Love is our new reality

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The Team via Peggy Black, May 21, 2021

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Codes of Light


May 20, 2021, via email

We are here offering our invitation and celebration. It is an invitation for you to remember your magnificence. And the celebration is honoring the awesome event that is taking place within the consciousness of Humanity.

We do not have to remind you of the past events that caused the entire planet to shut down. That shutdown, the ramifications of which are still being felt by you and the collective, offers the greatest gift. The shutdown that was experienced by your entire globe has been the setup for the rebirthing of a new level of consciousness.

When Humanity experienced all their normal activities removed, they were forced to make a shift within their own being. The isolation and the stillness that was provided caused a pause to take place within each individual Human and also with the entire collective of Human experience.

It was not just an experience felt by a few, it was an experience felt by everyone. This shutdown, this still point, was the pause in preparation for the next stage of your own personal evolution as well as the evolution of Humankind.

There are still pockets of resistance; there are still those who insist that their point of view is the only way. There are those who are engaged in actively keeping negative and misqualified energies charged. There are those holding on to the old paradigms and old limited programs. There are those who continue to honor hatred and prejudice. Their actions make up most of your news broadcasts.

However there are other events that are not making the news. These events and energies are truly magnificent and awesome. They are subtle yet extremely powerful. Many individual earthwalkers are feeling these energies; they might not have words to explain what they are feeling, yet they know something is certainly different.

There is a new cycle of existence that is being birthed. Your planet is undergoing a tremendous shift of evolution. There is an awakening taking place in the consciousness of individuals and groups of individuals. This awakening is contagious. These transcendental energies are being felt by everyone.

Ancient wisdom is being revealed; hidden mysteries of nature and the powers latent in humankind are being triggered. Everything in nature is but the materialization of spirit. It is being revealed that there are other levels of consciousness and beingness that are wanting to interact with humanity and your planet. This is a reality that many have believed yet never was there proof of this possibility.

We might say celebrate what is coming, yet perhaps it is best to buckle your seat belt and prepare for takeoff. Your planet and all its inhabitants are in for a wild ride. There are numerous solar flares and cosmic downloads being presented. These waves of cosmic energy are triggering everyone to wake up. These energies are invitations for humanity to rise up beyond form and take its place as co-creator in the creative process.

You are being reminded that you are a divine being who has experienced a multitude of experiences on the timeline in other star systems. You must remember that you carry latent, veiled packets of light that are coded in your very DNA. These packets of light are being activated and awakened. They have perhaps been dormant within you, awaiting just the right moment of powerful cosmic energy to trigger them to come forth.

Many of you have been drawn to visit special ancient sites and countries, never truly realizing that these sites or the energies of these countries were triggering your codes of light. Many of you have read books that came into your life at just the right moment causing you to make a major shift in how your viewed your world or your personal experiences. Consider for a moment that these are not accidental happenings; you have been on the path of your own personal awakening since you took your first breath.

Realize that your divine lineage, your star lineage, has been coded to hold the frequency intended at this particular time. Realize that there are personal codes and gifts. However, we are speaking of codes of light that have a planetary benefit for humanity. This is what is being activated within you. You are a master; you came to this planet to assist in the evolution of consciousness at this time.

This planet is being readied to move to a higher dimension and frequency. This can only happen when humanity as a whole is ready. The fifth dimension energies are pressing upon your very reality. This understanding and awakening is stirring within you. This past shutdown that you experienced allowed you to consider the possibility that negativity and misqualified energies do not serve.

As a divine master you have known far different experiences and have lived in another dimension or star system in which divine grace, love and spiritual light was the true frequency field. This might be one of the reasons that you never felt comfortable here in this dimension on planet earth.

We say to you now, you are here to anchor the truth of divine grace, love and spiritual light. You are here to anchor peace on earth. You are here to heal your wounds. You are here to transform any and all negative and misqualified energies you have experienced.

Be in your joy. Be grateful of being alive. Be grateful for being fully embodied. Ask yourself each day how can I make this day the best I have experienced. Make a point of living from your heart. Make a point of forgiving others and healing all past hurts.

You have the awesome ability to make each day, actually each moment, your very best. Stay conscious, stay present in the moment. Be kind to yourself and to others. Give yourself grace and recognize your blessings. Practice the spiritual and the physical activities that enliven you. Remember to love yourself.

We love you and extend our deep gratitude for your courage to be here at this time of tremendous change and challenges. You are doing great work. Please allow yourself to be acknowledged. We are your friends and are always available to support and assist you. Call upon us and all the other divine beings and masters of light. the ‘team’

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