Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, October 28th

A Message from Your Guides October 28, 2015

Dear Ones,
We ask you to know and own your exceptionality more and more every day. Some ways to achieve this is to remember those times when you felt completely loved, completely at one with your environment, completely in your element in some way. When you recall these memories, re-create them, or create new ones, you are tapping into the energy of Love that created you and that intended for you to always be able to access this state at will, anytime you choose. The original intention was that you would never be outside of the memory of how to access these states on a continuous basis. There has been a long history that has impeded with your knowing, and therefore living with this simple truth – that you are a divine Co-Creator with Mother/Father God and anything that does not serve you is in your power to change, to modify, to correct into greater alignment with your desires. As long as your desires are intended to harm none, you have nearly unlimited power to create.
Throughout the history of humanity, many aspects of your divinity have been suppressed in a number of ways. This is why human societies evolved from ones who lived in relative peace for great lengths of time, in right relationship with Mother Earth and All of Her beings to societies that engaged in war either from an offensive or defensive position. Once the seeds of war were planted, they grew as fear grew. People evolved away from Creator as they changed their perspective to more fear-based individuals and societies. As they built defenses, stockpiled food and supplies, and focused more and more energy on the acquisition, storage, practice, and use of weapons, they grew out of alignment with their divine birthright of unconditional love of Creator and All of Life.

Churches and governments became protectors and enforcers of laws by instilling fear in people and telling them that unless they comply with certain rules, they will be on their own, unprotected, exposed, and in danger. Those people who had experienced the ravages of war were fearful of repeating that experience and so they gave their power away to these organizations in exchange for peace and protection. What they did not understand, was that these very organizations were the ones who were executing war and who stood to gain the most through the acquisitions of lands, resources, and new taxpayers or subjects. Those more remote people who did not succumb to fear and maintained their peaceful societies continued to live in peace for many centuries until the scourge of the church and/or various governments eventually reached them. As we write this, there are a very few of these cultures left – some living with the awareness of more modern cultures and some of them living in complete obscurity.
We want you to understand this from a very practical interpretation of the biblical quote, “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” Meek, in this quote refers to those who live very close to the Earth. Those who are most aware and able to see the progression of the damage your modern societies are having on Mother Earth are turning to those ones who are still living in right relationship with all beings. As such, they will become the new stewards of Mother Earth as the present conglomeration of power recognizes that they do not have all the answers, they have committed grave crimes against the environment, humanity, and all life forms, and that there will be nothing left to govern or control or tax if they do not make some drastic changes.
We are telling you this at this time because there are massive negotiations nearing completion that have been on-going for decades. You all have been living under an illusion that your world is a certain way and when the illusion is exposed, you will realize that things are actually very different than you have been led to believe. For this reason, we ask you to divest yourselves of much of the fodder that feeds your modern lifestyle and consider embracing a simpler way of living and being. The extent that you allow yourself to do this will correlate to the extent you will divest yourself of stress and return to trust in Creator and your ability to co-create a beautiful world through your commitment to do so. This does not mean that you will be given the option of continuing as you are or living a “greener” or more ascetic life. It means that there will be global change in the areas of free energy technology being available and accessible to all. As such your reliance on fossil fuels will diminish. As fossil fuel mining comes to a standstill, the Earth will go into reset mode. This will be a critical juncture for all of you. Because, concurrent with this, your economic, government, and science industries will go through massive changes. Make no mistake about it, your science industry is just that – industry. It is paid for by certain interests that want you to think certain things and they allocate trillions of dollars so that you continue to think certain things – designed to keep you in fear and lack and divorced from your own personal power and capability.
As these revelations proceed, you will come into a new relationship with All of Life. You will realize that you are and always have been One with All of Creation. You will be able to communicate in ways that may seem very sci-fi to you right now. Your transportation system will be upgraded and simplified at the same time to be much more efficient and nearly free. You will not have to bear the costs of any of this “new” technology because, in truth, it has been developed for decades and it’s availability to the average person will be a matter of a few short weeks or months depending on a number of factors that are part of the current finalization of negotiations.
We want you to know that not one being need suffer through these transitions. Having said that, given the nature of humanity and the level of fear and lack that has been engrained within you throughout many centuries, it is very likely that people will create a reality of fear and suffering for themselves through their thoughts. Change is stressful whether it is positive or negative stress. The beings that are currently negotiating to free you from the bondage of fear, lack, and suffering are also negotiating that things are disclosed in a timely manner with full transparency. Regardless of how fluid, timely, beneficial, and efficient the changes are, there will be those in fear who will be fearful of the new world that is being created simply because it is so beautifully different. You have been programmed to distrust things that seem ‘too good to be true.’ Yet, so many of you are aware that positive change is wanted and needed.
Trust that everything that happens is an answer to your prayers as well as a swing of the pendulum back into balance – a greater sense of balance than the Earth has known for many millennia. It IS that momentous. So, your millennial shift was not as uneventful as it appeared because, in truth, a great many changes have been in progress for quite some time. These changes were scheduled to be implemented in the year 2000. However, due to many rounds of negotiations with those who have been so reluctant to relinquish their power, these changes will not be implemented large scale until 2016. We ask you to look to clean energy and free energy technology as well as breakthroughs in the medical field, and the impending cessation of all wars and war negotiations to confirm what we say. Another sector that will undergo a great deal of change in a short time is your food production system. The rampant animal abuses and large scale waste and toxicity in this sector will come to a standstill and there will be a great deal of funding directed towards training people to grow their own food in sustainable ways. This will not be required as many will volunteer and others will look forward to enjoying much more meaningful careers in other sectors.
Society will become much more collaborative and interdependent and great numbers of people will be actively and excitedly involved in the changes from building and supplying clean, free energy to building very green low-impact houses and housing complexes that are much more beautiful than anything that currently exists. There will be employment of some kind for all. Those who are differently abled or marginalized in your current society will all play a productive role in some way. Each and every person has gifts to offer the whole. We ask you to keep that in mind and heart always. Dear ones, we are loving you powerfully and we are quite excited to witness all the marvels that are in store for you, and to see how much you will enjoy the beauty, simplicity, and efficiency that you will soon experience.
All Our Love, Dear Ones.
And so it is.
The Collective of Guides