Love is our new reality

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The Year of Bliss by Angela Barnett, December 31st

Crystal Magic Orchestra

   We have just completed the most difficult stages of our Evolution and preparation for Ascension. 2014 will be the year that is remembered as the turning point in the Human Angelic Race-line Journey to prepare for the return to the 12 Coded Christic Emerald Covenant of the Perfect Universe.

👉2014 was year one. 2015 was year two. We are now beginning the third year in 2016, which is the year of BLISS. 🌈

We can now FEEL more Light and Less Emotions saturating the Crystalline Grids. We can now feel the Time Capsules that contain our original memory open. We can now FEEL the Emotions QUICKLY vanish in the LIGHT.

It has already begun. I can feel the LIGHT TRANSMUTING THE EMOTIONS RAPIDLY. I am an emotional emotional EMPATH who Feels everything that everyone feels. And what I feel now, is the absence of all of those Emotions that I have drown within all of my life. THEY ARE GONE. That means that there is more Light than Emotions in the Crystalline Grids. The more we plug into the Light and unplug from the Emotions the Less Power all of the seeming Control of Emotion will have in our lives. And that is the most Healing Gift of all. It will result in a release of all control on Earth eventually. It will result in ultimate Peace on Earth.

And the Guardians say that is just the beginning.

2017 will be the year when the race lines who have been our actual ancestors, soul family and friends from around the Universe will join us on Earth. We will first meet the Inner Earth Eieyani and then the Sirius B Majaraji, and then later, the Azurites and Seres. Many of us will remember our lives as the second seeding of the Seres raceline, who were known as the Egyptians, some will begin to remember more and more of the bits and pieces of their past ten million life times as the complete consciousness that was broken in half by the Quarantine Fence weaves back together through the Stellar Wave Infusions and Activations.

In the near future, human beings will be taking classes in orbing, levitating, walking through walls, telecommunication with entities all over the planet, galaxy, universe and solar system. Of course, many of us have already been taking these classes for over a decade.
All of these activities require learning how to turn the body into the light body, which is the essence of what our atomic structure really is. This requires becoming One with the Spiritual Self. This requires absorbing all of the dimensional frequencies of all five harmonic universes in order to leave the time matrix that these harmonic universes are within.
The process of healing and activating DNA requires the understanding of the complete process of how the human angelic race line was originally created from the ULTIMATE DNA ARCHETYPE, which means the original 12 DNA template made in the image and likeness of God.
That template is replicated in every thing in our Omniverse. That template is within each atom of our body, in each molecule of each elemental, in every breath we take. That template is like a tiny microchip of perfect Divine Consciousness containing the Intelligence, Supply, Truth, Substance, Life, Love, Mind and Soul of all of God’s ideas being manifest in every dimensional form.
That perfect template was tampered with by Invader races over and over again during the past 5.5 million years. The original template of the archetypal man had the form of the immortal man removed from it over five million years ago. This amount of time is still no time at all in the True Mind of God. This reality didn’t really ever exist in the Mind of God.
We are now being shown how to regain our Oneness with the Mind of God as it was before our templates were tampered with.
First, we need to know that our archetypal template of our body is the same template of our original Star. Our original Star was created by Sun Alcyone in the Andromeda Galaxy. That Star was blown apart  and scattered outside of our original Galaxy and into the Milky Way Galaxy.
So, you see, that template was within our original Star and then separated into many pieces. Those pieces were within the Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. Each one of those 12 pieces had to be created from a Star System of its own.
So, there were these 12 star systems that needed to be reintegrated into our Archetypal Template. In order to bring that consciousness of the 12 star systems into Earth’s morphogenetic template, the Guardians arrange 12 Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions from each of those Star gates.
It is these 12 Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions that were required to put our original TEMPLATE back together at at the planetary level, solar level, galactic level and universal level. We needed each of these Stellar Wave Activations to Heal and Reinstall each of the 12 strands of DNA subharmonics into each of the 5 or 6DNA within our bodies in order to restore our original template to be the way it would had been 25,500 years ago. We need the complete 12DNA within all 12 Strands to return to the Divine State of the Universal Being that we were 5.5 million years ago.
These Stellar Wave Activations were also required to melt or transmute away the Jehovian Seals that were placed in the vortexes of the Crystal Star Seals of the Earth’s Grid. There were original 12 Crystal Star Seals in the Earth’s Grids. Each of these Star Seals was a Star Gate. The Earth needed each of these Gates to be reopened to the flow of consciousness of each of those 12 Star Gates.
We needed to align our D-3 (Third dimensional Planet) to
D-4 (Fourth Dimensional Sun)
D-5 Pleidadian Alcyone Spiral
D-6 Sirian Spiral
D-7 Arturian Spiral
D-8 Orion Spiral
D-9 Andromeda Spiral
D-10 Lyra-Vega
D-11 Lyra-Aveyon
D-12 Lyra-Aramatena

Between 2000 and 2017 we needed to have Six Activations and Six Infusions of these Dimensional Frequencies.
Take a Stardust Infusion and Massage with the Angel Dust Essence of the Consciousness sent through the Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions of Crystal Stardust from our Solar, Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturian, and Orion Star Gates.
The Frequencies were recorded during the Activation and Infusion of the Starry Consciousness of each of these Universal Primary Life Force Currents.
This is the protocal that must be followed to activate DNA.
Each DNA strand activates as a result of this photonic consciousness dancing across the double helix.
The initiation begins each time there is a new wave of frequencies applied.
The 5DNA must be consummated into its pure, perfect, ultimate, superb archetypal form created from the Divine Blue Print of the Original Kingdom of Heaven before the Initiation of the 12 subharmonics per strand of the 6DNA template can begin.
We must complete our initiation of our 5DNA by 2017 in order to complete Consummation of DNA by 2022. Some will complete Consummation by 2017 and begin initiation of 6DNA and Consummation by 2022 to prepare for their return to Gaia. Many will complete 5DNA Consummation in order to meet Inner Earth Eieyani and the Sirius B Maharaji in 2017. Each has their own path.

Each of these six songs holds the instructions within it for each step in this process :-

1. Frequencies from Six Stellar Wave Activations and Six Stellar Wave Infusions to begin initiation of 12 code activation in each DNA strand.
12 Dancing Waves of Stardust
2. The alignment of these waves into the deep atomic omni particles of the cells, into the seals between the DNA, and into the double helix of each strand, and into the parallel spiritual body in reflection.
Deep Attunement
3. The initiation instructions per each of the 24 strand initiations.
24 DNA strand Initiation
4. Preparation for Consummation of the 5th and 6th Strands.
5. Alignment with Spiritual Parallel Self for complete Bodily Ascension.
 Bodily Ascension
6. Complete Consummation of the pure, perfect, ultimate, superb archetypal form created from the Divine Blue Print
DNA Purification
Contains the preparatory frequencies and codes for continuous Eternal Life
12DNA Consummation
DNA Purification
Universal Life Force Currents
Stellar Wave Infusion
Stellar Wave Activation
12 DNA Initiation subharmonics per double helix
Parallel Spiritual Self 12 DNA Initiation subharmonics per double helix .

Dr. Angela Barnett
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