Transition Update by Per Staffan, August 10th, 2020


Dear Lightworkers,

This is an update on some of the perspectives offered almost three months ago on May 17th, 2020, regarding the transition we are in. The last article regarding the transition was, this one is, and future ones will be archived under the category “Transition Updates by Per Staffan”.

As expected, the so called imminent RV release that was touted back in the spring did not happen. Many of the so called gurus posting on have an agenda of attracting attention by predicting an imminent release of funds. It does not mean that it will not one day happen. However, the constant disappointments of timing of the RV release, now on-going for many years, has probably resulted in more lightworkers abandoning the cause than attracting new lightworkers. It could be argued that such gurus are having a negative impact on the lightworker community and by logic the information they are provided and from dark sources or cabal sources, intended to discourage lightworkers. Of course, those who understand the reality behind RV, GCR and NESARA/GESARA are still with us.

As stated earlier there is chance that RV will happen before US election or reelection of President Trump in November. He is critical to us moving into the Golden Age. He was even quoted as using the term of moving on to the Golden Age quite recently. it could be a reference to a gold backed currency or it could be taken as a reference to the Golden Spiritual Age. My interpretation is that he is well aware of what he is doing leading the world into the Golden Age. As is often the case with Trump what he says has often two or three meanings at different levels.

Trump (Q-plus), Q  and the Galactic Alliance are involved in process of taking down the dark forces in the world. It is paramount that the people can see what the global cabal is attempting to do. You cannot simply go in and arrest people in the cabal. It would result in a civil war. Trump or the Alliance are using the actions of the cabal against them. Here are some examples.

The cabal has organized peaceful protests in a number of democratic run cities and states. During the day these protests are mostly peaceful. During the night Antifa and other such organizations move in and under the cover of the peaceful protests start to commit serious crimes. This is now being exposed and the defund the police movement does not have much support among the public, only support is from politicians and main stream media. This whole development is likely to benefit Trump in the election.

Another example is the whole Corona pandemic. The virus was engineered in the US by cabal run labs, but sent to Wuhan and released there by brethren cabal members in China – CCP.  From there it was spread all over the world. Trump spoke early on about a cure – hydroxychloroquine. A recent video with a group of ten doctors with HCQ giving witness accounts of its effectiveness was seen by millions on social media, before taken down by Twitter and FB and others.

The point here is that Trump knew from the beginning of the effectiveness of HCQ. FDA is conducting on-going trials which will prove Trump right. He is letting the cabal malign HCQ and setting them up in a trap. At the right time, probably before the election, the indisputable truth about HCQ will come out. It will shock the people – why were we lied to and not protected by the experts.

I am sure the cabal will come up with more tricks before the election, which also will backfire at them.

The Allicance is slowing now starting a counter offensive. This involves hearing in congress allowing cabal members to lie under oath. In the meantime John Durham is wrapping up his work before the middle of September, resulting in arrests of some prominent cabal members, not running for election. Some of the same the same cabal members with also be exposed as pedophile and involved with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, with the latter providing witness accounts.

This will be the opening towards many more arrests. Remember we have 170 000 plus sealed indictments. A large number of these sealed indictments will be opened up and pursued in Trump’s second term, with a cleaned out judiciary system. We know that massive arrests are needed before the RV and GCR transitions can take place. For newly arrived to this site I suggest you use the search function and put in these terms and you will find explanations info.

It should be noted the Federal Reserve who print our money is own by private banking families, with the Rothschild family at the helm. By charging interest to the government on fiat money they have printed from thin air they have become enormously wealthy. Trump is now turning their game against them. He has taken control of the FED and incorporated into the Treasury Deparment. He is using their capacity to print money to the full extent, and in particular under the emergency powers he has been given. Trump knows that when the operations of the FED are disclosed it will be dissolved and put into bancrupcy and the Treasury will print the money instead, which will be gold backed at that time. The US debt to the FED will be written off, since it will be shown that they have committed crimes against the American people. With this knowledge Trump can print and spend as much of the Rothschild money that he wants to benefit the people.

A case in point is the elimination of the payroll taxes. Trump knows that the IRS and the FED will be removed around the same time. They were both created by the cabal in 1913 – illegally. He is planning to permanently remove the payroll taxes up to and beyond when the FED and IRS are removed. This will all happend during his second term. In the meantime he is supporting the American people by printing more Rothschild money and not using tax receipts.

Of course the take down of the FED and the introduction of the goldbacked Treasury Dollar/Note will enable the roll-out of first the RV and quickly followed by the GCR (Global Currency Reset), followed by NESARA and GESARA and we are then well on our way into the Golden Age.

During this transition period it is advisable not to spend too much time on political and economic developments. The highest order of priority is our own personal spiritual development and how this assists the collective development. On this webpage we strive to focus on sharing loving and uplifting messages that allows our readers to raise their vibrations and take steps on their ascension journey,

In Light and Love,

Per Staffan