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“Trump Major Win, Now Our Turn” – Veritas Report, November 9th

“Trump Major Win, Now Our Turn” – Veritas Report – 11.9.16

Entry Submitted by Veritas at 4:07 AM EST on November 9, 2016

Donald Trump elected President in a massive popular demand for change here in the United States. What a miracle! What a great blessing. What a tremendous and historical experience to be part of something this significant for the United States.

I can’t help but feel humbled by the knowledge that now everything is perfectly staged for a major focus on NESARA. I believe everything will change dramatically now.

I can only imagine that if they wanted a moment when everyone was exhausted and distracted to release the 800 registration number, now would be it!

The Clinton plane may be fueled and ready to go to Dubai tomorrow, but we are here and ready.

I have been told to expect the 800 registration number now and major funds movement ramping up 11/9 and through the week.

NESARA is a wave of change that is so long overdue. It amazes me to see the full scope of all involved. It will be so refreshing to demonstrate our readiness for a massive and coordinated effort at world repair.

I hope this site will continue to portray our progress over the next year as we begin to implement this week.

Thank you, sweet Father, for this great blessing. We will not let you down.


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