Love is our new reality

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A Message from Your Guides via Salena Migeot, March 18, 2016


Dearest Ones, 
It is with great pleasure that we come to you this day to impart to you that you are in the process of some major changes – astrological events, geological disturbances, and all manner of evolutionary shifts taking place on your planet and throughout the human species. None of these changes are good or bad per se. All of them are relative to your interaction with the all. To the extent that humanity makes choices that support love and light, the byproduct of those choices will be greater love and light manifest throughout the Earth realm. 
We hope you will receive this information as it is intended – to help you know how powerful your choices are and how powerfully your choices affect the whole. The whole is shifting and changing rapidly, speeded up by the aforesaid cosmological factors, coupled with the disintegration of time itself. While this may sound far-fetched to you, many of you are very aware that time is a very malleable dimension – so much so that some branches of your sciences do not support referring to time as a measurable dimension at all. We would like to postulate to you that just as you have believed in time in terms of history and scheduling and such, were you to adopt the idea that time is not in fact a ‘true dimension’, would that not enable you to stretch your minds further in regards to what is ‘real’ or ‘true’ and what is not. If, in fact, time truly does not exist, except as you interpret it, would that not also mean that there could be other ‘realities’ that do or do not exist, regardless of what your direct experience of these other realities is. 
So, for example, if you had never seen or heard a ‘ghost’ you might still believe in them because ‘ghostly phenomena’ are part of your cultural experience by way of ghost stories, legends, haunted houses, inns, etc. 
If you take stories of aliens, ETs, UFOs and the like, there is much greater societal aspersion to perpetuating these stories, even though they are at least as prevalent as ghost stories. Your government and media has taken great pains to discredit people who advance stories of anything having to do with the extra-terrestrial realm. Nevertheless, stories abound of craft sightings,  ET sightings, and unexplained lights in the sky as well as many other phenomena such as crop circles. Anything can be explained away or verified depending on who is doing the verifying or debunking. 
We share this, not to convince you of the existence of ghosts or ETs, but to encourage you to stretch your minds more than you are used to as more and more information surfaces that will challenge your beliefs. We can tell you unequivocally that what you have been taught to believe is a mere fraction of what exists and what has been covered up about your history, science, government, religions, DNA, ancient civilizations, and many other subjects is much more than what you believe or perceive is recorded history. We want to be very clear – your history and much of what you believe to be true about your world is a massive cover-up of what actually is. The reason we are telling you at this time is because the revelations are beginning. 
The End Times, Armageddon, and the prophesies in The Book of Revelations are not about the end of the world. They are all about the unveiling of the world that has been hidden from you. As you learn your true history, you will be able to take your place as empowered, informed, enlightened beings who are truly ready to live lives of free will in Co-creation with your Creator and all who have worked for countless eons to safe-guard you from your own destruction. 
The prevalence of the myths you believe are your reality will take some time to topple unless you simply suspend judgment about the new truths and consider if they are at least as plausible as that which you have been told up to the present. When you consider that much of what you believe does not have strong plausibility in comparison with what will be revealed, many of you will realize that there is simply no good reason to stay attached to the old stories. That may make it easier for many of you to at least consider the possibility of truth the new stories hold. Having said that, we do encourage you always to question everything and do your best to feel what is true in your heart. The heart does not lie. The mind often does. Train your mind to think in alignment with the heart and you will be able to discern the truth. 
The truth will be revealed and most of you will think it stranger than fiction until it is corroborated in many ways including carbon dating, verifiable records, and many other ways that would previously have been scorned or quickly debunked. The reason some of the newly revealed data will not be scorned or debunked is because as you go through this process, you will gain many ways of remembering and understanding –  individual past life memories and collective cultural memories will become quite commonplace. Some people will also be adept at remembering their in-between lifetimes – the reasons they came in to certain lives and those with whom they had contracts to complete. All of these ways of remembering will corroborate the ‘new’ stories that will be revealed. As these awarenesses are remembered and honored, more and more puzzle pieces will fit into place. 
It will be as though you have been doing the same old puzzle for your whole life time, only to find that the majority of the pieces have been hidden from you. Once you realize that you have many more pieces, life in general will be much easier as you will have much more accurate information to work with. 
Dearest ones, we look forward to you waking up to the true reality of who you are and what you are capable of. 
And so it is. 
With ever so much love,
The Collective of Guides
Channeled by Salena Migeot