Love is our new reality

Salena Migeot

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, September 23d, 2018

Know we are loving you powerfully. Know the situations that do not please you about your world are going through a great deal of change so that what emerges will be more agreeable to all concerned. That outcome is likely to come to fruition at a time when you all realize that the differences you perceive are just that – perception. When you are more aware that you are all sisters and brothers, rather than different colors, races, nationalities, and all the other differences that you allow to divide you, you will be able to emerge in a way that will reflect that. All of your societal institutions will reflect the diversity of the human family. Believing that one group is superior to another is childish thinking. That is true of all groups. When one group is more skilled, experienced, or better in any way, they have other characteristics that are not as well developed as those that might be considered inferior. That is what diversity provides –   balance. Anyone who is opposed to diversity is opposed to balance.
This becomes apparent when you think of any civilization throughout human history who seemed superior. It does not matter how successful any group is in warfare if they are not able to survive in peace. It does not matter how peaceful a people is when another people declare war on them. It is necessary to have balance. We are not saying in any way that war is necessary or that warfare is a necessary skill. We are saying that if there are warmongering peoples that exist, it is necessary to be able to either defend your land and people, outsmart the warmongers, or be able to negotiate peace, yet be prepared for defense in the event that those negotiations don’t go well. If one people had a good balance of peaceful people, adept negotiators, and skilled warriors , they would have an advantage over those who had only peaceful people, warmongers, or negotiators. The more diversity is reflected in any people, the more skills they have available to them.
Every people has certain skills that are not shared universally. That does not mean that any skills cannot be learned universally. The more the human family appreciates and incorporates diversity, the more successful the human family will be. As the human family works and plays together in more diverse ways, they will communicate more and more. As that communication continues, it will include discussions about the pitfalls one culture might immediately recognize in the way another culture is doing things. As this happens more and more, there will be greater and greater collaboration. That  collaboration will result in a vast reduction in environmental pollution such that those industries that pollute the most will be either vastly reformed or eradicated. There will be a world-wide collective movement to reclaim the sanctity of Earth. The wisdom of respecting the environment will become much more apparent to those who currently do not allow themselves to see the benefit of being responsible stewards of Earth. When Earth is in balance, She will provide in ways that have not been seen or experienced for many many centuries. The more humanity takes it upon themselves to stop polluting and start making positive changes, the more they will be rewarded with more pristine air, soil, water, food, beauty and diversity in nature, and less disease of the mind, body, and spirit.
Beloveds, it is in the highest good that you see this as the inevitable outcome that we see. The more you come into alignment with what we are saying , the more beneficial it will be for each of you individually as well as humanity and the Earth. Diversity. Balance. Beauty. Harmony. Peace.
And so it is.
The Collective of Guides
Channeled by Salena Migeot. For private readings, contact:

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, September 3d, 2018

A Message from Your Guides                 September 3, 2018

Beloved Ones, 

Your lives are changing in many ways and you are learning to flow with change more and more. There have been accelerations of change in recent years such that you are all much more used to and tolerant of change. From our perspective, this is excellent. We will continue to guide you through more and more change until you are able to navigate the changes on your world very easily and effortlessly. Just as you are assimilating change at a much faster rate than you ever have before, that process of acceleration of change and assimilation of change will continue. The more it continues, the more you will experience a deeper connection with all that is and a deeper knowing that we are all one.

 It is as though you are living in your house completely unaware that there are all kinds of insects and other beings that also are at home in your home and slowly and gradually you become aware of more and more species of insects and other beings who share space with you. As long as you do not startle one another, you can live and co-exist very peacefully. It is only when you are completely unaware of something being present and then are startled by it that it upsets you. You will begin to understand more and  more that your environment is shared and that just because you own a home or rent or pay a mortgage, that does not give you exclusive rights to that space such that no other beings are allowed. There are many beings from multiple dimensions that do not comply with your laws of ownership. You already co-exist very peacefully with many beings, largely because you are unaware of their existence. As you become more and more aware of these other beings, there will be more and more information about them that will allow you to coexist peacefully and comfortably with them. 

In order for you to make progress in this area, we would like you to be aware of some awarenesses you will  come to: You will have the sense that you are not alone more and more often. This is a heightening of senses that allows you to feel energies that are not visible. You will feel the energies of departed souls – some who may have been related to you in their immediate past lifetime, some who may have occupied the house or the land where you currently live. You may also experience beings of other dimensions who most of you relegate to fairy tales. Fairies are very real. The fact that the vast majority of you do not perceive them does not make that any less true. More and more of you will begin to perceive the faerie folk who are known to some extent by many names. The plethora of information and art about them is a testament to their existence. They have peacefully co-existed with humanity throughout human history. At certain times, in certain places, they were much more perceived than they currently are. If you did a comprehensive study, you would find that there is information available about the fairy folk and credible people who have seen them. You would find that the depictions of them are consistent. The information shared about them is similar regardless of time and place. The fairly folk are generally playful, protective, and often perceived as mischievous. Their behavior is similar to a playful child who means no harm. That does not mean they are not wise beings. In many ways, they are much wiser than humanity. They have a keen understanding of the inter-relatedness of all life. They understand how you are affected by them even when you are completely unaware of their existence. They are most deeply connected to the plant realm and nurture and protect many plants. If you are not a friend to plants, it is unlikely the fairy folk will befriend you. They are drawn to those who love and nurture plants, those who feel comfortable spending time in nature, and those who are at home in pristine natural settings. They enjoy natural settings that have not been landscaped in ways that alter what grows naturally in any given place. Places that still support native species and do not use any manmade fertilizers or pesticides are sacred to the fairy folk. Because of the prevalence of these manmade products, the fairies work has increased tremendously. They have some compassion for those who know not what they do, but are unlikely to appear to anyone that harms the environment knowingly or unknowingly. 

They have relationships with some people who do their best to minimize man’s impact on wild places. They deeply appreciate these unknown and unsung stewards of the land and sometimes honor these ones by communicating directly with and showing themselves to them. Their understanding of the human realm is limited by what they witness in human relations and humans’  relations with their environment. They consider those that are excellent stewards of the land to be wiser and more advanced than other segments of the human population. Those beings that have respect for all life and the interconnected web of life have great respect for other species that also have great respect for all life. Unfortunately, the human species as a whole is considered a lower life form to many species because of their proclivity to harm others of their own or another species in so many varied ways. 

Beloveds, we beseech you to raise yourselves up from a lower life form to a higher life form through your personal choices each and every day. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides 

Channeled by Salena Migeot, Feel free to share, forward, or repost this message in it’s entirety with proper attribution.

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, August 11th, 2018

Beloved Ones,

We greet you with great joy this day and every day. We request your assistance as you raise yourselves up. We would like you to be aware that all you do is always being broadcast throughout the universe and each thought, word, and deed contributes to your collective reality and experience. As such, we implore you to be ever mindful of your thoughts as your thoughts truly create your reality. As you move through each day, begin to consider what the impact of your thoughts are on the whole of human experience. Are you contributing in a way that uplifts the whole or are you being burdensome to the whole of humanity? Every time you compliment another, offer assistance, lift others up in some way, you are making a positive contribution to the human condition. Joy and laughter are of a very high vibration and are powerful contributions. Having the courage to stand up for another in any way is also a powerful contribution.

When you begin keeping track of your contributions, you will easily ascertain if your overall impact is improving the human condition or not. We recommend that you think of yourselves as the one who can and does maintain a high level of morale, integrity, compassion, heart-full-ness, generosity, kindness, and any other quality you know will contribute in beneficial ways to the whole. What we are suggesting here is that you act in ways that you know are in the highest good. In terms of all the powerful qualities that you have the power to exhibit at any time, we recommend you choose those that are most uplifting to you personally. The reason is that when you are uplifted, it is much more likely that you will continue to make choices in the highest and best good. All of your choices spill over to all beings in your immediate environment and continue to ripple out to others energetically.

Not one of you is insignificant in any way. You might think a grain of sand is insignificant, yet each grain of sand contributes to the whole to form a beach. Those grains of sand that endure immense heat alchemize into glass. The tempered glass is a much different substance than sand. What are you willing to endure to contribute more beauty to the world? Do you understand that each and every way you are tempered creates greater possibility of what you can become? Sometimes glass breaks. That does not mean its usefulness is over. Far from it. Glass can be melted again and again, continually being fashioned into something beautiful. There are infinite possibilities of what you can become if you are willing to withstand some heat. If you continue to allow yourself to be tested, you will be gifted with more ways of knowing what you can withstand. The more you allow yourself to go beyond your previous limits, the more you will understand how truly limitless you are. There are no ends to what you can do, be, or become. 

 Have fun with testing your limits and know that if you desire to achieve something, nothing can hold you back from achieving that unless you allow it to. Imagine what your world would be like if every one of you truly believed you could achieve anything and everything you desire. Imagine how the whole would change for the better. Beloveds, that is the Age of Aquarius – each of you contributing to the whole in your own beautiful and unique ways. This does not mean everything is easy – quite the contrary. When you all begin living more and more in your courage, in your integrity, in your joy, in your compassion for others, in your meaningful intentions to contribute to the world in positive ways, in your willingness to live on the edge of your comfort zone and thereby continually expand your area of comfort, in your joy, in your laughter, in your zest for living more powerfully, more meaningfully, more lovingly, you will be living as you were always meant to live. You were never meant to be small and stay small. Each and every one of you has a role to fulfill. If you are not currently living that role, we invite you to explore your edges and revel in the adventure. 

We are loving you powerfully in every moment with every breath. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot ( Feel free to forward or share this message in its entirety with proper attribution. 

The Collective via Salena Migeot, July 13th, 2018

         A Message from Your Guides      July 13, 2018


We are loving you powerfully. Each and every one of you are sovereign beings. You do not need to kneel down in our presence. You do not need to use flowery speech to speak to us. You do not need to go to a certain building, or even a certain room. It delights us no end when you connect with us out of doors where so much more of creation is accessible to you. When you use the broad palette of nature as the background of your life, you generally experience much more well-being than those who do not enjoy the outdoors.

The sun is not your enemy. It is vitally important that you spend some time in the sun periodically to replenish your vitamin D. Supplements are only marginally beneficial compared to the real thing. Your body responds much better to natural sunlight than manufactured pills. The more you can gradually increase your time in the sun little by little, the less you will turn to unnatural products to ‘protect’ you from the sun. We recommend that if you are not in the habit of spending time out of doors without protection, that you begin doing so in increments of 10 minutes per day.  After a number of days, you can increase it to 20 minutes. After another week, you might increase it to 30 minutes. In this way, you will gently acclimate yourself to the sun and its benefits.

Your beliefs are powerful. We recommend that you think of the sun as healing and that will be your experience. Your experience will be more important than any hearsay or printed information. We are not recommending that you spend hours in the sun if you are not used to it. We are suggesting that you make a habit of spending some time in the sun in small increments until you and your body can appreciate longer exposure. The more you learn experientially, the more you will be able to share accurate information with others. That does not mean they will have the same experience as you. Your experience is yours and someone else may do the same thing that you do and have a very different experience. Therefore, we recommend you proceed more and more through life with a sense of adventure in terms of creating your own reality through your own desired and lived experiences. We do not recommend not trying things because other people have tried something and have not had a pleasurable result.

There are many reasons why people have unwanted experiences. In many cases, unwanted experiences are the result of stress, fear, worry, attachment to outcome, or trying to control a situation or other people. For many people, none of these apply. Those for whom these factors do not apply are the ones who live life in the flow. Those who live in the flow tend to experience much greater ease in life. Beloveds, we highly encourage you to attach to all that is in your highest good and detach from all that does not serve you. We are oversimplifying this message because your life can be that simple if you allow it to be. We recommend that you simplify your lives as much as possible. The more you let go of, the more you will enjoy life. By this we mean, let go of those relationships that do not serve you. Let go of all the material goods in your basement, your attic, your garage. Let go of unwanted responsibilities – of ownership, of obligations that you have no vested interest in, of positions that do not reflect your values. Be willing to trade that which does not serve you for that which brings you great joy. Be the change you wish to see in the world and begin with your own life.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, March 8th, 2018


 A Message from Your Guides       March 8, 2018



We greet you with great joy in our hearts and the divine knowing that each and every one of you is exactly where you are meant to be in this moment. You are all unfolding very much according to a divine plan that you agreed to before you incarnated into your current physical life. Most of you reading this are not yet doing what you are here to do. You will receive instructions when you have completed the preparations necessary for you to move into your contracted role. You will be made aware of this in one way or another when the time is right. For those of you who doubt this because you know time does not exist in our realm, that does not mean we are not capable of perceiving your growth and development through your perception of time. We understand the importance you place on time and therefore we would like to clarify how we bridge this dimension called time to more adequately assist you.

Time is, from our perspective, a linear construct that does not serve the expansion you are all moving into because that expansion is not measurable in any time frame. Whenever channels, including this one, refer to time in a channeled message, that is based on our projection of a specific timeline. Beloveds, there are, at any given moment, multiple timelines. The one the channel picks up on is not necessarily the one that will play out. Therefore, more often than not, we will give a fluid time frame i.e 3 to 6 months, 1 to 2 years, 5 to 10 years, etc. Having said this, none of those timelines may come to fruition if there is a dynamic that accelerates or decelerates a timeline or if an expansion in human thought occurs that makes that timeline obsolete. Your current acceleration in consciousness is consistently jumping timelines such that it is the equivalent of skipping grades in school. Despite what is playing out in some places and the media’s near constant coverage of those things that are reflective of lower consciousness, the vast majority of you are being impacted in subtle and not so subtle ways by a more powerful and even more constant barrage of coronal emissions, angelic influence, and interstellar communications. These are all in support of your unfoldment into more cosmically awake and aware individuals. The more you tune into that which is higher vibrational and supportive of higher consciousness, the less you are affected by that which carries a lower vibration.

We counsel you to eschew news coverage that has a vibration lowering effect on you. That is not because we do not want you to be informed or aware of what is going on in your world. It is because the vast majority of you do not currently hold the vibration necessary to maintain your energetic equilibrium when confronted with mass murders, drug epidemics, sexual harassment, coercion, and abuse, or anything that repetitively devalues life on the human scale. There is so much mass destruction of so many other life forms which is just as tragic but does not even register as newsworthy in most cases. Beloveds, we are with you through this journey you call life in so many ways to support your awakening into your divine selves. When you are living in such a way that you can hold the atrocities in your heart for healing into wholeness, without getting upset, blaming, or feeling powerless, you are capable of watching the news without it depleting you energetically or lowering your vibration. When that is the case, we do ask you to watch and witness and notice times when the barometric pressure of violence, corruption, scandals, and unnecessary deaths seems to drop, and when it seems to rise. This is happening all the time yet, instead of reporting reductions in crime, most news outlets continue to cover old, lower vibrational news rather than report on something uplifting. This is changing and those who pioneer higher vibrational news on a major network, will profit greatly. The reason this will become a reality despite many pitches for more uplifting programming in the past, is because, in your society, women will be seen as lower risk of sexual scandal and will therefor be deemed a more stable investment for any given network. When women are in greater positions of power in the networks, the programming will change to reflect more wholesomeness, more local coverage, more emphasis on community building, more family oriented news, and more targeted programming that reflects the diversity of the demographic that particular network affiliate serves.

You can facilitate this reality coming to fruition more quickly in a number of ways. The single most effective way is to boycott the news. Beloveds, in your society it is nearly impossible for you to be in the dark about what is happening in your world because of the constant onslaught through all of your media outlets and devices. What we are suggesting is that you simply turn off your televisions or do not tune them to any news channels for a number of days or a week. You will still be informed in other ways because it is nearly impossible, unless you make a very concerted effort, to avoid the news. We recommend you assess your level of stress and your overall well-being on the last day you watch the news. Fast from the news and then do another assessment and we believe you will feel considerably less stressed and a greater sense of well-being. The only people who this would not apply to are those whose livelihoods depend on them paying attention to breaking news. Another way you can facilitate the changes we are talking about is by limiting your news watching to perhaps, one hour per day. An exceptional way to approach the invitation we are offering you is to utilize the time you normally use watching the news in a more constructive way i.e. taking a class, spending quality time engaging with loved ones, moving your body, sitting or walking in nature, taking a nap, engaging in a creative pursuit, and so many other activities that are more life supporting than exposing your mind, body, and spirit to the level of energy depletion that typically occurs when you watch the news.

As we move forward together on our shared journey, you will become more aware of our presence and assistance to you, provided you clear the cloud we informed you of in the February 12, 2018 Message. We are reiterating the importance of maintaining clean energy hygiene – particularly via fasting from or boycotting the news for very specific reasons. We are wanting you to recognize the importance of maintaining a higher vibration because this will help you immensely through the changes that are coming. We do not want you to sleep through the changes, being sheep to whatever rhetoric those in power want you to adhere to. We encourage you to develop your own level of discernment about what is happening by tuning into your energy body and allowing that to inform you so that you are not so easily influenced by the fear propaganda being churned out. Beloveds, we are loving you powerfully in this and every moment and will continue to do so always. You are never alone. We highly encourage you to sit quietly and ask us to share our messages with you. We are always available to those who choose to connect with us. It may take a few sittings for you to attune to or receive our messages. Know you are worthy of our attention and communication. The more you practice, the stronger the connection and communication grows. Be still. Sit in silence. Reap the rewards.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides


This message is channeled by Salena Migeot. For a private or group reading, e-mail Feel free to forward, repost, or share this message in its entirety with proper attribution.

A Message from Your Guides via Salena Migeot, February 28th, 2018



A Message from Your Guides

February 28, 2108


Beloved Ones,

It is with great love that we greet you on this and every day. We are as one with you and we endeavor to assist you with the uplift of your hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. We are referring to a confluence of cosmic energies that you are moving into. These energies are the result of much cosmic activity which will manifest as a perfect storm of sorts which will catapult you into a new awareness and experience of your current existence. That which has been difficult for you will ease. That which has come easily for you will seem so much more basic than you previously perceived it to be. Most of you will have the experience of feeling that you have graduated in some way. Just as when you complete a course of study and receive a diploma and the title of ‘graduate’, you do not feel much different but your perspective has shifted. You feel more confident in yourself, more accomplished, and you appreciate the growth you experienced throughout your time of study. That does not mean you are supremely confident with every step going forward, or that you will not feel some uncertainty or anxiety about stepping into the unknown or next step of your life. It simply means that you have completed an initiation of sorts and that has been excellent preparation for you to walk into the next phase. In this sense, you have all completed a time of preparation and initiation in recent years with varying degrees of ease or challenges, and you have all succeeded. Some of you experienced the equivalent of many pop quizzes along the way where you learned to think more quickly, be prepared at any time, and assimilate change much more easily than had been your experience previously. Others of you have plodded along doing what you believed was expected of you to succeed only to find that in some ways, meeting the expectations of others was not the best preparation for the next steps. Therefore, some of you are re-evaluating your education, your values, and how well you navigate as your own authority versus living by the standards, expectations, or values of others.

Beloveds, this time is quite pivotal for you in a number of ways. We invite you to consider what you previously conceived of as ‘normal’  within your society and what is accepted as normal now. We invite you to consider this in terms of national, racial, ethnic, professional, or gender barriers. If you take all of these aspects of society into consideration, having the most rudimentary level of awareness, we think you will agree that many barriers have either completely fallen away or become much more obscured than they were prior to the year 2000. With the exception of a few small minorities, most people are accepting of these changes. This is evolution, Beloveds. It is progress. Yes, there are those with the desire to turn back the clock and perpetuate their misconception that not all of the human family are born equal. They are very much a part of the beauty and diversity of the human family. Just as many of you feel that you have reached a level of understanding and proficiency with newer technologies, there are also many of you who have reached a level of understanding and proficiency with spiritual ideas, practices, and understandings. Without that level of spiritual growth, you would not enjoy the level of acceptance of those who you perceive as different that you currently do. Without that spiritual progress, there would still be many laws restricting individual rights of expression regarding gender, sexuality, multi-racially integrated schools, and interracial marriages. More and more laws will be enacted worldwide that recognize the sovereignty of each individual. Your society will continue to flow in a way that is more inclusive.

We would like you to think of your societal changes as concurrent with the technological advances you have enjoyed in the same time frame. Now, think of continuous advances in technology and similar and simultaneous ‘advances’ in society until you realize that some of the ills that are currently plaguing your society will become a thing of the past relatively quickly. We ask you not to concern yourselves with the possibility of more conscious, egalitarian, humanistic laws being overturned or, outdated, obsolete, and seemingly unconscious laws remaining. Your evolution will not support that. You are all part of the whole and the vast majority of you support the collective growth you are experiencing, whether consciously or unconsciously. Maintaining a level of consciousness that supports the rights and equality of all is all that is needed to ensure that. The vast majority is in favor of this and so that is what will be. Beloveds, we do support you being vocal and mobilizing around what you want. We do not support you being vocal and mobilizing around that which you do not want. It is as simple as that, Dear Ones. Focus on that which you desire, not on that which disturbs you.

Know we are loving you powerfully in every moment with every breath.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides



This message was channeled by Salena Migeot. Feel free to forward, share, or re-post this message in its entirety with proper attribution. For inquiries about private readings or group channeling events, e-mail

A Message from Your Guides via Salena Migeot, February 12, 2018


A Message from Your Guides          February 12, 2018


Beloved Ones,

We greet you with the warmest rays of love and light and we ask your assistance in helping us help you. We have the power to assist you greatly except when you make mindless choices that obstruct our assistance. When you are mired in mindless activities, unconscious eating, watching, reading, or listening to things that do not uplift you in any way, you essentially block your own access to the love and light that is all around you wanting and waiting to envelope you and buoy you through your days and nights with ease, flow, and abundance. Those of you who are unaware of how ‘staying informed’ can and does limit our ability to access you because your attention is not open to receive us, we ask you at this time to consider what the consequences would be of going on a news fast. If you refrained from watching, reading, or listening to the news for one day, we believe you would feel very liberated and have a sense of freedom from the lower energies that plague you when you are attached to watching political machinations, crime, abuse, scandals, and violence play out in countless ways in front of your eyes and ears. You are subjecting yourselves daily, some of you nearly constantly, to barrages of these very low vibrational dramas that keep you much less energetically uplifted, and keep your mind focused on shifting through the motivations of all the characters involved and judging them through your own biases. Beloveds, that is not something we think you would readily admit to or continue to do so constantly if you were aware of how much it maintains a cloud around you that we find very difficult to penetrate to uplift and assist you.

As we move forward in these very pivotal times of your existence, we want to make you very aware that the more you can clear the cloud around you of any unconscious behaviors and choices, the easier it will be for you to navigate through the ongoing changes without suffering. The more you choose to stay clouded in your unconscious addictions – what some euphemistically call ‘guilty pleasures’ and others that are so widely accepted and commonplace as to seem perfectly normal, the more you will stay mired in the energies you are choosing to expose yourself to. We are very deliberately emphasizing that you make these choices countless times every day and you put little or no consciousness into that choice. You do it out of habit, or because that’s what the person or persons you live with do or because you do not think creatively and constructively enough to make better choices for yourselves. Dearest ones, you are not children and yet you are allowing yourselves to be treated as such by those who very intentionally orchestrate things so that you do not utilize your considerable power for your own good or the greatest good of all. For those of you who are in service to others to uplift, awaken, and enlighten, we ask you: how much more effective could you be in that role if you allowed yourself to completely eradicate the cloud that surrounds you and thereby gave us 24/7 access to you? By access we mean the ability to serve you in ways that can only enhance your service to others.

Some of you have all kinds of beautiful intentions to serve others and yet, you do not allow us to assist you  because of these clouds of mindless habits and choices that surround you. For some of you, the clouds are so thick that you feel very much alone. Those of you that are more ‘connected’ to what you perceive as Higher Spiritual Beings or any other of the myriad terms you use to name and describe that which you do not understand, could be that much more connected if you eliminated the static around you that we have called clouds. Think about any communication transmission. When static is present, it is much more difficult to receive the message clearly and so most of you simply change the channel to one of less static. That is why your cable and telecommunications companies are thriving. They know you will pay well for these distractions and they are all too eager to capitalize on your eagerness to receive communication clearly. What we are saying is: the more you can eliminate the distractions that create the clouds that we are referring to – that we experience as static, the easier it will be for us to replace that cloud with one of love, light, well-being, clarity, certainty, and all those qualities and attributes that will assist you with making the highest and best choices for yourself and your loved ones, those you are in service to, and all you wish to serve. It is with unbridled enthusiasm that we impart this message to you in the great hope that you will level the playing field for us so that we do not have to compete for your attention with those who profit from your being inattentive to us.

It is imperative for you to understand that what you watch on a daily basis has a profound impact on your overall well-being or lack thereof. We ask you to be very mindful of how you feel watching certain events versus what we will call the daily drivel that passes for ‘news’. We would like to suggest that a great deal of your ‘news’ is not very newsworthy. We would like to suggest that you choose to watch that which informs – not in the way of ‘he said, she said’ or this one did that and informs you why that is not okay, or informs you that they are great for doing that when whatever they did is not so great, but news that is really fresh and new. Yes, it is a responsibility of the news industry to inform you of tragic events and no, it is not their responsibility to continue to keep you informed 24/7 about that particular tragedy. We suggest that the choices made around which news or tragedies are covered very minimally or not at all and which are covered seemingly non-stop are made by those who are not only in positions to sway public opinion, but who back certain political parties, lobbies, or candidates with billions of dollars.

You think in the United States of America you have freedom, but Dearest Ones, in many ways, you surrender your freedom and enslave yourselves to the media, to digital screens, to disconnection. And most of you reading this make these choices every day while the ones you love sit in another room or even across the room or the table and engage in social media, news, or games rather than engaging with the person you are physically present with. When you do this, you are making a choice to stay disconnected from yourself, from your loved ones, and from we who are loving you so powerfully and patiently standing by to assist you to make more conscious choices and regain the power that is yours when you refrain from giving it away in mindless ways. Beloved Ones, we who are with you always, in every moment with every breath, completely understand what you are up against. We have the utmost compassion for you and we only want what is in your highest good. We do not deliver this message with any judgment whatsoever, only the pure intention to enlighten you toward that which you do not see clearly. We welcome you out of the clouds and into our loving arms – whenever you are ready Beloveds.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

A Message from Your Guides via Salena Migeot, January 18, 2018

 A Message from Your Guides     January 18, 2018


Beloved Ones,

It is with great joy that we greet you this day. You are on the cusp of momentous changes. If you consider many of the changes that have come to pass in recent months and the past few years, you will likely come to the realization that although many unsavory things are being exposed, those very things are collectively a great catalyst for your collective transformation. There will be no stopping the revelations until there are no more secrets. There will be more and more cause for celebration as those who are accountable will begin to understand that their best course is to allow themselves to be held accountable for all of their choices and actions that have caused suffering and pain to others. This mass disclosure will usher in a new era – new ways of doing business, a new paradigm of professional and political accountability where you will gain more and more trust in your elected officials as they become more transparent and more willing to disclose anything that is requested – not because they are not their own authority, but because they have nothing to hide. While they will still be strong advocates for the public good and individual privacy, they will be perfectly willing to disclose whatever is asked of them because they have great understanding of the importance of transparency and accountability to the public as public servants or representatives of companies and products that the public put their trust in.

These changes will not only affect business and politics but science, medicine, education, agriculture, and so much more. As such, you can look forward to conducting your daily lives, transactions, business, and all modes of commerce with more confidence of products and services than you have ever experienced before. There will be no need to second guess anyone or read the fine print as there will be no fine print. Any risks associated with any purchase will be fully disclosed before you sign or make any payment. We know many of you are very skeptical of what we are saying here and that does not surprise us. What does surprise us is that you have not demanded this much sooner. In truth, you are so much more powerful than you think you are. When you join forces with others, you can increase your power exponentially. There are many examples of this throughout history, yet most of you feel that you are not as powerful as those who made history. Wether it is refusing to go to the back of the bus like Rosa Parks, refusing to let corporate interests continue to disregard the health and well-being of their customers like Erin Brokovich, refusing to sit out a political race because of sexual identity like Harvey Milk, or thousands of other stories that illustrate the power of an individual to create change, each and every one of you can and will be the change you wish to see in the world if you so choose. If you are waiting for someone else to make those choices, you may be waiting a very long time for the level of transparency and full disclosure we have shared with you. The more of you that are willing to hold corporate and political entities accountable, the more quickly you will get to the state of full disclosure we have described.

Holding others accountable does not take a great deal of resources and it does not have to take a great deal of time. The only things required to make these kinds of changes is a strong desire to make the change, the conviction to follow through until the change has occurred, and the ability to rally others to the same cause. You are not the only one who desires greater transparency or accountability. That is a nearly universal desire, save for those who are so apathetic that they feel they can do nothing to alter the lack of accountability and transparency. Each of you is as powerful as you  believe you are so we ask you to consider: what do you lack that Rosa Parks, Erin Brockovich, and Harvey Milk did not lack? We would say, in most cases, nothing.

Many of you have much more resources and wherewithal than many very successful change agents. Are you happy sitting on the sidelines and letting others dictate public and corporate policies that do not serve you or your fellow brothers and sisters? If not, and we would question the validity of any claims that you are happy in that respect, what can you do to champion or support a cause to create positive change? Beloveds, if you feel challenged by our words in a way that stimulates you toward action, wonderful! If you feel challenged in a way that is not comfortable, we simply ask you to consider our words and consider what cause(s) you would feel moved to support if a dear friend or relative was championing that cause. What would you be willing to do to support them? What would you be willing to do if you could do it anonymously? What would you want to do if you could or would get most or all of the credit?

Each of you is unique and your drives, motivations, desires, and tolerance for injustice varies. That is why we are presenting in this way. You are beloved to us and we know you are more powerful than you know you are. We are in service to you and part of that service is to help you realize not only your dreams, but your potential. The more of you that work together in any way that uplifts all, the more others will be inspired to work in similar ways to accomplish much that needs to come to fruition for all of you to stand in your power and usher in the changes that are imminent. Would you rather see these changes in your lifetime or are you willing to let your grandchildren be the first generation to enjoy what we have described? It is all up to you, Dearest Ones.

Know we are always with you in every moment with every breath. We are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, December 16th, 2017

A Message from Your Guides    December 16, 2017



It is with great love that we greet you this day. We have much to prepare you for as your ascension codes are in the process of being activated. What we mean by this is: you will become more aware of All That Is. You will have greater discernment about what your reality is, what you can do to enhance your experience of your reality, and what you can do to alter or eliminate those aspects of your reality that you do not care for. This will be a process that some of you will master quicky and easily and others will go on struggling because they lack the belief in their own power and the possibility that they can change their circumstances for the better through their thoughts, beliefs, and choices. You have all heard this concept or some variation of it for a very long time, yet few of you truly believe in its power. That is changing rapidly as you receive divine assistance for your biological vessels to be upgraded at this time as well as your psychological constructs. There are many other aspects to the upgrades that are flooding your world energetically at this time.

You often claim you do not have the energy to do something, when, in actuality, you can psychologically call forth the energy, your biological vessel will receive that energy, and you are able to carry on with whatever you invoked the energy for. We will elaborate as some of you completely understand and practice this often and others use a lack of energy as an excuse to avoid those things to which they are resistant. It is one thing if you know in your heart, mind, and body that you do not want to do something. That is quite clear to you and there is no reason that you cannot speak your truth about not wanting to do it. When you speak your truth, it increases your power, your authenticity, and your agency in the world. If you avoid truth, make excuses, or do things you would prefer not to to please others frequently, you are thereby diminishing your own power, authenticity, and agency in the world. If however, you truly do not want to do something, there is no reason you need to explain to anyone else your reasons for not wanting to do it.

This is, perhaps, the most important part of this message: You are sovereign. No other individual or group has any power over you unless you allow them to. We do mean this quite literally. No organization or system has any power over you unless you allow them to. You are not subject to any creed, code, laws, or rules unless you choose to be. When you allow yourself to be part of something larger, you often subjugate yourself to any laws, rules, regulations, or expectations of what that larger body expects of you. That is your choice and most of you do not think about any consequences of subjugating yourself to the larger group wether that is your family, your social or professional group, your spiritual community, your political party, your artistic, athletic, or avocational groups. Dear Ones, as more and more of you become aware of what you are capable of, these groups will begin to feel constrictive for you. You will begin to bristle at expectations that you were perfectly willing to comply with in the past. As you reach a greater and greater level of sovereignty, you will avoid groups and organizations that limit your sovereignty in any way. Many groups and organizations will evolve to accommodate those who are unwilling to comply to the previously standard rules, regulations, and expectations of membership by offering partial memberships where the obligations are more flexible. This will be necessary for many of these organizations to continue.

Another way you will see people coming into their sovereignty more and more is in the area of education. Many more people will eschew the organizations called colleges and universities. Many of these institutions limit the ability and capacity for learning by essentially controlling what is offered in terms of curriculums and courses. Those that will continue to thrive will be the ones that offer more self-directed curriculums, more multi-faceted degrees, and allow students to design their own degrees based on their interests and abilities, without limiting where they can do their research or even the kinds of research they do. You will hear more and more about students who conduct research experientially, rather than relying on someone else’s completed and therefore often outdated or obsolete research. This is already happening at some institutions, which we deem in the highest good of all. Learning in general will become much more experiential and less constricted to books. What is experienced is exponentially more valuable in terms of learning than what is read or heard. The more freedom students have to experiment and explore, the greater prestige they will bring to these institutions. Those institutions that continue to control curriculums and the process of acquiring information will become less dynamic and eventually lose their edge in terms of attracting and maintaining a viable student body. As such, we can say unequivocally that this trend will continue until students realize that they do not need such organizations and institutions to succeed.

Much higher education will become more didactic, or self-taught. The standards of higher education will shift dramatically as a result and businesses and other organized systems will require less formal education and will look more for innovation in terms of how new recruits facilitate their own learning process. It will be quite clear that those that are motivated to excel on their own terms according to their own interests, will enhance any organization they choose to be a part of, rather than conforming to what has been expected in the past. Just as entrepreneurship has skyrocketed in the past decade, those who do desire to work within existing organizations will create a type of organizational entrepreneurship for those organizations resulting in a win/win situation for the organization itself, the individuals who choose to enhance the organizations by lending their skills to them, and for all those the organization serves. In this way, the old, outdated company expectations and conformities will become a thing of the past and the power and success of these companies will rely more and more on human ideas and output rather than numbers and profit margins.

As more and more people are able to explore their potential under the flagship of a company, organization, or institution that allows them to chart uncharted territory, your perceived limitations will become a thing of the past. So, on an individual and collective level, you will be letting go of limitations. More and more people and organizations will see and understand that progress is continually achievable in a way that was previously perceived as happenstance or luck as opposed to measured input equals output. As a result, more and more will be achieved. Human potential will be studied and experimented with much more as more and more people break through boundaries, perceived limitations, and false beliefs to achieve ever more increasing abilities, thereby expanding possibilities for all.

Beloveds, for those of you who perceive that others have all the power, you could not be more mistaken. Every one of you is exceptionally powerful. How or if you choose to use your power is your choice. We highly recommend that you contemplate your power in a number of ways. How can you use your social, financial, intellectual, physical, or spiritual power in ways that contribute to the greater good of all? Know that each choice does affect the ALL through the ripples it creates. We ask you to be very mindful of this – how you empower or disempower what you desire through your thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions. Each thought, word, and action is a choice indicating  what you focus on. Focus clearly and consistently on that which you want and that is what you will achieve, provided you are not sabotaging your desires through false beliefs or perceived limitations. It does not matter that what you focus on is perceived as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Most things can and will be perceived as ‘good’ by some and ‘bad’ by others. We ask you not to judge your own ideas or desires, simply fuel what you are passionate about through your thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions, and it is so much more likely to come to fruition. For those of you who lack passion for any idea or cause, we would like you to consider what it is you would be willing to devote your life to if you could not fail. If all of your needs were abundantly taken care of simply by focusing your attention on what you want, what would you create in your life or for the world at large?

Dearest Ones, we strongly encourage you to contemplate the possibilities we are presenting through this transmission as more and more, you will experience your thoughts and words becoming your reality. This is merely the Law of Attraction at work. Your experience of this Spiritual Law will increase markedly as you assimilate the Ascension Codes and attract that which you focus on. Again, Beloveds, be very mindful what you focus your thoughts, attention, and energy on.

We are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides


This Message was channeled by Salena Migeot ( Feel free to share, forward, or repost this message in it’s entirety with proper attribution.

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, November 18th, 2017

               A Message from Your Guides     November 18, 2017

Beloved Ones, 

We greet you with great love and  profound exuberation for all the revelations that are coming to light. This is the time – the month and the year that will prove to be pivotal in the shift in consciousness that is upon you. You are being lifted up in ways that will allow you to withstand many more revelations with the understanding that it is truly in the highest good for all to be exposed. Instead of you despairing at all the depravity, back room deals, payoffs, and corruption that is being exposed, we ask you to rejoice in the exposure – it is a grand indication that things that no longer serve the greater good are being exposed in order to make way for a new, more egalitarian, more efficient, more transparent, and more values based system. This will evolve over the coming year and beyond, but will be markedly different from the ‘business as usual’ that has become the norm. The public will have no tolerance for their public servants being anything but ethical representatives of the public they serve. People will realize more and more that tolerating that which is unacceptable has made them complicit and thereby somewhat accountable for whom they elect. Even for those who did not vote for, patronize, or support the unethical newsmaker of the day, the tolerance or acceptance of their actions through looking the other way in similar situations, regardless of how seemingly distant, has made most of you complicit in the system that has supported these ones. Even for those of you who have been silenced by those more powerful than you and in a position to keep you down despite your considerable talents and abilities, to some extent you unknowingly have perpetuated the system that allows them to stay in power, regardless of their disregard for others. 

We are not blaming the victims here in any way. We are saying: You are a collective of individuals that make up a much greater whole. To a large extent, what you believe in is what you support. If you believe the system is corrupt, you support that system’s status quo. So, even if you do not want to support corruption, your belief that it is so, that you are powerless to change/fix/improve it in any way, allows the system to continue unchecked. At this time, it is more important than ever that those of you who are staying silent and seemingly staying safe as a result of your silence, be willing to at least consider speaking out. That consideration, regardless of you acting on it, fuels the momentum of exposure that is currently happening. If you act on it and actually speak out, it is a much more powerful fuel. We ask that those of you who have experienced, witnessed, or in some small or large way been complicit in that which is much more recognizable now as abuse, corruption, or a misuse of power, be willing to consider speaking out to at least a close friend or confidante, but preferably to a much larger and wider audience. When you do you will energetically help others in similar situations. You will also be a powerful catalyst for the cleansing that is already happening with or without your participation. Just like a rambunctious child in a bathtub that is not aware of how little or much control and input they have in that situation depending on their choices, the cleansing can be quick and complete or very long, slow, drawn out, and perhaps accompanied by outbursts, tantrums, screams, and splashes. Each of you can be more mindful of how your choices affect the whole and accelerate the process via your intentions and input or allow it to be a long, drawn out process through your continued silence. 

We are always supporting you and we can only assist to the extent that you allow us. Therefore, we ask that you enlist our help and assistance by asking us to give you the courage you need to do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do. We ask you to be specific where appropriate – meaning: if you know that a certain piece of evidence exists that would expose something that, to serve the greater good, should be exposed, we lovingly suggest you ask our assistance in creating the circumstances that would expose it. You do not have to elaborate or be specific. We will not, except in extreme circumstances, assist in exposing any victims without their consent. If those victims wish they had the courage to come forward, we can and will either assist them in speaking out or, we will co-create the circumstances that will make it easier for them to speak out i.e. assisting other victims of the same perpetrator(s) in speaking out so that the one who does not have the courage will find the courage through their fellow victims stories. 

Beloveds, the current exposures are merely the tip of the iceberg. There is much, much more to be revealed. We encourage you to see it all as a very necessary cleansing process – one that will be difficult, perhaps somewhat traumatic for many to watch, listen to, or hear about, but please, please, please know and own that, again, it is necessary. Once the cleansing process is complete, you will all feel, be, and move forward feeling much better and having the clear knowing that the dirt is a thing of the past and that your new reality will be one in which cleanliness matters to all in a way that will not aid, abet, or support abuse, corruption, sexual force or coercion, or the misuse of power in any way. In all areas of life, wether it be the local recreational center or the highest offices in the land, exposures will be happening. The majority of you will be sick and tired of hearing the stories. And they will continue to come out. And on and on. Beloveds, please hold purity and innocence in your hearts and do not allow the exposures to erase those concepts from you. Think of newborn babies and their innocence and purity. Think of pristine areas in nature, or better yet visit pristine environments as a cleansing balm for your soul. Visit forests, woods, bodies of water, or even local parks as a reminder that beauty is everywhere as long as you take the time to appreciate it. There is much beauty on the other side of this process and we encourage you to look forward to that and create your desired reality through your thoughts, affirmations, and visualizations. 

We are loving you powerfully, Dear Ones, in every moment with every breath. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, February 1st, 2017

A Message from Your Guides  February 1, 2017


Beloved Ones,

There is great joy on this side for all that is transpiring in your world. Events are taking place that are quickening your expansion into your higher selves. The Women’s March that was so well-represented in so many countries is very clear evidence for you that women are taking back their power and are ushering in a new world. Women and men will work together harmoniously and victoriously for the highest good of all. This will be exhibited in a greater awareness of what works for all, rather than a few.

The old paradigms that exist in many governments will become less of a pyramid and more of a balanced representation of all people. Instead of voting blocs that you currently call senates or house of representatives, house of lords, or house of parliament, there will be councils that work together to adopt whatever policies, practices, or laws that benefit the vast majority of people. This will supersede the current win/lose scenarios that often do not take the well-being of constituents into consideration. Oftentimes, under many current systems, those in positions of responsibility lose sight of that responsibility in order to advance an agenda that may not serve anyone save a few vested interests. The result of this type of process results in lose/lose scenarios as the opposing party loses, the people represented on both sides lose, and even those who believe they benefit from these types of arrangements end up losing in other ways. There is always karmic balance. The universe has a way of leveling the playing field. It may take a long time, yet you will see in the coming months, years, and decades, a long overdue redistribution of power, wealth, resources, and information.

Many technologies that have been suppressed will be revealed and will eventually become mainstream. Instead of the old paradigm of things being covered up and only shared on a need to know basis because things are fine as they are and there is no need to change things, the era you are emerging into will be one of greater transparency and autonomy. People will be given more information, and will make the choice about what they do or don’t want to change as a collective.

Your access to information is still very limited in some ways despite the advancements of the internet. The coming years will give you greater ability to access that which has been obscured or barred from public access. Along with that, a great deal of current content on the internet will be exposed as erroneous information. There will be quite efficient and reliable software programs that will eliminate much of the misinformation that is being spewed out on the internet. We do not only mean misinformation from media outlets. We are referring to any information that is not verifiable in some way unless that information is not expressed as fact i.e. fiction. There will be categories of information that are more numerous than the current classifications. For example, there will be factual information based on events that have transpired, factual information based on records that have been verified via a very stringent system that may include but is not limited to: historical records, carbon dating, DNA and other biologic signatures, time stamps, as well as personal journals or media clips that have been verified as credible. This is just a minuscule example of the complexity of the verification process and the accuracy that will allow. Therefore, you can look forward to complete transparency in your political process as well as every sector of society and industry. Along with outright lying,  misrepresentation, sarcasm, hyperbole, and other mechanisms that cloud or obscure reality in lower vibrational ways, often in the guise of humor, will become less and less prevalent. This will not be as Orwellian as it may sound.

There will still be room for fiction, fantasy, humor, and all genres that exist as well as more that will emerge through these changes. Know that your ability to represent life through your stories, illustrations, music, and all forms of art and creativity will become more expansive rather than less. As you become more heart-centered, and as lying becomes first less prevalent and ultimately nearly obsolete, you will draw on more creative ways to tell fanciful stories. The ability to assess the authenticity of another’s story will rest less on what is verifiable, than on what is energetically felt in the exchange.

We want to make that very clear so that you are not concerned with life becoming more sterile and absent of feeling and emotion. Quite the opposite will happen as you let go of lower emotions that do not serve you, you will have room for higher emotions and a more expanded ability to access your creative genius. More accurately, you will recognize as you let go of lower emotions, that you are much more conscious of your thoughts and emotions and you will very consciously choose to access and retain higher emotional states. This will usher in a new Renaissance of thought, art, and creativity in many realms, including technology, and ways to catalogue what is scientifically knowable in ways that you currently do not think of as scientific. There will be ways to authenticate personal experiences of what you call psychic, supernatural, paranormal, or metaphysical experiences. As such, these realms will be given much more credit and respect than they currently are. Practitioners of these arts will no longer be seen as lacking credibility or authenticity or as ‘quacks’ by the mainstream. Rather, they will be seen for the pioneers that they are in heralding a new age of understanding for humanity to access more abilities.

Dearest ones, we are painting a picture of some aspects of your most likely future that is only a small glimpse of what the reality will be. For us to truly represent all the wonder-filled things that are in store for you would be exhaustive for you to read at this time. We invite you to become very attached to whatever aspects of this message appeal to you most and envision it becoming reality. As you do this, you accelerate the process and make it more likely to occur more quickly. We have said this over and over that you create your reality through your thoughts, visions, and emotions. Envision what you want to create and know that we are able to assist you much more powerfully when you make it clear what you are wanting through your thoughts, visions, and emotions. Anything is possible. The more you ‘invest’ in the reality you want to co-create, the greater your return on your investment will be.

Of course, you can leave the co-creating and investing to others and it will still be better than you currently experience but you will not feel the ownership in it that those who truly invest will. There may be some, perhaps many of your personal preferences left out. If you do not weigh in on decorating preferences and leave it to others, you have to live with the colors and patterns and styles of furniture they choose. If you do not weigh in on what flowers or vegetables you want planted in the garden, you have to live with what others choose. If you do not make your preferences known at your local community center when they are allocating funds for the playground, sporting equipment, recreational facilities, landscaping, etc. you have to live with what others choose. If you do not state your preferences when your loved ones are going to the grocery store, it is unlikely you will get what would have been your first choice.

Dearest ones, we are belaboring this point so that you understand how crucial it will be to you going forward that you state your choices and understand that your choices matter. And your choices will not matter if they are not heard – until it is too late. When it comes to all of these less consequential things as well as human rights, technology, rights to information, transparency, accountability, and so many other things, we want you to know that all of this is a process to allow you to open up to greater possibilities. That is why we are so proud of the many who joined together in the Women’s March to

let the powers that be know that WE ARE ONE. Wether you were there or not, wether you understood what that was about or not, wether you agreed with it or not, we want you to know that the more you come together and stand for what you believe in, the more you will get what you want. It is not only through voting that you get what you want.  It is through action, and coming together and making your voices and your choices heard. That is powerful, Dearest Ones. Know we are loving you powerfully in every moment with every breath.

And so it is.


The Collective of Guides


Channeled by Salena Migeot Feel free to copy, share, forward, or re-post this message in its entirety with proper attribution.


The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, January 1st, 2017

A Message from Your Guides    January 1, 2017

Beloved Ones, 

We greet you with good tidings of great joy on this auspicious day. Know that you are expanding in every moment with every breath. This will be a momentous year for you. You are expanding into a new level of consciousness that will have some of you feeling quite inflated in all good ways. Some of you however will feel the ‘puffing up’ and judge it as uncomfortable. Others will not even notice any discomfort as you focus on the wonder of it all. It can be a very magical and seamless process for those of you who choose to stay optimistic about all the changes that are occurring. We have said many times in these transmissions that the changes are ultimately for the highest good of all no matter what the packaging looks like, feels like, or what media spin is put upon it. 

Rest assured, no matter what misinformation you are receiving, there will not be a third world war. That is not congruent with the most dominant timelines you are moving into. Timelines are energetic frequencies of possibility that gain momentum through collective thought and attention. If you do not want war do not focus on it in any way. aWe cannot stress enough the importance of taking your focus and energy away from this misinformation that is designed to keep you in fear and keep a possibility of war (or any other agenda) prominent on the prospective timelines. For those of you who feel more powerful being informed than uninformed, we ask how powerful is it to be misinformed? Wouldn’t it be more empowering to tap into your own inner knowing, your connection with source through meditation, and visualization?  Isn’t it more empowering to turn off the news and the social media and focus on personal development, spend quality time with loved ones, be in nature, move your body to stretch your muscles and bones and feel your body stretching? Isn’t it wonderful to count your blessings and appreciate all that you have instead of becoming aware of what you do not have (and in most cases don’t need) via commercial advertisements?

Beloved ones, of all we guide you to do, refraining from television in general and ‘the news’ in particular is in the top 3 recommendations over being mindful of your thoughts and practicing the attitude of gratitude. If you did nothing else, putting these three guidelines into practice would increase your vibrational frequency a great deal. Keep in mind that when you maintain one of these guidelines, the other two are much easier to maintain. 

If you want to feel better, be healthier, be more motivated, have more energy, get more done every day, feel more connected to Spirit, to loved ones, to All That Is, unplug in all ways possible and get to know your self first and foremost. Then make a point of spending quality time with loved ones. The more you put into any given relationship, the more you get out of it through the Law of Giving and Receiving. This is true of anything you give – your time, your know-how, your experience, your love, your companionship, your craftsmanship, your charity, your willingness, your compassionyour support, your compliments, your appreciation of another or of any of these things they give to you. When you are spending more of your time and your resources giving to others in these ways, your life becomes fuller, more fulfilling and more well-rounded. It is an on-going process. Volunteering somewhere will not solve all your problems. It will help you to re-prioritize your problems into blessings. I.e. you become aware that there is a need in your community and you happen to have the time slot available, the know how or resources they need, and a friend encourages you to help out or you see an ad asking for help and it tugs at you in a way that just feels right for you to respond. You show up, you give your service, and feel blessed and fulfilled to be a part of this event or organization. While there,  you meet someone that can and will freely fix the thing at home that you’ve been stressing about calling a repair person for because it is not in your budget this month. That is how universal flow works. If you resist the ‘tug’ that told you to go, you miss out on a wonderful experience of giving and on the rewards that are furnished through you saying “Yes” to the call. The rewards, beyond a sense of fulfillment in the activity itself,  may not show up immediately but in some way they will. It may be that you run into the one person you really connected with at that event months later and they introduce you to someone who you end up marrying. It may take years for the ‘reward’ to reach you but the more you embrace opportunities to give of your authentic self, the more rewards will come your way. 

If you feel that you don’t have anything to offer, you are not aware of how gifted God made you. If you are not aware of your gifts, you are not living in alignment with your true purpose. We are sharing this with you today so that you set the intention to begin this new year of 2017 with a greater awareness of your gifts and a stronger intention to bring your gifts out into the world. If you are not yet clear about your gifts, be clear that you do have them and it is your job to discover them. You were not created to live your life in unawareness of your gifts. You were not meant to live your life on someone else’s terms, to support another’s dreams and not have that reciprocated, to stay in a job that you abhor, to stay married to someone with whom you do not flourish. You are meant to live in joy, in oneness, in peace, in loving mutual respect with whomever you live with and as many more people as possible. You are meant to experience ease and joy and flow and abundance and be prosperous in all ways – relationships, food, clothing, shelter, toys, adventures, lessons, experiences, whatever you want to experience. There are no desires that cannot be fulfilled or at least come closer to fulfillment. The attainment of something  is not always as satisfying as the striving for it, the getting closer to it, the growth involved in that process. It is a gift to have a real and true desire and to be actively pursuing that. 

And so, Dearest Ones, for 2017, we wish you a great and singular desire that you visit every day – not in an energy of lack, but in an energy of excited expectancy – and thereby bring it to you through the Law of Attraction. We wish you the best possible world you can conceive for yourselves and all the power to manifest whatever you choose through your thought forms, your time, and your focus. May you desire powerfully and manifest those desires in a way that makes our current jobs obsolete and thereby raises us up to the next level of service. Dear ones, know that that is exactly where we want to be. We can only assist you if you allow us. Please, allow us to help in any and all of the considerable ways we can. We are all around you always – literally in arms reach. Ask. You as free will beings must ask for assistance for us to furnish it beyond some very basic needs. Know we are loving you powerfully in every moment with every breath. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot Feel free to share or repost this message in its entirety with proper attribution. 

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, November 26th, 2016

A Message from Your Guides          

November 26, 2016


Beloved Ones,

It is our great pleasure to see so many of you rising to the need of the times to stand for your beliefs and thereby live your truth. We would say this to any one of you even as one’s ideas oppose another. We do not recommend that you act on ideas that are counter to your intrinsic values. By this we mean, if you are encouraged to show up to support something that you do not believe in, your showing up is actually detrimental to you and to the cause if you do not fully believe in the cause. It is detrimental to you because it takes you further away from your authenticity and it is detrimental to the cause because you are diluting the power of those who are passionate believers in the cause. If you support the cause whole-heartedly, yet it does not feel right for you to show up for the cause, know that this is for a reason and it may simply be that you are meant to show up in a different way or that your support or service might be to inform others who otherwise might not be exposed to or aware of the cause. It may be that you will feel powerfully called to show up when you are able to do the most good for the cause. It may be that you are unable to show up in the physical but a monetary donation and/or powerfully envisioning and/or prayerfully intending the highest outcome for all concerned can have great impact. 

It is recommended that for those things that you feel passionately about, you contribute in any way that you feel is effective for you. If you feel powerfully called to be in service in some way that you are not sure is needed, we would suggest you consider three things: what can my offering do for the cause? Does my offering help or hinder the cause? and, Do I have any attachment to, ulterior motive for, or desired outcome for my offering? Once you can honestly answer these questions, we invite you to ask a few more: Can my offering benefit a few, many, or the entire cause? Do I want recognition, acknowledgement, or reward for my offering? Am I perfectly fine with showing up in service even if my service is not utilized? Am I willing to put forth whatever effort, cost, energy, supplies, etc. without attachment to outcome on any level? Can I walk away in neutrality if I go through whatever time and expense is involved only to find that my offering is not acknowledged by anyone? Can I offer it up to Spirit trusting that I received exactly what is in my highest good even if that is a lesson in humility or being presented with an opposing viewpoint that now seems more logical than what I believe(d) in?  Would I be equally comfortable offering my gift, time, service, energy, know-how if no other person knew about it or if everyone I know knew about it? Honestly answering these questions helps you to clarify your motives and to assess if you are truly making your offering in a selfless way or if you have some attachment that may not be apparent. 

We are pointing this out at this time because of all the protests that are happening now. Protests are an excellent assessment of values. What do you really believe in? Are you willing to invest in this belief in some way? Are you willing to walk your talk? Are you allowing others to protest without judgement or criticism if their values are not aligned with your own? Protests will continue for the foreseeable future until your world achieves a greater balance of resources and information. As resources are shared more and information is more freely shared, the playing field will be leveled for what is commonly referred to as the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. For those of you who think that information is freely available and freely shared, it is not. For all that is available, there is so much more that is currently unavailable. For those of you who feel as though you are on information overload, know that that will not dissipate – quite the contrary. There are a few things that will change in regards to how you receive, disseminate, and process information. You will have access to great libraries of information that make the greatest of your current libraries look like magazine stands. The disinformation that has become so rampant in your ‘news’ media and social media sites will peter out as people become more savvy in discerning truth from lies. The corporate interests that censor what information you receive will be dissuaded from censoring when it is no longer profitable for them to spread misinformation. And the sponsors of the corporate media will be exposed and ethics committees implemented to monitor all media outlets to curtail conflicts of interest, sensationalism, cronyism, and cover-ups. This will be a gradual process and despite that, you can look forward to receiving more and more information within a few short months that will expose much that has been hidden. As your world adjusts to this new information that has been hidden from you, it will be necessary more and more to go within to balance all that you are being exposed to outwardly. Dearest ones, know that any way you choose to go within is better than no way. If you sit or lie alone for any amount of time in peace and quiet without any sources of information turned on/in range, that is excellent. If you choose to add conscious directed thought or visualization, that is excellent. If you choose to meditate in any way – focus on the breath, on a mantra, on a picture, on any one thing to the exclusion of everything else, that is excellent. If you allow yourself to daydream and think of it as a ‘creativity break’ that is excellent. Those of you who practice this are well aware of how beneficial it is – how relaxing, restorative, grounding, and clarifying it is. It decreases your stress and increases your creativity, clarity, and sense of well-being. It also de-ages you. Think of it as an age eraser. Think of anyone you know who has a daily practice of relaxation or meditation and how they are younger than their peers in some way – it may be a more youthful attitude, a greater sense of humor, smoother skin, a sense of ease and grace, or something less tangible that speaks of wellness. We would suggest that if you find it difficult to devote a short amount of time to developing this type of practice, you very likely have an unhealthy attachment to information/technology/social media. As such, we highly recommend that each and every one of you begin to set aside all that in favor of peace and well-being for as much or as little time as you can allocate to that. A series of short sessions throughout the day is as or more effective than one longer session. There is no reason why every single person reading this cannot implement this very simple daily practice into their lives. Unplug and unwind for greater wellness. 

This and all other good habits we recommend – spending time in nature, moving your body, spending quality time with loved ones, creating beauty/art, stretching your mental or physical muscles, connecting with whatever you consider God/Source will all become more and more important to keep you centered, in a heart-accesible place, and give you a sense of wellness as your society navigates through the shift that is currently underway. It is and will continue to be extremely important to keep your immunity up as the changes become more pronounced and small changes lead to larger changes until your world will seem as though it is turning upside down and inside out. Please stay in the knowing that this is all in the highest good. You need to eliminate the old to make room for the new. The old is now obsolete. The new is still being challenged but will prove much more effective, efficient, and balanced than the old. Dearest Ones, do remain in trust and gratitude knowing that all is happening for the highest good and that will be your experience. The more you resist what no longer serves you, the more challenging the inevitable changes will be for you. The changes are imminent. They are happening. Be one. Be well. Know you are loved. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot ( Feel free to share or repost this message in its entirety with proper attribution. 

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, November 9th, 2016

A Message from Your Guides        November 9, 2016


Beloved Ones,

Know we are loving you powerfully. The changes we have been preparing you for are well under way. The way through these changes is to continue to trust that everything is happening for the highest good. Know that for all you see, there is so much that is unseen transpiring on many levels that will come to light to show you that the illusion you have been living under has been just that. A large house of cards has fallen. Many more houses large and small will fall before you reach the promised land. Know that nothing is set in stone until it happens and the changes that are happening will continue and accelerate until the houses are rebuilt as though with tempered glass – completely transparent and completely functional in every way. In the meantime, there will be many phases of reconstruction, deconstruction, and re-alignment until the new houses are all in cosmic alignment with what is truly in the highest good of Mother Earth and all her beings.

Those of you who read the stars are aware of the enormity of changes that the astrological charts foretell. They foretell sweeping changes that maySGNL keep you in a state of stress, confusion, doubt, and uncertainty unless you take good care of yourselves and continue to trust that everything is happening for the highest good. We recommend doing all you can to stay grounded and centered and in alignment with Source. Remember that the thoughts you attach to create your reality so do your best to stay in the knowing that you are in a period of ascension and the ease or difficulty of this transition depends largely on your ability to monitor your thoughts and stay aligned as much as possible with all that represents health, goodness, love, peace, ease, flow, abundance, joy, and connectedness.

Know that the changes that are upon you will continue to accelerate so that what appears today may quite literally disappear tomorrow. Nothing is permanent – with the changes that are occurring, not even death and taxes are as imminent as you currently believe them to be. Your view of both death and taxes, as well as many other topics, will be expanded and contracted and revisited from a higher perspective. You are all spiraling upward and onward and no force in the universe can now stop that. Know that as you continue to spiral, the momentum you build will cause all that does not serve your highest good to be spun off in all directions eventually leaving you with more clarity than you have ever experienced. There is no going back to what was. There is only moving on intrepidly with whatever unfolds, embracing it or rejecting it. These are different sides of the same coin as what you embrace may be spun off and what you reject may revisit you until you embrace it. We do not mean to speak in riddles. This is just another way of saying that you are moving into a reality that will only support that which is in the highest good of all.

Dearest ones, know that we are loving you powerfully and we will continue with these messages to support your growth and expansion. We are divine witnesses to all that is happening and we urge you to visualize exactly what you want. The more you communicate what you want through your thoughts, visualizations, imaginings, and daydreams, the more we can assist you in manifesting that. Know that what will manifest will be what you collectively deem to be most desired or most important as expressed through all the ways you know how to express. So, if you are not one who finds it easy to visualize, we suggest you express your personal and universal desires in whatever way comes naturally and easily for you – drawing, painting, sketching, writing, journaling, making music, gathering groups in councils, talking circles, sewing and quilting circles, meditation, game nights, pot luck dinners, and expressing and discussing what you want to see in the world. What do you want to feed through your thoughts, words, and actions? What do you not want to feed? For those things you do not want to feed, support, or see grow in any way, withdraw your awareness from them so they are non-issues for you and concern yourself only with that which you support. For those of you who believe that this is impossible, it is. For those who believe it is possible, it is. You have control of what you allow yourself to receive, what you allow to ‘land’ within your field of awareness.

We highly recommend you become more adept at being an excellent gatekeeper as to what you allow in. It will serve you very well through the changes as you will continue to live in times that are extraordinary in many ways. We do not mean keep your head in the sand through all the chaotic energy that the changes are producing. We do mean – stay in alignment with your sources of love, with nature, with Source, become very attached to good habits that will keep you grounded, centered, and in a place of personal wellness. Know that just as the universe is collaborating to only support that which is in the highest good, the same is true for what is in your personal highest good. Now is an excellent time to develop excellent habits of moving your body, training your thoughts, staying connected to loved ones, breathing deeply, learning an instrument, a language, a skill, or anything else. If it is truly in your highest good, it will be easier than it has ever been for you to learn it now. If it is not in your highest good, let it go and attach to something else.

Beloveds, be well, be in alignment, be of good cheer as you chart the course of how you want to navigate the next phase of life into your own personal highest good. And know that that will have a ripple effect to the collective of humanity.

And so it is.


The Collective of Guides

The Collective of Guides from Salena Migeot, October 10th, 2016

A Message from Your Guides   October 10, 2016

Beloved Ones, 

Know we are with you always, in every moment with every breath. We are here in service to help and guide you, to assist you in your unfoldment into your greatest potential. Every time we address you, we are assisting you in raising your thoughts and vibrations. For those of you who find it challenging to remain positive, to keep your thoughts uplifted, and to stay out of so many things that seem to pull you energetically into lower vibrations, we will share once again the most effective ways to raise your vibration. The most important and effective way is to spend time in nature. Walking outdoors will benefit you by reconnecting you to your Earth Mother. She is and always will be the most important being in your life, regardless of your awareness of that. Just as babies fail to thrive when they are disconnected from their mothers or deprived of any love and affection, you fail to thrive when you are disconnected from your Earth Mother. Your Earth Mother is the only one who can completely and totally heal you from whatever ails you. She provides your breath, your food, your medicine, your shelter, your clothing, and there is a powerful energetic relationship between you that helps maintain your vibrancy and ability to thrive. She is your health and your sustenance. When you take her for granted, neglect your relationship with her, and fail to spend time with her, you greatly deplete and deprive yourself. The single best thing you can do, on any given day, to restore a sense of wellness to mind, body, and spirit is to sit or walk on the Earth. 

Another powerful tool you have to excite your mind, body, and spirit is the breath. If you simply breathe deeply in and out for a few minutes, you will feel better than you did previously. Everyone can benefit from a few minutes per day of deep breathing. The more you practice deep breathing, the more energized you will feel, the more your cells will sing and work beautifully in concert to heal whatever ails you, the more clarity you will have, and you will be uplifted. Deep breathing for sustained periods of time can catalyze profound change that you may or may not be ready for. As such, we invite you to educate yourself on the transformative power of breath exploration.

Another wonderful thing you can do is laugh. The more joyful and exuberant your laughter, the better for your well-being. So bring more humor into your life in any way you can and enjoy all the health benefits of that. You can also uplift yourselves through loving attention and affection with another being. You experience this more commonly with another human or a pet but know this can be experienced with any sentient being and this includes, plants, animals, rocks, and celestial bodies, as well as bodies of water. What we mean by attention and affection is to see this being in all its beauty and glory and focus on all of its attributes that are unique, and that can take you to a different level of knowing simply by focusing your attention on it. This is a part of your education that has been omitted to your own detriment. You can learn volumes through focused attention. You do not need books or teachers to teach you about things you can access yourself.

Another uplifting practice is movement. Moving your body in whatever way feels good to you is powerfully healing and uplifting. It does not matter if you walk, dance, run, jog, do yoga, qi gong, tai chi, twirl, skip, jump, swim, or anything else. If you move your body in some way for a sustained period of time, you will feel benefits. Especially if you do it every day. The more you can do this the better. In many ways, moving your body for 5 minutes multiple times per day is more beneficial than exercising consistently for extended periods of time. We do not want to discourage any disciplined exercisers among our readers. We do want to encourage those who do not exercise regularly to begin where they are with 5 minutes per day or 5 minutes multiple times per day and increase it gradually as you feel motivated or inspired to do. 

Another recommendation we have is that you express gratitude on a daily basis by focusing on whatever you are grateful for in your life. There is no limit to what you can be grateful for if you choose to. Anything you appreciate in your life and want to maintain the presence of in your life is worthy of your gratitude. 

These are the primary examples of things every one of you can do no matter what your station in life, degree of health, or perceived time limits are. We remind you of all this because you will all need to get better at taking care of yourselves to withstand the level of change that is upon you. Taking care of yourself first is primary to your overall well-being and your ability to help others. Incorporate the restorative practices we have reiterated here and you will be poised to withstand whatever comes your way.

You are experiencing an unprecedented level of drama in the current U.S. presidential election cycle. There will be a shake-up that will alter all that is seemingly in place. This is something we want you to be prepared for. We ask you all to visualize exactly what you believe to be the highest and best outcome for all. We ask you to do this without imagining a certain candidate winning, but to imagine that all the issues you care about are being addressed and solutions are being found to every problem. Without thinking about the politics of how solutions will be addressed, where the money will come from to implement these solutions, or even the seeming impossibility of solutions being found when the political world is so divided, simply imagine how things could be if you all set your minds and hearts to finding solutions and money, politics, and resources had no bearing on the outcome. If you knew you could not fail in this great social and political experiment, what would you propose, lobby for, rally behind, and vote into existence? Imagine the highest and best for all beings on the planet. Divorce yourself, for the purpose of this exercise, from ‘the reality’ you have been taught and conditioned to believe in and be bold, daring, and willing to imagine something different, something better for all concerned. Imagine a world where everyone is accountable for their actions, held responsible for the choices they have made, forgiven if they have changed their ways and made amends, and given the opportunity to right any wrongs they have committed on any level. The more you exercise your brains in this type of visualization, the more likely it is to become your reality. If you live in fear about what is to come, you will collectively manifest something fearful. So, dear ones, we invite you again and again and again to imagine a better world knowing you truly have the power to change your ‘reality’ through your thoughts. 


 This is why we have been repeating over and over for the past six years through this one and for many more years through other channels that your thoughts create your reality. You can and will literally create a new world and you will do this calmly, with reason and intention, as communities that are not divided politically or otherwise but that are joined in unity with the conscious awareness of what is truly in the highest good of all. This will take some hashing out as you consider and discuss how you want your new world to handle or be responsible for things like health care, education, industry, technology, finance, economics, environmental clean-up, sustainable resources, and many other important issues including how to hold those responsible accountable for so much inequity, corruption, and flagrant misuse of resources. Rest assured that it will all work out beautifully. We say this with loving awareness that it will be the most challenging time that humanity has ever lived through in many ways. It will also be the most rewarding. We say that with absolute knowing.  Yes, it will take time to get there. And yes, you will have to get through the realization of how totally  and completely you have been collectively misled. This will be difficult for all of you. Some of you will experience outrage, some will want to check out, and some of you will be very excited to live at this time to witness the great restructuring and to get to work on co-creating exactly what you want with this brand new clean slate the universe is offering you. Yes, it will take years to rebuild and yes it will be the most dynamic exciting time any of you have ever lived through.

You will have many tools at your disposal to build the most thriving existence possible for all beings of Mother Earth. You will have your true history delivered to you via advanced technology from some of your star brothers and sisters. You will see how many Earth civilizations existed, for how long, and by what means they ceased to exist. You will understand that your human history on Earth is so much more extensive than you have been told and that humans have thrived on Earth, as well as on other planets, for eons. Mother Earth is raising herself up and all of you with her so that you can survive and thrive, rather than cleansing herself of all of you to begin again.  You are the first civilization that Mother Earth has chosen to raise up. This is because your collective consciousness has risen to the level that you can withstand the Earth changes which will be much gentler than previous ages. 

There are powerful forces working very tenaciously to keep a level of stress and fear present in you and your environment to keep you from raising yourselves up more. This is done largely through the media who do their best to get you caught up in and involved with any drama they can create to keep you absorbed in a way that you will be less likely to do all the things we suggested in the beginning of this message. When you are engrossed in political drama, crime drama, racial issues,  and terrorist threats, you are under stress and depleted and therefore more susceptible to believing what is being put forth. Your collective focus and attention on whatever you are fearing increases the likelihood that those fears are made manifest. Mass focus on whatever the news is spewing out keeps your whole society in a lower vibrational state.

If you detach from media, you see more and more the illusion that has overtaken so many aspects of your reality. We ask you, what is the harm of detaching from media, essentially fasting from media for a week? That is the most empowering action you can take in your life at this time. It will  restore a sense of sovereignty to you when you understand that you are not ruled by the media. If you think  you are not ruled by the media, but you cannot detach from it, you are ruled by it. You have no idea how freeing the detachment from it can be until  you do detach.  We can hear all of your excuses and justifications of why you need to watch the news or check your social media sites. Dearest ones, we highly encourage you to divorce yourself of the news, social media, and any serial PROGRAMMING. We are not attached to when you do this or for how long.  If you fast from media, you are giving yourself a great gift. You will not know what a gift it is or what the benefits will be until you do it. We can tell you with certainty that if you completely fast from media for one week, you will feel a level of wellness that you have not experienced for some time – provided you fill your days in meaningful ways. Again, we go back to the practices we began this message with. If you fast from media for one month, it will have a life changing effect on you. You will have a great deal more clarity about your life, your environment, your relationships, and much more if you detach from media and use the time to read, listen to music, play, sing, dance, draw, paint, knit, sew, purge things, organize, plan, write, build, create, connect with loved ones, go deeper in your relationships, nap, daydream, cuddle, explore the world in much more meaningful ways than having misinformation spoon fed to you on demand. You will have a greater ability to finish incomplete projects, begin new endeavors, develop new interests and relationships, take on a new area of study, develop a beneficial habit, and secure more for yourself in many ways than you can when you are consistently giving your time and attention to the media, rather than to more life enhancing pursuits. 

We do not wish to admonish you. We do wish to inform you, help raise your awareness, and give you the tools to do so. Dearest Ones, know we could not be more proud of you or excited for you. Our collective messages to you have been not only a preparation for this time, but a catalyst to assist you in arriving here, where you can hold the truth of what we say. We have no need of validation, yet all those who believe in what we have to say will feel validated as all we share here will come to fruition. 

Beloved ones, know we are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, September 12th, 2016

A Message from Your Guides   September 12, 2016

Beloved Ones, 

We greet you with great love and we ask that you hold in your hearts all who are struggling this day. Many of you are facing challenges with ease and grace and quite a few of you are having a more difficult time of it. As you continue to navigate through the changes that are occurring, there are a number of things that can keep you steady on your course. These include spending time in nature, spending time with loved ones, detaching from the media outlets that want you to remain divided, in fear, and hopeless and powerless to change your circumstances for the better. When you arise to the awareness that you are completely capable of changing any circumstances you choose, you can and will feel empowered to share this wisdom with others. There are quite literally millions of people who are doing exactly that via what you call the World Wide Web. 

Imagine that there is a much larger World Wide Web that you can tap into. There are countless contributors from throughout the universe who contribute to this information highway and what they share has difficulty getting to you because of the censors who control the information you receive. We would like to change that because we would like to literally open up the universe to you. There is a wealth of information that could be available to you that looks like the greatest libraries all over your world combined into one compared to the local book exchange in a rural town too impoverished to afford its own library. When you truly have access to all that could be available to you, your world will literally open up and expand in ways that would make the discoveries of Copernicus, Galileo, and many other wise men seem marginally newsworthy in comparison to the flood of information that will stream in. So, how do you tap into this source of seemingly endless information? You let us know you are ready for the truth. Every delegation from other worlds that has interacted with your governments to advance this mission has been told that you (the human race) are simply not ready to know about other worlds. Dearest ones, we know this is not true. We know you can handle it. We know you would love to meet your extraterrestrial brothers and sisters once the fear campaign is eliminated and you discover how benevolent the majority of them are and how much you have to gain in every way through what you can think of as older, wiser civilizations. These civilizations can and will share their technologies with you that can help you eliminate pollution, increase the human lifespan by decades, eliminate many of your diseases, advance your study of genetics exponentially, increase your science by centuries,  and most importantly to our way of thinking, show you your true history and all that has been covered up to keep you in the dark. 

Your governments are at a tipping point now. They have negotiated time and time again to prepare you for full disclosure and have consistently reneged on their promises, their oaths, their written treaties, every form of negotiation that has been arranged for the past two centuries has been nullified through inaction and fear of the backlash from you. They know they will no longer be in power once you learn the truth. They have known this for quite some time and were very successful at hiding it from you. Only the most senior decision makers of your world were privy to this information. These men have amassed so much power in your world that they are beyond government. They are the world government and they determine who is elected where and for how long. And in most cases, the presidents and prime ministers do not know them and do not know they had anything to do with their being in office. There are very few exceptions to this. What the national leaders are told is that there are people who got them elected who want them to do A, B, and C and if they do not cooperate, their family will suffer from either death, disease, a scandal their office will not survive, or some combination of these. There have been national leaders who have contracted illnesses mysteriously and died very quickly. There have been those who were assassinated. There have been some who have been duped in some way – often through drugs, to participate in something scandalous and then exposed for that very thing which rocked their position as an elected official. This has been happening for every major policy issue that the world leaders wanted implemented and the national leaders have resisted. 

Why are we telling you all this now? Because it is time, Beloveds, to know the truth of who you are and why your sovereignty has been hidden from you. Your sovereignty is what truly makes you great. You are not subject to the rules or laws of any land. You are your own sovereign state answerable to none other than your creator. To simplify all the implications of this, we will simply say, you have been instilled with powers you have not yet tapped into because you have been led to believe that you are inferior in many ways. When the truth is known, you will know you are limitless. There are certain things that must be known and understood for you to step into your limitlessness. These have to do with the discretion, the wisdom, and universal light you were endowed with. Once these are understood, you will be able to discern how to use your power in the highest and best way. Any unwillingness to use your powers for the greater good will cause consequences such that you will suffer in ways that will make it unlikely you will attempt to harm another in any way again. 

You have been born into this time to facilitate the shift of the ages. The shift of the ages is the shift from the Age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius.You have been moving through this shift for the past several decades. 2017 is considered the mid-point of this shift. As such, it will be a momentous year and the year that the old is eliminated and the way is made for you to step into a higher reality. This is both a higher dimension and a higher frequency. What we mean by this is: you will need to maintain a higher frequency of existence in order to withstand the higher energy in a higher dimension. This is what is meant by your ascension process. Humanity has never achieved this before. We are sharing more now than you are perhaps ready for because we are actually in service to you to prepare you for this ascension. If your ascension is not accomplished, we have failed. We have much work to do in a very short time. It is up to us as your servant guides to help you achieve what you have already agreed to before you became embodied in this lifetime. As such, these transmissions will be very different than you have become used to from this point forward. We have suggested to you numerous times in previous channels that things will be more interesting and more challenging for a while before you achieve the more utopian existence that will be available to you. 

The time we have told you about that will reveal your true history, give you seemingly incredible advances in technology, eliminate much of your pollution in a relatively short time, and so much else we have shared, is upon you. We have also shared that there will be a great deal of upheaval in order to put all of this in place. There will be a massive purging of so much that does not serve planet Earth, humanity, and your sovereignty. Much will be eliminated and that will be quite a shake up for all of you, even though it means disposing of the old to make way for a far better new. There will be those who resist the changes, who feel that they would rather die than let go of whatever or whomever they perceive that they are attached to. This is where your sovereignty comes in. You will know that you can withstand anything. You will know that you are here, at this time, for a reason and every one of you will know what that reason is by the time this process is complete. You will understand that you are not beholden to anyone else, you are not responsible for anyone else save small children, and you are not an authority over anyone else. If you have control issues, you will have a more difficult time than those who are used to being their own authority and allowing others to be their own authority. Keep this in mind as you go forward – if you are controlling, be very mindful of relinquishing control in order to smooth your own path on this journey. If you are a follower and you are used to allowing others to make decisions for you, be mindful of taking matters into your own hands more and more. Do so with relish, with excitement, and with the knowing that very soon you will feel so divinely guided that it will be challenging to do anything other than what is exactly right for you in any given moment. But in order to get there, you have to step into your sovereignty. 

Beloved ones, we know we have given you a great deal to consider. We ask you to look forward to more and more truth coming through that will truly assist you through the changes. We may be revealing things that are very likely to happen in advance of them happening – things that will sound far-fetched and difficult to believe. And, within a short time, these events will come to pass. This has been a notable period for many events that have transpired and you are not aware of them because you are being kept in the dark. We will be able to shed some light on much that is going on in your world and eventually, we will be seen as harbingers of truth. Until this is crystal clear to you, we ask you to hold out the possibility that what we say might be true. That is all we ask – that you consider that what we say is possible. That will serve all of us very well. We will be honoring our service to you through providing the information which will prepare you for the truth and you will be more prepared for the coming disclosures because we have forewarned you. By the time you hear things from what you consider more ‘official’ sources, you will be able to hear the truth in a different way, a way that will allow for gentleness in your heart as you receive the knowing that it is true. And you will begin to ‘feel’ truth more and more. Things will resonate with you more and more. Some of you will feel it in your heart. Some of you will find that untruths do not ‘land’ within you and truth does. You will simply not be able to absorb or accept untruths. Some of you will experience various sensory experiences that will be very different based on if you are hearing truth or untruth. So we ask you to begin to discern with your heart, your mindful mind, and all of your senses (notice any subtle changes in your internal energy – especially that in your heart and your hands). These ways of knowing will increase as you proceed through your ascension process. And you can accelerate them by tuning in now in all the ways we have suggested and any other ways you discover are meaningful for you. 

Dearest Ones, know without doubt that we are loving you powerfully in every moment with every breath. 

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, August 10th, 2016

  A Message for Your Soul                     August 10, 2016


Beloved Ones,

It is with great joy that we greet you today! In the midst of what some of you are experiencing as a time of great despair, uncertainty, and even doubt about your collective future, we would like to inform you that you will see a vast change for the better. Remember that things are always darkest before the dawn and the Age of Aquarius is in the midst of dawning. As such, there will be pockets of darkness around your globe that the dawn will expose to increase your awareness. Allow that to simply inform you of what is receding, not what is proliferating. As we said in our last transmission, things will look very different within a few short months. We remind you that you always have more options than most of you consider in any situation. This is true of your personal lives as well as on a much larger scale. Your awareness will shift from what seems to be to what actually is. This shift has been taking place for some time, but will crystalize more and more as so much that does not serve you recedes and the truth of who you are becomes more and more apparent. A part of this very significant shift is that you will become more heart-centered or as we like to say, heart-wise.

When you make heart-based choices, they are inherently wiser than mental configurations that cause you to arrive at some conclusion based on circumstantial evidence and incomplete information. Your heart is the most powerful organ of your system and has much more to do with your consciousness than you know. If it were otherwise, would not the intelligentsia of the world be advanced in consciousness? The heart is a complicated organ that can and does inform you of what is in your highest good if you let it. Most of you have been trained in a way that suppresses your hearts ability to guide you in this way. Many of you have been successful in reversing your training enough to become heart-centered again. Being truly heart-centered involves allowing your intuition to develop to the point that you totally and completely trust it to guide you to what is in your highest good. If you have a flash of fear regarding any situation, that is not intuition. Intuition is love based and has nothing to do with fear. If fear comes up for you, it is not coming from the heart. That is impossible. The heart knows no fear. So rejoice in the knowing that you will be coming more and more into your heart-centeredness and moving further and further away from fear. Those of you who are fearful of the state of the world right now, fear not! Change is coming rapidly that will give you great evidence that fear is an illusion. All those involved with supporting this illusion are losing power to the greater consciousness that is growing more and more powerful every day. So fear not that the current dramas will lead to anything but ultimate freedom for all of humanity. We have said many times that things will get worse before they get better. You are currently witnessing that happening. If you give support to those things that you fear through your time, your attention, your conversation, you are feeding the fear. It is as simple as that.

We remind you at this time to cultivate the garden of your heart. Focus your time and attention on those things that bring you joy. Spend time with loved ones or stay in communication with loved ones if you cannot be with them physically. We mean this both for those who are physically distant as well as for those who have crossed to another realm but very well may be in the same room with you. If you loved them, the energy of your love can draw them near to you. We ask you to know that like fear, any lower emotions can keep you from your heart-centeredness. Therefore, if you want to communicate with your departed loved ones, or simply feel their presence and know they are with you, do your best to think of them with joy. Remember the good times and let go of the bad. If you want to express anything that you were not able to say in person while they were alive, tell them now. It does not matter if you say it out loud or in your mind, as a deep share, or as a prayer, to them personally, or to the universe. If you feel you need to justify something, clarify something, forgive something, whatever it is, just do it. And then do your best to let it go and know they are in a place to receive the truth of what you have to say much more so than they were in life. In most cases, it will be easier for you to connect with departed loved ones from this time forward than it has ever been before. There will be changes taking place that allow you to experience that which you have only wished for regarding your departed loved ones. We could say there will be easier access to them. As you become more and more heart-centered and less fear based, you will have the experience of knowing so much more than you currently allow yourself to know.

We also remind you to spend more and more time in nature as that is an excellent way to embrace your heart-centeredness. You are able to connect with your heart wisdom much easier in nature than out of nature. Think of it as: nature connects you more deeply with your true essential nature. The more time you spend in nature, the better. When you connect with the natural world, it is so much easier for you to connect with your own heart-wisdom and be in the flow of what is in your own highest good. Outside of nature there are so many things that take you out of your heart-centeredness. Gratitude, loved ones, nature, the absence of technology, singing, dancing, playing, moving your body in ways that increase your energy, and breathing deeply are all excellent ways of becoming more heart centered and closer to your divine potential.

There is nothing throughout the universes that can keep you from your divine potential once this great shift is complete. There is no one that can limit you. You are sovereign beings, Beloveds, and we greatly anticipate your increasing awareness of your sovereignty. We are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, July 28th, 2016

 A Message for Your Soul    July 28, 2016


Dearest Beloved Ones,
Everything we have been preparing for is coming to fruition. It will take several more months for you to see that we are succeeding in spreading the powerful light of Divine Consciousness into every aspect of your beingness and every place where people gather whether in love, fellowship, community, and good works, or to spread fear, hatred, disinformation, or any other miscreation. There will be no individual, no business, no financial institution, no government building or agency no matter how small or large, that will not be affected by this influx of Divine Consciousness. This is truly a gift for all of humanity and every human will be affected. 

We lovingly request that you let this envelope you in peace, hope, possibility, and joy, in all ways. What we mean by this is: there is no one who will not feel “upgraded” in some way. You will find that you have more energy, greater abilities, better memory, more physical dexterity and agility, and so many more enhanced ways of living and being. We say this will transpire over the next several months when, in actuality, it has been happening for a great length of time and this is the completion. 

The next phase of your existence can be very different if you choose to conduct yourself differently. We invite you to know that you have the power to change not only your individual lives but all of creation as you know it at this time. That requires a very conscious attitude as you move forward. That means staying out of the fray of the negative political discourse. If you can discuss politics in a way that conveys your viewpoint but does nothing to discount anothers, than by all means fully and frequently engage. If however, you have difficulty understanding another party or candidate and that inability to understand is expressed in vitriol, polarization, lack of tolerance, assigning political slants to people you have known and loved for any length of time and suddenly discounting them because of their political views, you are not exhibiting the ability to hold onto your political ideals or principles while fully embracing the diversity of human discourse. 

We predict that in the coming weeks that will change. You will likely see things from anothers viewpoint. That does not mean you agree with them. It means you can understand how they can support the candidate or party they do without agreeing with it or feeling compelled to strongly disagree. As you all come into this level of acceptance, we invite you to consider how your thinking may not be in the highest good of all. If the candidate or policies you support do not support what is in the highest good of ALL of humanity, then they are likely polarizing and supportive of separation to some extent. The trouble with modern American politics is that it has been groomed to mean certain things for one party and other things for another party. There has not been a fair playing field for third or fourth or fifth parties to engage and take their rightful place. Therefore, these more progressive parties remain on the fringe – ostracized for their differences and vastly portrayed as lone wolves, extremists, idealists, impractical, and not relevant. To the extent that you tolerate this, you are contributing to it. 

Dearest Ones, this is where you who live on continental American soil have been duped, betrayed, and misled. From an outsider perspective there is the grossest form of nepotism that has been allowed to exist in American politics for over a century. Anyone who does not get along with the family is not invited to the table. Even though they have every right to be there, they are strong armed out of the dining room even though just showing up takes a massive amount of courage and tenacity and more hard work than the ones who are invited have had to accomplish. So the ones who have the family blessing, on both sides of the family are allowed to continue their decades old arguments with no intention of reaching a resolution. They agree to disagree on certain policies even though in many ways both sides have very similar viewpoints. Their very existence depends on them agreeing to disagree. They have been gathering at that table for so long that they have gotten very good at getting along with each other behind the scenes but pretending to be opponents to keep the illusion that is American politics viable. 

Beloved Ones, it is time to rip down the veil of this illusion. Do you want to keep supporting this charade or do you want to make lasting, meaningful change for all? We invite you to consider what would happen if you chose not to support either mainstream party and decided to give your vote to the person you believe has worked hardest and has the most integrity. What if you stripped away all the political blah, blah, blah, and based your vote on the character of the person who is working hardest for you and your rights? We could expose many secrets of both mainstream parties but that is not what we do. Suffice it to say that all will be revealed. There will be massive exposure, disclosure, and more information shared than at any time throughout American history combined. Neutral scholars will sort through the information and cut out what is most extraneous and redundant. This will make it much more accessible and digestible to the average person. Through this, you will see how you have been duped for many decades into believing certain things to keep a status quo of political enmeshment. 

You have the saying that ‘the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.’ When it comes to your two mainstream political parties, they know exactly what the other is doing because they were all present when the assignments were given. One is tasked with holding up this illusion and the other with holding that illusion. We can tell you with certainty that these illusions will not survive the current political cycle. By November, there will be a very different playing field. And you will all rejoice about it! No matter who you currently support, you will be overjoyed with how things play out. 

Beloved ones, we have long resisted political discourse because it is generally not in alignment with what we endeavor to impart to you – especially in this current cycle. This current cycle is unprecedented in terms of the amount of money controlling things. We are talking about complete and total control of every line you read or hear from every news source that is corporate owned. We are talking about the lies that are being spread and supported by people who believe it is true because they read it in or heard it on the news. We can say with great authority and with love, forgiveness, and very compassionate understanding of the human condition that you are better than that. You are evolving into ones who will not tolerate what is being tolerated. You will regain your dignity as a people and you will once again be proud of the America you know and love. 

We invite you to think of the world you want to live in. Think about how that world would be, what you want for your family, your children, and grandchildren. Think about the kinds of communities you want to live in, what you want to do for work, how you want your efforts supported whether they be directed to industry, manufacturing, innovation, arts, culture, education, technology, or any other pursuit. Who is most likely to see to it that the federal funds allocated to these areas are not cut? Who is least likely to be swayed by lobbyists? Who do you trust as a person? Who would you be confident of holding the ship together when massive amounts of crisis and calamity strike whether in drought, flooding, forest fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, etc. Who would be there to see things through without selling out and who does not have ties to any corporations or agencies that would profit from getting federal contracts to help get the area or the country back on track? 

These are all more important factors in who you elect than war or terrorism combined. The likelihood of a World War III is non-existent. Every government knows that that would mean the end of the world for all. There is a tacit agreement not to engage in nuclear arms or any other kind of warfare that would lead to eventual annihilation of the species. Terrorism is manufactured to keep you in fear and keep you dependent on your government to ‘protect’ you. Think about all of the school and community shootings as well as the global terrorist attacks. Why is it common policy now to shoot the shooters rather than try them? Because a trial would reveal who hired them, trained them, how much they were paid, what promises were made to take care of their families, and many other unsavory details that went into their recruitment and training. So, now that we have stated the obvious that so many of you choose not to look at, think about if you want these types of events to continue or do you want the perpetrators voted out? 

The very basic truth is that both mainstream American political parties have too much power. They are more connected than divided. Much more so than you know. We invite you to take this into consideration and look into alternate parties and their candidates and see who is the kind of leader you truly want instead of one who the media spin says is the only one who can keep the opposite party candidate from being elected. That is manipulation of the worst kind. We invite you all to rise up collectively and vote with your hearts, independent of the mental manipulation you have all been subjected to. If you look into the other parties, we think you will be pleasantly surprised who you see there and who fits the kind of character we’ve been portraying. And the beauty of it is, there is not only one. For those of you who feel that another cannot defeat the Democrat or the Republican, think again. It is your world, is it not? Begin thinking that way more and more and create the world you want. You have seen a great deal offered this election cycle in terms of mobilization of millions to a cause and it is not too late to embrace a cause or a new candidate. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides 

Channeled by Salena Migeot

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, July 16th, 2016


Dearest Beloved Ones, 

We ask that you remain flexible with the changes that will continue for some time. The catastrophic events that have been plaguing your world are the cleansing that will give way to a healthier planet for all. When what appears to be evil surfaces in your world, know that it must surface to be washed away in the new energies that are buffeting your planet into the next evolution of both the planet and all of her beings. These cleansing events will continue until the toxicity is fully cleansed and you will all be free to move into the new vibration of love that awaits you. This new vibration will not allow the energy of war, violence, bigotry, and so many other lower vibrational ‘realities’ to exist within it. So, as much as it seems the opposite is true, these events are indicative of a greater reality being birthed by each and every one of you collectively in concert with all of creation. 


As you consider this, consider what more you can do to usher in this higher vibrational reality. One of the most effective things you can do to achieve the world you want is to envision that world – put time and energy into ‘seeing’ the reality you want to co-create. It is not one person’s or one groups job. It is a collective creation that is in your highest good to contribute to to give you a sense of purpose when you feel powerless against the events that are largely planned and executed to keep you separate and divided. As long as you resort to blame and all other iterations of fear, you are playing into the terrorist mentality. Dearest Ones, you who recognize that the so-called terrorists are also your brothers and sisters, and are playing their part in your collective evolution, will be free of the fear and hatred those who act against love are trying to instill. These ones who kill in the name of an ideal are living in their own prison of fear. To the extent that they spread that fear, they succeed in imprisoning more and more along with them. We lovingly request that you forget differences and focus on love – love of ALL of your brothers and sisters. Those who commit these acts need your love more than those who treat you well. They are sick with the kind of sickness that takes powerful love to heal. We ask all of you to join together in healing your brothers and sisters – see them changing before your eyes, asking your collective forgiveness, and doing their part to heal any seeds of hatred they have sewn anywhere throughout the world. 


When you all put your collective energy into healing through love and forgiveness and imagine all the plant and animal beings joining you in holding loving, healing energy for all, you can truly accomplish that which has never been accomplished before in any age or manifestation of Earth throughout the many millennia that Earth has existed. Some of you have been witnessing animals of different species laying down with one another, comforting one another, even raising the young of a species that is typically their predator or prey. This is the time that has been spoken of in the biblical Book of Revelations – when the lion lays down with the lamb. Let that comfort you and indicate to you that things are truly changing in many realms both seen and unseen. For all the good you are seeing on your planet, know that there is so much more being accomplished that is not yet seen by you. Know that for all the ‘evil’ you see, so much more evil is being eradicated. We suggest you think of events unfolding as one-tenth of what is actually happening. Again, to eliminate all that is no longer a vibrational match to the higher frequency you are moving into, a thorough cleansing is necessary. 

We invite you to think of all that shows up in your life or your world as an opportunity to cleanse the old or embrace the new. As you practice this new outlook, you will be able to let go of that which does not serve you and include more and more of what does serve you into your life. We remind you that what you think becomes manifest more quickly in this new reality. Therefore, we also remind you to be more mindful of your thoughts and do not dwell on, talk about, or entertain in any way that which you do not want. When you give your voice and energy to anything – wanted or unwanted, you empower it and make it more likely to become a greater part of your reality. Think about people who complain – if they complain about not having enough money, they continue to have financial issues. People who begrudge something that interferes with their optimal wellness often have long drawn out health crises. When someone is not getting along with someone, and they talk about that person to someone else, they often prolong a disagreement and postpone a resolution. 

You are responsible for your thoughts and your speech. If there is an area of your life that is not optimal. How are you thinking about it and talking about it? How can you change it for the better? Speak well of people and situations you have difficulty with to foster ease. Visualize flow, ease, and grace around every person and situation that is not as flowing as it could be. 


When you personally clean up your own life in this way, you can then turn your focus to larger groups and situations that need healing. Know that cleaning up your personal life and relationships has a ripple effect and contributes to cleansing on a larger scale. We invite you to do your part to create the world you want through doing your own cleaning and maintenance. 


Dearest Ones, know we are loving you powerfully. 


And so it is.


The Collective of Guides 

Channeled by Salena Migeot Feel free to share or repost this in its entirety with proper attribution.

A Message from Your Guides via Salena Migeot,  June 27, 2016


Dearest Beloved Ones,

 We bring you great love and good tidings on this auspicious day. Much has been happening to liberate you from your bonds of powerlessness through lack and misinformation. More and more information will be revealed that will allow you to understand, perhaps for the first time, that you are sovereign. There are those in your world who have gone to great lengths to hide this fact from you and have done their best to keep you small, disempowered, in lack, and doubting yourselves and your abilities. These ones largely control your media and all the advertising that is designed to allow you to feel as though something is wrong with you – you are not as well as you could be, you are not as beautiful as you could be, you are not as wealthy as you could be, you are not the right size, you don’t exercise enough, you don’t have the right job, the right ways of spending your down time, the right friends/social lives/communities, the right clothes, the right car, and on and on until you feel lack in many areas of your lives instead of being grateful for all of your blessings, your loved ones, and all you do have. 

For this reason, those who watch television tend to feel greater lack than those who do not. For those of you who are thinking ‘There are people who do not watch television?!’ we are talking to you. Consider the people you know at work, in your family or community, wherever you know people. Aren’t there those who do not care one whit about the latest fashion trends, diet and exercise fads, having a late model car, wearing heels that over time are injurious to one’s well-being, having their hair done at this or that salon, wearing the best suits or dresses, and so many other things that many of you spend a great deal of time and money on. They recognize that ‘keeping up’ in these ways is a never ending cycle, a game one cannot win. They understand that what is important is not material and does not go in and out of fashion. They understand that staying connected to the things that help them feel authentic is important for their well-being and trying to keep up with standards that are commercially manufactured is not good for their well-being. These ones have traditionally been on the fringes of society but they are becoming more and more numerous and now are part of all walks of life and society. They know that they are becoming more empowered through their choices to detach from societal expectations and be more authentically themselves.  They feel empowered to choose those things that make them feel good about themselves and their lives –  wether it is ‘greener’ living in general, tiny houses, giving up a gym membership to exercise outdoors for free, selling their SUVs and buying more fuel efficient cars, letting go of seasonal clothes shopping in favor of buying truly high quality clothes of natural fabrics that will last decades, wearing comfortable shoes that help keep them grounded on the Earth instead of high heels that inhibit them being grounded, and on and on, they are doing what feels right and feeling good about it. 

As this becomes more and more the norm, those who feel that they have to keep up with trends will find they don’t have as many people to talk to about trends, to compare notes and feel superior or inferior to. That is exactly the point. If you are not keeping up, you feel less than, not good enough. If you are, you are likely spending a great deal of time, energy, and money doing so and you are likely feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and not as authentic as you could be. Dearest Ones, know there is nothing outside of you that makes you more or less worthy. You are worthy. No exceptions. No physical ownership of anything makes you more worthy.  No membership makes you more worthy. No lack of these things makes you less worthy. No style of clothing or hair or anything else makes you more or less worthy. You are incredibly worthy just as you are. You have been created in your own unique and exceptional way to contribute your uniqueness to the world to make it more beautiful in a way only you can. No one else can do that for you. You cannot do that for anyone else. If you are not making choices that are deeply satisfying to you, you are not living an authentic life. 

We invite you to assess the areas of your life that you are giving time and energy to that do not satisfy your soul – relationships, memberships, jobs, neighborhoods, social circles, exercise classes, shopping excursions, and so many other things you spend time and energy on that do not serve your highest good or they would feel really good to you. We are not saying that all authentic choices are devoid of any difficulty. We are saying authentic choices speed you in your soul growth on your soul path. In order to grow on that path, it is necessary for you to meet challenges. How you handle the challenges determines the rate of your soul growth. If you stay in trust that everything is happening for your highest good, that will be your experience. If you stay in fear, doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty, you are prolonging that which you do not want and postponing your own growth and joy. The more authentically you live, the easier it is to let go of fear, doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty. When you live your life for yourself first, you are living authentically. This does not mean being selfish at all whatsoever. It means taking care of yourself first so you have the wherewithal to help others in all the ways you do. If you are not helping others to some extent, you are not living authentically. You are social beings, and you are meant to live and be as one. Until you come into a greater understanding of what that means, take care of yourself and work on your own personal authenticity. It can and will be life-changing for you.

Dearest Ones, we are loving you with a power of love beyond your current understanding or experience and we so look forward to you coming into the knowing of how powerfully you are loved. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides. 

Channeled by Salena Migeot