The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, November 18th, 2015

A Message from Your Guides Nov. 18, 2015

Dear Ones,

There is so much we would like to share about your transformation process. As you become more alive to your inner light, and it becomes more alive in you, you will experience many wonderful awarenesses. These will come in quick succession at times and then there will be lulls during which you may question if your personal and global expansion has stopped or been put on hold for some reason.

We want to make very clear that what you experience will not be all love and light. Your shadow side will come to the forefront at times. That is excellent! That is a divine way to come to awareness of the balance of All. There is light and dark. If one were to be eliminated, think how one-dimensional your life, the world, your experience, and your perception would be. Dark allows you to appreciate Light. Light allows you to penetrate and diminish darkness. Rest assured, Light will overcome Darkness in all cases unless you give more power to Darkness than to Light. The only way to empower Darkness is through your thoughts and beliefs. We ask you right now to review what you believe is dark and why. We ask you to recognize where you disempower Light through your belief in the power of Darkness. Are you knowing and owning that the power of Light can overcome darkness every time in every circumstance? Think about all of the ‘good conquers all’, David vs. Goliath, purity of heart and innocence vs. entrenched evil stories throughout your cultures and ascertain where your beliefs lie around these. If you truly believe Good has the power to overcome evil, you are of good faith and will weather the change and transitions your planet is experiencing much better than those who believe dark forces are more powerful than Light.

It all comes down to your thoughts dear ones. There is no evil, no darkness, no aggression, nothing that is immune to the power of Light expressed through the vibrations of Love. Think of Love as a rainbow of colors – compassion, support, nurturance, humane actions, beauty, joy, innocence, humility, generosity, purity of intention, open-heartedness, and so many other wonderful qualities that exist in great magnitude throughout your realm of experience. Think about your very direct experience of what you perceive as evil. Doesn’t the rainbow take up much more space, memory, experience, possibility, and so much more than the ‘evil?’.

If not, how are you perceiving things – through the lens of victimhood, blame, us vs. them, bigotry, and powerlessness or through the knowing that you truly do create your own reality through your thoughts and beliefs? If your life is one that you are not enjoying, change the channel of your thoughts to one that allows you to perceive, experience, and believe more in Light, in Love, in the power of possibility thinking. There is not one person, entity, force, or power that can control your thoughts IF you do not allow them to. If you are allowing your thoughts to stay focused on other than the rainbow of love, that is your choice. We want to make very clear to you that not one thing can allow your thoughts to be focused on anything but the beautiful colors of the rainbow of Love unless you allow it.

Stop giving your power away. Stop focusing on the shadows outside of the rainbow of Love. Yes, they are there. The shadows exist. Shadows manifest in all sorts of ways within and without you. You can focus on them at times to gain insight and awareness. You can learn of more that exists and is possible through the interplay of light and shadow, light and darkness, absence of light, absence of darkness. And there is no reason in all the universes to stay focused on darkness for any reason. There is no need to fight darkness. Fighting darkness informs the very darkness you want to overcome that it is a worthy and therefore powerful opponent. If you want to experience more light than darkness, simply focus more on Light. That does not mean that darkness does not exist. You may be naive of darkness. That is not a bad thing. It is called innocence. Innocence is precious and rare. Innocents are naturally protected from darkness simply because they don’t perceive it. What you focus your attention on increases. Innocence is the state of being ignorant of darkness. In this understanding, ignorance truly is bliss.

Those who are innocent to evil do not experience evil because they do not perceive evil. Dwell on that, dear ones. Would you rather be old and wise or young and innocent? It is much easier to be pure of heart when you are young and innocent. When you are wise to the ways of the world and men, you become skeptical, cynical, doubtful, and weary. What value does knowledge or riches have if the path of acquisition is joyless or takes you further and further away from innocence, joy, wonder, and delight?

We encourage you as much as possible to let go of those wordly attitudes and possessions that keep you in readiness for battle. It does not matter if the battle is fighting other people, ideas, old age, ill health, environmental destruction, war, drugs, abuse, another team, a political party or candidate, personal or global poverty, hunger, obesity, global warming, a military regime, terrorists, or any other entity or cause. Fighting something empowers it. Your attention on it as a worthy opponent disempowers you and empowers whatever you are fighting against. A much better approach is to focus on what you do want to increase, magnify, or empower rather than what you don’t want. Embrace abundance for yourselves and for all. Share your abundance with others and it increases. Increase your knowing that your body can heal itself by believing it and focusing on things that you know enhance health and well-being and you will experience more wellness. Focus on peace and you will see/feel/experience many examples of peace. Spend time with the people, past-times, activities, and events that you love and things you don’t love will diminish in your awareness.

If you are concerned about going to war, think of peace. You can do this in a number of ways. You can imagine things are harmoniously co-existing between two cultures as they have for many centuries. You can imagine that any current disruptions are small and momentary rips in the larger predominant fabric of peace. And you could also imagine that these very rips will lead to a level of quantum healing that may not have been possible if those rips had not occurred. Are you ready to accept a level of diplomacy and human understanding that will ensure lasting peace? Envision, imagine, co-create whatever outcome you truly want rather than put any time, energy, thought, conversations into what you do not want or the perpetuation of anything that is other than healing love and light being expressed in the world.

We know we are giving you many ideas that those who have established a level of control over you do not want you to think about. Therefore, we invite you to do exactly that – think well on these ideas until they are more than ideas. Empower yourselves to truly be the change you wish to see in the world through your thoughts and choices. You can truly change the world through your choices when you take that into your beingness. It is all about belief. Belief is not some abstract, arbitrary concept.

Belief is real and powerful or none of your isms would exist and you would not feel so passionate about your religions, political parties, social mores, ethics, and so many things you debate and argue about. Think about who instilled many of these ideas in you or your culture and why? Are your allegiances empowering you and your society in general or causing more division, unrest, and darkness to be perpetrated in the world? Are your beliefs aligned with the concept of Oneness or do they take you further from that concept. Think well, dear ones. You are sovereign beings. Nothing outside of you has any power over you unless you allow it. Light, Love, Innocence, Oneness.

We are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot. Feel free to forward or post this message in its entirety with proper attribution. To receive these channeled messages in your e-mail inbox, e-mail with “Guides” in the subject line.


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