Love is our new reality

Transition Update by Per Staffan, September 9th, 2020

Dear Lightworkers, Light bearers and Lightwarriors,

I hope that those of you in the United States had a good Labor Day.

We are now entering the final stretch up to the all important November 3d presidential election. It is important not only to the United States, but to the world. In many respects it is a question of if the rule of law and the American Constitution will prevail or are we descending into chaos and revolution, which the age-old deep state cabal has organized previously, including both the Russian revolution and the French revolution. What is going on now has many parallels to the French revolution.

At the time of French revolution, which started 1789, Saint Germain was incarnated as Saint Germain and he tried to prevent the revolution, but was unsuccessful. Just a few years earlier Saint Germain had been very busy inspiring the Founding Father’s to writing the American Constitution – call it divine inspiration if you want. As they hesitated to sign the document they had composed he showed up in his customary fashion by walking straight through the wall into their meeting room and gave an inspiring speech that convinced those who hesitated to sign the document, knowing full well that it could put their lives at risk.

The American Constitution is a divinely inspired document. It has been circumvented in many regards since its signing, as the global satanic cabal has imposed its rule in many regards. Other countries are not fortunate enough to have such a splendid document to guide them.

The cabal or deep state wants to do everything in their power to circumvent it further or scrap the Constitution all together, via a revolution in the United States. Of course, President Trump, and parts of the US military are very much aware of this. In fact the latter team – or Alliance – is much more clever then the cabal. The cabal thinks they have set up Trump and his team, while it is the other way around. President Trump is now letting them show to the American people and the world the mayhem and revolution they had in mind. This will lead to big surge for Trump and the Alliance and resounding victory in the election.

A resounding victory is needed in fact in order to prevent charges of voter fraud from the cabal, and using this as a means to foment a revolution after November 3d.

In the Alliance with Trump we have not only the military, but also Q, and the Galactics. They provide Trump with enough intelligence that he is able to always be one step ahead of the cabal. The intention on the part of the Alliance is to fully restore the American Constitution, for instance by taking down US CORPORATION INC, the Federal Reserve and the IRS and much more. This will be done shortly after the Global Currency Reset is done as part of NESARA – National Economic Security and Reformation Act. The GCR will just barely be preceded by the RV. For more details on these acronyms please search on our site.

It is further intended that other countries around world will emulate the fully restored American Constitution. This will be covered under GESARA, which is the intention of the Galactics, the Ascended Masters, The Archangels and Father/Mother God. This will lead us to the Golden Age and allow us to raise our vibrations into the 5th dimension. It will also feature the return of the Ascended Masters (including Jesus – Sananda) who will be appearing in physical form together with our political leaders at the time, plus representatives from Agartha or Inner Earth, and human members of the Galactic Federation of Light.

As is clear the success of President Trump is due to the fact that he is in close contact the Galactic Federation of Light. Saint Germain is the one among the Ascended Masters that have over hundreds of years invested in the American Project, if the expression is allowed – for America to be the beacon of Light to the world, as was intended. Saint Germain has not given up either. In some of his earlier incarnations as Sir Francis Bacon and Christopher Columbus he was likewise focused on America.

Not everything will happen at once, but starting this fall I predict enough will happen to make everybody’s head spin. After many years of internal development and the raising of vibrations since December 21st, 2012, the time has now come for manifesting in the exterior realms – the physical world.

Enough developments will take place before the election to assure that President Trump is reelected, in areas such as:

Obama Gate
The cabal holding back medication against Corona virus
Pedophilia and Jeffrey Epstein
And much more

Larger all encompassing actions will most likely be put off until early in Trump’s second term. This will most likely include

a) Going after the Cabals strong hold in China and Iran, in collaboration with India, Russia, Japan, Taiwan and ASEAN countries

b) Going after the cabals strong hold in terms of printing USD fiat money. Trump will disclose the true ownership of the Federal Reserve by private international banking families and show how they have been involved in illegal activities and consequently dissolve the Federal Reserve. By doing so the money the US government owes to the Federal Reserve will be written off and declared null and void. In other words the money Trump is borrowing now from the Federal Reserve will never be paid back.

c) Arresting criminals and traitors. Some will be charged in military courts as traitors. There are currently of 170 000 sealed indictments, which will be unsealed.

d) Bringing back manufacturing to the US, such as pharmaceuticals and others, leading to a tremendous job growth.

In many regards President Trump’s first term in office has been as a preparation for powerful actions that we will take place in the second term, to secure the future of America and the world.

Lets not forget the spiritual side to what is happening now. What is happening is the dark coming to the surface, being forced out of the shadows and coming and their actions intentions are coming into full view of the world. It will shock the world, but is necessary for healing to take place and for humanity to move forward. We will go through a chaos both on a personal level, for many, and on a societal level.

The ending is all glorious.

Per Staffan