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Thirty Veils of Illusion via Suzanne Lie, #4, December 1st

Suzanne Lie: Thirty Veils Of Illusion – The Illusion of Questioning, #4.

30VeilsOfIllusion (2)Where am I? Oh yes, I am here. I see the door behind me and I see Lady Astrea to my right. Perhaps I can ask her now about why I don’t remember my Earth life while I am here. But, before I can formulate the question, I hear her saying,

“Dear, you will know when you remember this experience on Earth when you remember your Earth life while you are here. Be patient with yourself. It is very difficult to live two realities at once, and your Higher Self will determine when you are ready.”

Higher Self? What is she talking about? Does she mean that there is even more of me than my waking and sleeping self? I am even more confused now than I was before I asked the question, but now I must enter the circle. I hope I can remember to ask her about that “Higher Self”.

I am entering the circle and, as I do so, I feel like I am coming Home. The two dear Ladies appear as if from nowhere and lovingly release another veil and I hear the voice of Lady Leto.

It appears that she, too, heard my question as she says, “Last evening the work was very deep and you were unable to carry any of it to your outside mind. Know that seeing the connection between the inside and the outside is sometimes dependent on your fortitude. In this case, it was better not to remember the night’s work so that you could rest.

“This evening the Ladies have lifted the ‘Illusion of Questioning.’ To question is to feel the separation between yourself and the ultimate Source. To question is to put one’s consciousness into human consciousness to ask of a higher or another source.

On this side of the veil, we are living in a constant state of knowing. All divine information is readily within our grasp and we easily attune to whatever is appropriate. Also, on the spirit level, we are not bound to attune to only one thing. I can personally attend to you while I can, just as personally, attend to all others who are also calling me this day.”

As the veil is given to the Brother, Hilarion speaks, “I can see, my One, that you are ‘questioning’ this concept. This, of course, is part of the reason why you were unable to bring forward any of the work of last evening. I will try to explain this to you. To you particularly, questioning has been an important part of your growth.

Questioning is a lot like wanting. Wanting denotes that you do not already have and this wanting pulls one out of the cosmic flow of All in All. Questioning acts in much the same manner. When you question, there is an underlying energy field that denotes that you do not already know. This separates you from the Universal Mind.

“To release the ‘Illusion of Questioning,’ one would instead unify. When you unify with the Universal Mind, no questioning is necessary as your mind is united with the Universal Mind. Then the information desired can be collected just as it is ‘collected’ from your physical brain.

Dear One, try not to question this concept, but rather take a moment to experience the difference. First, ask yourself a question, then unify. As you have seen, to question dissects your consciousness into individual words and concepts. To unify, however, opens you to all answers simultaneously.”

As the other Brothers take the veil, Apollo speaks, “The opposite polarity of questioning is understanding, because you do not have to question if you have grasped what was said. We have unified with your consciousness and, therefore, know exactly what you need us to say to you to further your understanding.

The basis of questioning is insecurity and impatience. Insecurity comes from the illusion of space because one is insecure in one’s supposed separation. Impatience comes from the illusion of time. Therefore, space and time bind questioning. As you transcend both space and time, the illusion of separation and the human quality of impatience are also transcended.”

With mighty Apollo’s final words, I could feel myself being pulled back into space and time. No, no, I don’t wish to re-enter yet. I have more questions…

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Suzanne Lie: Thirty Veils Of Illusion – The Illusion of Questioning, #4.