’s Being to remember their totality of existence as it was in the beginning;
  • The ability to access vibrations and frequencies to materialize and de-materialize objects, life circumstances, and all manifestations desired;
  • First stages of tele-portation and accessing travel inter-dimensionally.
On Wednesday evenings Walking Terra Christa holds their weekly New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light Class in which we travel to one of the Golden Etheric Cities.  Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become a Student by participating in the LIVE teachings and be part of our mentoring program OR participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings.
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