Love is our new reality

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Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, May 21st, 2021

The Four Phases of Human Life | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – May 2021


On this beautiful day in May of 2021, we are very pleased to connect with you. And so, the days march on, and life on planet earth is becoming better and better for you.

You feel the flow of love energizing you in a whole new way. The love that is the power that informs the world. The love that is the electro magnetic flow that energizes your body, that enlivens your being.

You feel pleasantly lighter, you feel giddy, even dizzy on occasion. You are moving up in frequency to the love vibration. With this love infusing your being, old worries and concerns are leaving.

Regardless of what is going on around you, regardless of what challenges occur, you are remaining peaceful. You are handling situations that would have overwhelmed you in the past, with ease and grace.

And you feel good about yourself. Guilt and shame have at last left you. And the love that makes you feel good about yourself rules your life.

Yes, in the flow of true love from within you, and the flow of approving love from the high frequency fifth dimensional friends with whom you now associate, you feel good about yourself. And that is so important. For you are great and grand holy beings who have come to earth to serve your fellow humans.

You are true empaths. You are compassionate to the core. And your compassion has been, a burden to bear in this earthly realm.

For your brethren saw your kindness, your caring and took advantage of it. Their ego, their need for self aggrandizement was so strong, that they criticized and poked and prodded at your benevolent caring.

They saw your kindness as weakness, they enjoyed seeing your pain as you descended into despair from their cutting words and inconsiderate deeds.

And still, you were kind, even though you lost faith in yourself. Even though you felt, at times, lower than the lowest and lived your life in puzzlement at all the chaos and pain you saw around you, and all the criticisms you received.

For you had the gift of feeling deeply, you had the gift of deep abiding love coursing through your veins. And now, in this May of 2021, you are at last immersed in the flow of that love and you cannot but feel good about yourself and about the world around you.

For you know now you have successfully navigated this human journey and great days are here and greater days of love and light are ahead.

This human journey you have so bravely undertaken, consists of four phases. Firstly, you are born into this world as innocent, laughing, smiling, gurgling babies with few thoughts and ideas of your own.

Your minds were clean slates to be written on. And so you adopted the thoughts and ideas of those around you. Your parents, your teachers, your religious leaders, your medical system, the government, advertising, all those around you, imprinted their agenda, pounded their words and ideas into you.

The corrupt authorities, following the instructions of the controllers, taught you to fear all around you. Taught you that human beings are worthless, and incapable of taking care of themselves. They must, therefore, live obediently under the strict rules and regulations imposed upon them by those who know better what is good for them.

And through monetary, medical and governmental manipulations, by creating fake emergencies and false flag events, they disconcerted you, confused you and led you to a life lived in stress, fear and dark imaginings.

And your parents were not careful of their words and deeds towards you. They behaved as automatons teaching their children what their parents had taught them.

Oh indeed, the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the children, yes until the third and fourth generation.

And so that imprinting period is the first phase of human life. That is the period where the helpless child takes on the thoughts and ideas of those amongst whom he is born.

And then, impressed with the behavior and ethos of each individual culture and religion, the child enters the adult world. And life becomes very complicated. For now life is lived through the filter of adopted dysfunctional understanding and behavior.

We do our best to conform to the rules and regulations we have been taught. But the strictures we live under do not come from love. They have conditioned us, hypnotized us away from the love that is our natural inheritance.

We have been conditioned into negativity and resentment. We have been taught to fear our brethren and to fear the unknown and to fear the worst. The philosophy, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, seemed to rule our world.

And we have learnt to live in guilt and shame, for nothing that we did seemed to be right. We were criticized for almost every word we said and every move we made.

And then, at last, we awakened. For, in our pre life plan, not only did we arrange the major incidents that we would experience, we also coded ourselves to awaken at a certain time.

There are no accidents, for we came to earth to experience negative events that we could not experience in heaven. And, before we came here we put in place the events that our Soul needed for its growth.

For, overcoming the entrainment, the indoctrination of our youth was our major goal. And so now, as an adult, we were in the material realm of separation and duality, navigating life amongst our still sleeping brethren with the dysfunctional psychological tools we had been taught.

And so as human met human, dysfunctionality met dysfunctionality. Ideas and thoughts clashed. We were immersed in disagreement and dissension. There was little love in our life to give and little love to receive.

And we flailed about in our human journey. We tried hard to fit in, but as empaths, as the meek ones, we were treated with disdain as an inferior who could not stand up for himself. And yet, we persevered. Despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, we persevered.

And as we awoke, the revelation of our indoctrination, our hypnotism into the belief system of our culture, dawned upon us. We began to see how sad, how degraded human interaction was.

We began to see how loving words created a loving situation and how harshness and criticism led to separation, hatred and war. In this third phase of our life we went through what has been called the dark night of the soul.

For we had to clean the slate of our teachings. We had to wipe it clean of all we had learnt. It was painful indeed to realize that we had lived life through the filter of false understanding. Through the filter of what others had taught us.

Such fear gripped us as we grappled to find ourselves. We had lived in victimhood. Our human story had become a litany of the wrongs that we perceived had been done to us.

It was a great challenge indeed, to overcome that world view, to give up our victimhood. For what would we be without that story?

Would we still exist if we stopped thinking our victim thoughts. Where would mindlessness, not thinking, where would that take us. We feared a loss of individuality, a loss of our real self.

And yet the self that we had become was not real. It was a composition of the thoughts and ideas of our progenitors, and it was these negative, and false values we needed to release.

We needed to release every resentment, every victim story, for that was not who we were. That was just a story we took on in order to experience the opposite of love.

And, as we awakened and released all that we had been taught we came to see a whole new reality. Phase four of our life became ascendance. Ascendance from the imprint of human, low vibrational entrainment, to the realization of our divinity.

To the understanding that we are divine souls undergoing human entrainment to grow our true selves into greater love. Nothing wrong ever happened. We designed this journey for ourselves.

We volunteered to come to earth at this magnificent time of revelation to experience the great awakening from the human dream of entrainment. Awakening from the nightmare of false ideas and unkind, prodding and poking words through which we had lived our lives.

And we are greater and grander for the experience. Now, from the upper room of understanding, we lightworkers see the sad interaction of humanity around us. We see the disagreements, we see the lack of love.

We see the control that each human wishes to enforce on others. We see how human beings writhe and squirm in their enforced discomfort.

These are great times dear ones, for the revelation of the great human deception perception, earthly experience is at hand for all who choose to rise up from their dream state. For all who are willing and ready to awaken to the truth of the divine reality of their being.

For all who are willing to leave behind their human victim story. Ho’ponopono the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness is the order of the day dear ones.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you,” is applicable for all occasions. Whether we feel we were the perpetrator or the victim, reconciliation is our path back to love.

So dear friends, dear brethren, life is good and getting better. You have lived your human life and awakened to the truth, the wonderful reality of who you truly are. You are an aspect of the divine, your soul is a part of God.

Leave behind your human victim story and merge back into the love vibration that is your divine natural way of being. Relax into the peace, the joy, the bliss, the oneness that is your true nature.

And now, know deeply that the best is yet to come. Yes indeed, the best is yet to come as we explore the true nature of our divine being.

Aita Channeling her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.