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The Role of Money in Ascension by One Who Knows, May 9th, 2017

“The Roll of Money In Ascension” – One Who Knows – 5.9.17



The Role of Money In Ascension

I have been seeing some posts that are suggesting that Money is somehow NOT related to Ascension, and Frankly, NOTHING could be farther from the truth. Money IS VERY MUCH A PART OF THE ASCENSION PROCESS. There are basically two groups that say that money is not part of the process, the Cabal based operatives that are using Ascension to somehow separate you from your currency, and the other group are those who want to be as spiritual as possible and think that money is somehow not ascension worthy. I am going to explain why it is one of the most important parts of the Ascension Plan For Earth.

What Is Ascension?

We start here with a discussion on what does ascending mean? It is basically evolution, rising to a higher frequency that has way more to offer than where we are now. One of the nice things that it has is Abundance. That higher vibration of Love and Abundance of everything is going to be wonderful. Importantly, You can’t exist in the higher vibrations if you are in lack, for that is not Compatible at that level. Neither is worry, hate, sickness, or fear. It is all love and abundance, only.

Choosing Your Time-Line

Remember a while back that I wrote a post on choosing your timeline. There would come a time that the two timelines would be splitting and you would either be a “Match” for the lower vibrations of 3d, or you would be a “Match” of the higher vibrations of 5D or higher. Whichever one you were a match to at that time, you would automatically be in that timeline, no matter good 5d, or bad 3d. Here are several posts on the matter and Audio as well. It is worth a re-read and/or a Re-listen, for this topic:

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Written Post On The Matter:
“Pick Your Time-Line Reality” – One Who Knows – 3.27.17

Original Time Line Message From AAM:
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Partial Transcript of Zorra Call:
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What Is Step One To Ascension?

Simple, raising your vibration from 3d related vibrations such as lack, worry, fear, sickness etc. That sounds great and all, but it is not as easy as you might think, and YOU are the proof. If you could sit there living on the street, or having no food to eat, or dying of some disease, or worried about crime, war or sickness, and think very happy thoughts that all is well, and nothing is going wrong, no matter how it looks, you could rise up to 5d frequency. So if it is that easy, why are you NOT there now? IT IS HARD TO DO WITH OUT HELP. When you are hungry or living on the street, it is hard to “Feel” abundance, and not feel lack. If you are dying of some sickness, It is hard to “Feel” safe and worry free. It just is. Sure if you were some monk who does nothing but pray all day, and has a roof over his head, and food on the table, you can get to that higher vibration without money.

Remember The Time Line Split

The time lines are splitting and you are either going to go one way or the other, and time is not on our side on that matter. It is coming like it or not. So, you better get your vibration together and be at the right frequency when they split or you might not be happy where you are going. You say, “That is easy, after the RV I will have everything I ever wanted and I will be happy, fed, have a roof over my head, and feel total abundance…. I’ll be ready.” Good for you. What about the hungry guy who is living under the bridge?

Here Comes Money To The Rescue

Well here is the crux of the matter. You could hire a Life Coach to go and visit this hungry under the bridge guy, every day and teach him the ways of feeling better and blocking those hunger pains and feel abundance instead…. Or You could just buy him a house, feed him and get him a job. The first way may get him to the feeling of abundance and raise him to the 5d frequency in a matter of months? Years? But, the second way, using money, as the tool it is, you could make him feel abundant with food on the table, a roof over his head and a life worth living in days. So, which is better coaching the hungry and homeless man until he feels better? Or getting him a home and feeding him so he feels better? Of course there is no comparison and that is why the Elders are giving us so much money, so we can raise up as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

In A Different World

In a different World, where we were not beaten down by the Cabal, we could meditate, and go UMMMMMMMMMMMM all day, and all that until we raised our vibration high enough to be in the 5d time line. But, that is the reason the Cabal were so ruthless, to bring us so far down, so low that we could not get to a higher vibration of abundance, without money, and they kept us from having the money. They used money to keep us down, so we need to use money to get back up again, and fast!

The Cabal Agenda

Sorry to say, many of those who say that Money is not part of Ascension, are preaching the Cabal agenda. Without money, you will have to talk a Hungry & homeless, person into a better way of thinking, and that is almost impossible. Dare I say that is a ridiculous way of doing it? The Cabal want to keep you from being able to do it. They want to take away your greatest tool, money. Money makes it easy for us to raise the vibration of every single person on this planet from Lack and hunger, to Abundance and happiness so quickly, and when that happens, the Cabal ENERGY will be wiped out so fast it will make their heads spin (Like Linda Blair). The Cabal cannot exist in a High Vibration World. That is why they want to make it hard for you to raise people’s vibrations.

Money Is The Plan For Mass Ascension

Don’t let anyone tell you that money is NOT part of the Ascension plan, as it is the MAIN part. Even Sananda, said that he is for the GCR/RV and is friends with St. Germaine. They have plans to help flood this Earth with so much money that it raises EVERY ONE UP out of lack into FULL ABUNDANCE, LOVE, and JOY. the corner stone’s of 5D. Here is Sananda’s message about the GCR:

***** Begin Message *********

I am Sananda in service to mother/father Creator. I come to you in light and love. I have heard some disinformation upon your placement. This disinformation states that I am not in agreement with the unfolding of the GCR/RV do ye not know, that St. Germain and I are close companions? Do ye ones not know that we come in service to the one source? How then could that great shift from hate and control to love and light take place. If we do not help you in retaining all control. What say you? It is high time you ones learn to follow your heart and not the words mentioned by deceptive agents. Do you not see that all this has only one goal and that is not to get you to believe…and know? All the treasures of the most high are indeed yours. Are you dismayed regarding the roll out? It is rolling out. Just not in your sight but it will be soon. And then you will know like I know all this was non sense. They are liars from the beginning. What makes you ones think they will not lie in the end?

I’m service to Mother/Father Creator, Salu. I Am Sananda.

***** End Message *********

You Are Part Of The Money Flood

You are part of the plan to flood the World with so much money, that not one person shall feel hunger, fear, lack, as all shall have their needs met. You will be the bringer of the Good News, the Messenger of Joy, Love and Abundance. You shall shower abundance down on all you encounter, and you will receive such Joy in return. That, my friends, is your payment, for it is not the money. It is this flood of MONEY that is so important to the Mass Ascension plan. And you are the bringer of the Flood!

What If?

What if you listened to those who preached “use no money for ascension?” What would you do to help the homeless? The hungry? The sick? Words of comfort? As nice as that is, it is no match for a full belly and a roof over their heads. You see, that IS NOT THE PLAN. Those who preach that are trying to hinder your ability to easily raise other’s vibrations up Quickly. They want to take away the most powerful tool you have to fight and relieve lack, hunger, sickness, homelessness, and even pollution. On the matter of Mother Earth and the pollution, what if you had no money, how would you help Mother Earth raise up in frequency by cleaning her streams, air, land and oceans? Even if you cleaned up her surface by hand, how long would that take? Clearly, Money Is The Answer and one of the MOST Important Parts of the Plan.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Ascension is basically going from feeling lack and fear, to feeling Abundance and Love. There is no more powerful tool to make that happen than money, and lots of it. Money wipes out the fear of no money, no job, no food, no home, no transportation, no schooling, and no medical care, just to name just a few. Can a good “talking” to the needy, to do that? No, talking does not replace food, shelter, safety, and health. Clearly money is the Answer for getting Humanity out of Lack and Fear and into Love and Abundance in the quickest and most efficient way. NOTHING else even comes close.

The ones who encourage ascension without money either have no idea what the plan is or how it works, or they have an evil Cabal agenda that would cause people to be left behind with the Cabal in 3d for lack of financial help. Remember, whoever is not up to the 5d frequency of Love and Abundance when the Time-Lines split, they will be stuck in the 3d time line. Well, that is not going to happen. Us Light Workers are going to see to that!

Calling All Light Workers: Make a note of the link to this post, and where ever you see someone saying that Ascension should be done without money, or that Money is somehow not appropriate to ascension, just post this link on their post, or video, or website. If they are of the Light, they will understand right away, if they are not, they will not change their message. But, all those who see their message will also have a chance to see this post as well. We have the power to change this World! Let’s Do It!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows