Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, November 18th, 2017

               A Message from Your Guides     November 18, 2017

Beloved Ones, 

We greet you with great love and  profound exuberation for all the revelations that are coming to light. This is the time – the month and the year that will prove to be pivotal in the shift in consciousness that is upon you. You are being lifted up in ways that will allow you to withstand many more revelations with the understanding that it is truly in the highest good for all to be exposed. Instead of you despairing at all the depravity, back room deals, payoffs, and corruption that is being exposed, we ask you to rejoice in the exposure – it is a grand indication that things that no longer serve the greater good are being exposed in order to make way for a new, more egalitarian, more efficient, more transparent, and more values based system. This will evolve over the coming year and beyond, but will be markedly different from the ‘business as usual’ that has become the norm. The public will have no tolerance for their public servants being anything but ethical representatives of the public they serve. People will realize more and more that tolerating that which is unacceptable has made them complicit and thereby somewhat accountable for whom they elect. Even for those who did not vote for, patronize, or support the unethical newsmaker of the day, the tolerance or acceptance of their actions through looking the other way in similar situations, regardless of how seemingly distant, has made most of you complicit in the system that has supported these ones. Even for those of you who have been silenced by those more powerful than you and in a position to keep you down despite your considerable talents and abilities, to some extent you unknowingly have perpetuated the system that allows them to stay in power, regardless of their disregard for others. 

We are not blaming the victims here in any way. We are saying: You are a collective of individuals that make up a much greater whole. To a large extent, what you believe in is what you support. If you believe the system is corrupt, you support that system’s status quo. So, even if you do not want to support corruption, your belief that it is so, that you are powerless to change/fix/improve it in any way, allows the system to continue unchecked. At this time, it is more important than ever that those of you who are staying silent and seemingly staying safe as a result of your silence, be willing to at least consider speaking out. That consideration, regardless of you acting on it, fuels the momentum of exposure that is currently happening. If you act on it and actually speak out, it is a much more powerful fuel. We ask that those of you who have experienced, witnessed, or in some small or large way been complicit in that which is much more recognizable now as abuse, corruption, or a misuse of power, be willing to consider speaking out to at least a close friend or confidante, but preferably to a much larger and wider audience. When you do you will energetically help others in similar situations. You will also be a powerful catalyst for the cleansing that is already happening with or without your participation. Just like a rambunctious child in a bathtub that is not aware of how little or much control and input they have in that situation depending on their choices, the cleansing can be quick and complete or very long, slow, drawn out, and perhaps accompanied by outbursts, tantrums, screams, and splashes. Each of you can be more mindful of how your choices affect the whole and accelerate the process via your intentions and input or allow it to be a long, drawn out process through your continued silence. 

We are always supporting you and we can only assist to the extent that you allow us. Therefore, we ask that you enlist our help and assistance by asking us to give you the courage you need to do what you know in your heart is the right thing to do. We ask you to be specific where appropriate – meaning: if you know that a certain piece of evidence exists that would expose something that, to serve the greater good, should be exposed, we lovingly suggest you ask our assistance in creating the circumstances that would expose it. You do not have to elaborate or be specific. We will not, except in extreme circumstances, assist in exposing any victims without their consent. If those victims wish they had the courage to come forward, we can and will either assist them in speaking out or, we will co-create the circumstances that will make it easier for them to speak out i.e. assisting other victims of the same perpetrator(s) in speaking out so that the one who does not have the courage will find the courage through their fellow victims stories. 

Beloveds, the current exposures are merely the tip of the iceberg. There is much, much more to be revealed. We encourage you to see it all as a very necessary cleansing process – one that will be difficult, perhaps somewhat traumatic for many to watch, listen to, or hear about, but please, please, please know and own that, again, it is necessary. Once the cleansing process is complete, you will all feel, be, and move forward feeling much better and having the clear knowing that the dirt is a thing of the past and that your new reality will be one in which cleanliness matters to all in a way that will not aid, abet, or support abuse, corruption, sexual force or coercion, or the misuse of power in any way. In all areas of life, wether it be the local recreational center or the highest offices in the land, exposures will be happening. The majority of you will be sick and tired of hearing the stories. And they will continue to come out. And on and on. Beloveds, please hold purity and innocence in your hearts and do not allow the exposures to erase those concepts from you. Think of newborn babies and their innocence and purity. Think of pristine areas in nature, or better yet visit pristine environments as a cleansing balm for your soul. Visit forests, woods, bodies of water, or even local parks as a reminder that beauty is everywhere as long as you take the time to appreciate it. There is much beauty on the other side of this process and we encourage you to look forward to that and create your desired reality through your thoughts, affirmations, and visualizations. 

We are loving you powerfully, Dear Ones, in every moment with every breath. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot