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The Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness | Sananda via James McConnell, November 2nd, 2023

The Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness | Sananda via James McConnell

by James McConnell

I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, in these very perplexing times that you are in at this point.

How so many of you over the many thousands of years, many thousands of lifetimes you have had, you have succumbed to the programming, just like everyone else has. But deep down within each and every one of you, you have a knowing. You have a spirit that needs to break free. And that is what is happening now: you are breaking free. Your spirit, your soul is breaking free now, breaking free of the ties and the binds that have held you down for so many lifetimes. But no longer. Because the old programming is fading away more and more.

The old memories that hold that programming is fading away more and more, and is releasing you to go about your father’s mission, your Higher Self’s mission, which you came here to do all along. For this is that lynch-pin lifetime that you have been working toward from the time that you first moved into this evolutionary system here on this planet. You have been working toward this moment, this moment when indeed the movie that you have been watching is coming to an end.

You are coming to the great culmination where everything moves to that crescendo. And you will at some point realize that this is that dark night of the soul. Not just as an individual though, but as a collective.

You are moving into that time of the Great Changeover. Would it require the solar flash? That has not yet been determined. Because things are happening so fast now here on this planet. The Light is moving so fast to overcome the shadows that have been here for thousands of years, and the darkness is receding everywhere. But it is still only for those of you that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear that are open to the freedom that each and every one of you is entitled to. Each and every one of you, the entire population of this planet is entitled to that, and entitled to the sovereignty within them. And that is what you are all moving toward now.

Yes, there will be that dark night of the soul. But how dark it will be for each one of you within, and how you will move through that when it does occur, will be up to you. Will you hold on to that programming and those moments and feel the fear that the general populus may indeed feel? Or will you realize that you are free of it all? That you have what closes the programming. That you do not have to have any fear whatsoever. Because you know deep down within you, this is what you came here for. This is that time, that time that you have all long awaited. And what indeed you knew from the time that you volunteered to move into this evolution. You knew at some point you would reach the end and be able to move on to the next part of your journey; and that time approaches.

It only takes a bit more of the darkness to continue to recede, and the Light to continue to shine forth everywhere. And that is what you are seeing as the Light is moving in. The Light is winning. The Light Forces are winning. The Light Forces are in control here on this planet now, as the forces from above, those of the Galactics, the forces from below, those of the Agarthans, are coming down and up. Light is meeting Light and compressing the dark in between. That is the Great Compression, the Great Breakthrough. Compression Breakthrough. That is what is happening now.

And those of the forces of darkness realize that they have reached their end. But they are not going out without kicking and screaming first. But they have been given the opportunity, all have been given the opportunity to turn to the Light. And as you know, if they do not turn to the Light, they shall be consumed by the Light.

So this indeed is and are those end times that I, as Yeshua, spoke of those many thousands of years ago, 2000 years ago. And I said, “Wars, and rumors of wars.” You are seeing most now the rumors or wars, as so much that is happening is not as it appears to be. You must all know that and realize that.

As again, the movie continues to play out in front of you. Simply watch the movie as it plays out. And playing out, indeed, it is doing now.

Trust, trust in yourselves, trust in each other, trust in the collective coming together, and trust in the great universal plan that is in the works.

I am Sananda. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you continue to shine your light forth in every direction that you can, and to everyone that you come in contact with. Be those Way-Showers. Be the John the Baptist paving the way for the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness to come within each and every one of you.