Love is our new reality

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The Telosians: Joy of the Heart, December 2, 2023

The Telosians: Joy of the Heart

by Marie-Josée Andichou

Dear children of the Earth, we salute you. As every time we send you our messages of Love, Gentleness, Tenderness, we hope that you receive these Wonderful Energies in your heart.

Currently human hearts are in sadness and, very often, they do not really understand why. There are, yes, all around you, events which sadden the life of earthly humanity but within you, deep within you, in your heart there is a certain sadness.

So what is this sadness that prevents you from being in total JOY? What makes you want to laugh but that laughter is held back? There is simply the CUT. What cut? But quite simply the CUT FROM WHO YOU ARE. You feel this more and more, it is unconscious but nevertheless very real.

This break from the Divine is felt more and more in you. You want to remove it, you want to relive what you came to Earth for, therefore what you were before your incarnation. You increasingly need to rediscover the Light, the Sweetness of the Link with the Divine because you know that this is the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE.

Dear children of the Earth, Total joy will gradually return to you as you feel the CONNECTION with the Divine recreates itself in you. This is essential for you and you know it unconsciously. This is where the commotion that is created within you in your heart comes from. This is why you do not feel in total Joy. But know that everything is falling into place and that Joy will return to your humanity.

Some of you will say, “How? I’m not happy? yet I have fun with my friends, I have activities that delight me!

Yes, you can be joyful physically, in material terms, but you lack and will continue to lack this Bond of Love, Gentleness and Peace which is the most Wonderful JOY OF THE HEART that there is. Yes, you have fun on Earth, yes, you laugh, yes you exchange various jokes with your friends, but all this is so fleeting that an hour later you no longer feel anything. While the Joy of the heart, the Joy that the Link with the Divine provides is a Joy that fills all your cells without exception. This Joy transports you into a world of such Sweetness that you want to pass it on to those around you and that you want to see every human experience it completely.

This is the Joy of the heart. It’s feeling such happiness that your whole being vibrates and radiates all around it. It is important now to understand that the Joy of the heart that we often talk to you about, needs to exist, to live on Earth. Because if you live it in your heart you spread it on the planet which itself rejoices in transmitting it to the galaxy and thus the whole universe and all the universes rejoice.

You know, everything is energy, absolutely everything. The Joy of the heart is an energy, your physical body is a heavy, tangible energy and, wherever you are, you mingle with everything that lives around you to create only one WHOLE, Wonderful ALL of Light and Joy .

So, dear children of the Earth, do not let yourself be influenced by the information from all your media which only seeks, on the orders of your rulers, to make you plunge into sadness.< a I=1> Now, you have within you, as we have often said in our messages, the immeasurable Strength and Power to experience Joy, Love, Peace. Connect yourself to this Force and this Power and you will realize that you will let go of everything around you that is being done to sadden you and to cut you off from your Divine Love .

Be happy children of the Earth. Understand that Joy, Happiness are totally in you and never leave you: It is this Wonderful Divine Spark which is in you, which you are and which wishes to illuminate your world with this Joy of the Divine Heart in you.

We accompany you with Great Love and Great Joy.