Love is our new reality

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Time intersection via Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, December 22nd

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ Time intersection


As of we come to  the end of 2015 are paused by an  intersection, a inter-dimensional 4-way stop.  You each stand at the entrance to yourself, holding your breath, waiting for life to show you what to think, how to walk, who to love, what to pray for.

All that you have ever been is shown between the lines of self and soul.  Within the walls of your heart you tread like a caged animal, trying to reroute the roads of the past, amuse and confuse the passage of now, and pay no heed to the future. Within the walls of your heart resides ‘God’s Hope’. Your little ole human heart holds the embryo of universal possibility.

You all stand this intersection  with a cosmic pause, yet still not yielding to anything. You have seen many  horizons and roads of the future. You are asked to surpass all that you have known yourself to be, to land within the field of knowledge that awaits you going beyond your previous abilities to create, to love, to become more.

There are many levels of your light you are about to know, as there are many new levels of your humanness that you have been afraid to embrace.  Announce to yourself the receiving of Love in all its forms. proclaim love to yourself, for the next level of Light can only be accessed through the human heart.

In order for you to rise to this next level of illumination – you must do it through the loves THAT STILL LIVE IN YOUR HEART! It is through this doorway of past loves that you will then walk into the SHINEST of love that you will wear as an outer golden garment.