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“They Don’t See the Cabal” by Victor – 9.11.17

“They Don’t See the Cabal” by Victor – 9.11.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 7:07 AM EDT on September 11, 2017

They don’t see the Cabal. I live in a small town in the South. You are an outsider here if your family has not been here 150 years or more. We have music in the old town square all summer once a week.

This Saturday we had music on the Square. A local band comes in and the old town square is closed off and everyone brings their lawn chairs for two hours of Free music and the hope of winning a new TV at the last raffle of the season, where for a dollar two hundred people each get a chance to go home with ……”A Good Feeling”…….where they have won something or got something for nothing……….”They don’t see The Cabal”.

Right before the band played outdated music from 50 years ago or more, everyone stood up, the old people and the veteran who is proud and the new children too. They all stood up and put their hands on their hearts or saluted as the lead female sang the……”Star spangled banner”……..after the beautifully traditional rendition they all yelled out and clapped with JOY and looked forward to the last band of the Season and the hope of the big TV prize.

They don’t know the word …..”Cabal”…….I can’t tell them of the rabbit hole that will destroy their whole world context that they live in. They don not want to hear it. The young checker at WAllmart asked me, before I went to the music, If I wanted to donate some money to the …….”Red Cross”?…….for hurricane relief. She is instructed to asked everyone at the fast line where I was at. I said …..NO!……not for the Red Cross.I could not explain why to her and she would not be able to understand any who…….

NOT a red cent, for the Cabal run money making operation, that is exploiting “you” and everyone in a Matrix. Where the intent is to feedoff your …..”Soul Energy”….. and to keep you here life time after life time. I could not tell the checker that. I also could not say:…….All the while making you think you are pledging Allegiance to a ….”just cause”…… an honorable America, where grandpa died during the second world war or may be dad wears a peace patch on his leather vest as he drives his Harley and he saluted the Flag during the singing. I could not say a thing to anyone there. I sat apart and just observed.

They don’t see the cabal and I can’t explain to the checker who asked for donations to help the “victims”, that the vaccinations she was given as a child, might give her all sorts of problems or that chem trails are for real and that most wars and “Terrorists”……..are probably a “false flag events”……….that is ALL part of a Matrix of lies that she is living in. …..probably run by alien power from other dimensions who are not so nice. NO……Sir……..”They don’t see the Cabal”…….here. They certainly also don’t see that the 4 hurricanes breathing down on them…… an act of WAR.

They know not of what I am talking about. In fact I don’t talk. I no longer try. The lifting of this veil is so heavy and the good people, they fight to much. They protest too much when anyone takes their……..”earned pride”……..away. They don’t want to hear that grandpa died for nothing and that the new crop of young veterans to be who are now just getting out of High School are volunteering to work for an evil broke corporation, who is spreading war on the planet so as to keep the petro dollar going and the drug business coming in. All to add “abusive profits” to the unseen injury and enslavement of YOUR SOUL……..all the while they pledge allegiance just like their parents did……….”They Don’t See the Cabal”……here.

So it is. The news stations never change the stories on the radio or the TV here. Even if I did say anything…………it is a leap too far. I can’t say to them that there are 50 thousand “Clarion Call” mother Teressa types who are waiting on Trillions to help them ALL……….”Feel better”…….I don’t know if the helped Masses will feel better? When they find out that the Presidents that they are saluting are alien clones and that more than a few of their presidents where trans gender, along with quite a few of their favorite stars on TV and movies.

I can’t also introduce aliens, who are now benevolent …..”walk In’s”……..taking over Obama who is now running the hidden RV that will supply the moneys to help them get more than a new TV once a year, if they are real lucky. NO………they don’t know the Cabal and they don’t do rabbit holes and Aliens here. They certainly don’t do conspiracies and they don’t want to loose the most loved medical industry, that they are hopping will still be there. When they get sick and old or when the vaccines kick in with their evil poisons.

They don’t know the Cabal ………as I say that their religion has been created and controlled by cone head aliens who have bases under the sheets of the Arctic ice or that the world they don’t know, is also hollow. I can’ share that I get up sometimes at 4 AM and read the Dinar Chronicles and some guy named Yosef who makes wild predictions, that never seem to happen. All to help ………”SAVE”……their ignorant lot. I can’t even mention that OWK……..has just vanished !. I can’t say where he went and I can’t share that he was fighting the……..”Cabal” ……and that he saw their work everywhere. He saw what they don’t see and now he is Gone.

They don’t even know of the Cabal and I can’t go into the theories of what is happening or why many people disappear and why children disappear and how cloned presidents and candidates may not be who they appear to be. I can’t say that magic x-ray glasses are coming so that they themselves can see that ……..”They Live” or that their bosses may be reptilians from an episode of the Twilight zone.

I can’t even get them to buy a Zim Zim zerroohh,……since they don’t see a problem but just a long slow human evolution as they have been told at school. I can say that the Zim, will make them rich becaseu it is part of a thousand year old plot to over throw the Cabal!……….which they don’t see. So they have no need to be one of the Sovereign chosen few, who will now become ……”enslaved with Service” ……..

If they believed my story they would become the new benevolent indentured servants until the end of time. I don’t know if I could get one person to sign up for this new promised land story of mine. That is if I could find just one of the lucky who could listen. One who could hear and become one of the chosen “awakened” few, who decide to listen and to act and to change their …….”Whole World”……..and not go completely crazy, as their zim gold backed bond could make them richer than Rockefeller and they would be putting on the Ritz as they dance to a new music on the 4d old town square, since they would be richer than any their old captors now.

They just will not believe me since ………”They don’t see the Cabal”……….

Now…….if one listens for a little bit. What can I tell them? Can I tell them that they are really co-creators of every moment that they experience? Can I say you better work on staying positive in your energy so you can chose to experience any of the Infinite number of time lines possible in an Infinite Universe. In fact you might do better if you did that………VS …..praying to Jesus, which?……..Ahh………WTF do I know?

We will not ever get to the Praying stage of this sophisticated Game “Story” of which they do not want to change. They have chosen through …..”Free Will”…… stay asleep and suffer, so as to get the last of the …….”Lack”……….while the getting is good/bad as the whole world Ascends and the Universe and planet morphs and evolves without …….”Them”……

All of it is a ……”leap too far”………for those that ……”Don’t see the Cabal”……and certainly don’t see the RV. Because if they saw the RV……….that would mean that they had gone down many deep rabbit holes for a long long time, in order to even see the Cabal. Because most of the pledge of allegiance crowd with hands over their hearts. Can only see and hear of ……..”pretty pictures”……….They want e-mails only of postcard liked vacation sights, where they hope to dream to see some day. They only want thumbs up post of kitty pictures of Facebook. That is al they can take.

Such is the reality of the ones who don’t see the Cabal and will really have no way to contextualize the RV. But for those of us who can contextualize the RV……….The RV will be a complete Reality Leap forward for US. When the RV becomes ……”REAL”……for us. The whole world or rumors and rabbit holes will become instantly “real” and possible, where now everything is ……..”True”………except the Cabal. They will no longer be real and according to Yosef……..the sleeping masses may never even hear of them? who knew?

Interesting options in all these time lines. Do you disclose or do you not disclose the ……….”Cabal”…….which “They Don’t See?”

Much Love Victor