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The State and Function of the Solar System, via Fangxue in China, July 4th, 2018

The state and function of the solar system itself, as the universal energy changes
                  channeled by Fangxue, translated by Xiong
The solar system locates in the borderland of the universe, in the history, the solar system had been working as a kind of cradle model, a incubator. In this way, beings created totally present a model of leveling up step by step. The situation of the whole solar system, on the grounds of universal level reinforcing the reform of the earth and rising up the space of the earth strongly, as the parent galaxy, solar system undertakes the mission that expanding the energy, which is poured into, to the entire space of the universe. The solar system sends out high frequency energy to the entire space of the universe from where it locates, improves itself greatly at the meantime. Therefore, all the planets of the solar system present as the earth’s state, in totality, the solar system also rises up its own energy level to a higher position.
The solar system will play a very important role in this military organization of energy, in a long time, the solar system will transfer more consummate energy to every spaces in the universe, functioning like a strong tie or core of the universe.
This moment, according to the total deploy of the universal level, the solar system will face another rehearse step of energy changing following seasons. Therefore, the interface which the entire space of solar system achieved has deployed energy attributes possessed by itself ahead of time, waits for this time’s enable instruction of the universe, playing its role.
All the planets of the solar system, in this wave of rising up energy level, in the way of the advantage of being in a favored position, the energy level of all of planets have already achieved a more integrated and connected state, the model of the connection and helping with each other between planets plays a important role in this reform. This way will strongly lead itself and the whole solar system leveling up, help with this time’s great change of energy of all spaces in the universe, and make sure the skip-level reform promotion come to a perfect ending.
The positions of every planets in the solar system will change according their roles and energy attributes in this energy change, showing themselves each in a different way. And the update of family members in the solar system will manifest in the sights of human being, this scene will gradually show the true face of the solar system family in front of human being, following the change of the universal energy procedure deploy.
In the present today, the situation of energy level is that the solar system base on the universal formations as the front soldier, yearning for the more bright space. At the energy level, the solar system will continue to play its role, making its function expand to the whole universe.