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TZX Intelligence Report – March 16, 2016

TZX Intelligence Report – March 16, 2016

TZX Intelligence Report
Posted on March 16, 2016

The quiet weekend has begun. In our previous TZX Intelligence Report (LINK), intel stated that sources and contacts are going dark. This is still the case at the moment. All personnel are ready and awaiting.

Awaiting what?

The RV cannot be done until the New United States Notes (USN) has been activated. Currently, the USN is already in circulation and in the banks digitally but not activated. The activation of the USN is essential prior to the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar and currency redemption within the US. It is in agreement that the USN will be the first asset-backed currencyin the world thus initiating the Global Currency Reset.

What’s the hold up?

Sources say a window has been opened for the coming week.

In reality, the situation in the country is still unstable. The corporate government known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. is still operating and illegally governing the country. Operations to remove the corporate government are still underway. State by state, the country is being liberated through common law by forces of the Republic movement. The upcoming elections are set to conclude the fate of the country. Rumors state that Paul Ryan will become President and will dump the corporate government. Only time will tell if Paul Ryan will prove to be a true patriot and restore the Republic. If not Paul Ryan, Donald Trump will be the only legitimate candidate remaining and will assume office.

Another scenario is that a Pentagon and US Military resistance movement, also known as the “New Republic” will commence mass arrests nationwide and restore the Republic prior to the elections. Which explains why sources say the USN will be activated during the coming week.

Ultimately, November is the given deadline to conclude the fate of the united States of America and its sovereign people. Time will tell if we shall see change prior to the given deadline. In the mean time. the rest of the world is waiting and watching.

Why is the world waiting on the USN?

It has been agreed upon 200 nations to have the US lead the Global Currency Reset with the USN. Although, China has Plan B on standby which is for the Yuan to become the world’s first asset-backed currency instead of the USN and lead the GCR. Plan B was created if the situation in the US does not conclude.


USN scheduled to activate this coming week. Situation in the US must be concluded prior.

N.E.S.A.R.A. scheduled for implementation.

Currency redemption in the US to begin once USN activated.

Global Currency Reset to initiate after currency redemption.

We are still immanent.

This has been TZX Intelligence, ending report.