Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena, July 19, 2015

The Collective of Guides

July 19, 2015

Channel: Salena Migeot


Dear Ones,

It is with great delight that we bring news of grand importance. There are many who have evolved to the point that they can now see, know, and experience much that we have said you would all be able to experience. As these ones are able to let go of the current very human tendencies to blame others, feel shame, experience guilt, resort to anger, hold onto unforgiveness, diminish their own light through going along with the status quo instead of questioning incongruencies, they are increasing their light more and more. As this happens, others benefit from their greater output of light and that resets the energetic blueprint of others so that those others are then able to recalibrate to the new blueprint.

As this happens more and more, you will all come into a greater sense of knowing what is possible for you. You will be able to let go of limiting beliefs more easily, embrace higher vibrational energies more consistently and expand your personal lives in ways that seemed highly improbable even a short year ago. You will more readily let go of those habits, thoughts, past-times, and so much more that does not serve you. You will not be as easily swayed by marketing campaigns or misinformation designed to keep you from reaching your greatest human potential. Potential is a powerful word because its root means power. So, what we are saying is, you all have the ability to tap into your own personal power more and more as you embrace more light and eschew those things that at the core of your being, you know do not serve you.

We invite each of you to dream the best possible dream for yourselves – living at your highest potential – not in terms of societal values, in terms of your own personal best – extreme wellness, optimal agility, speed, flexibility, complete lack of pain (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), agelessness, self-sustaining energy and balance, perfect bodily functions, clear thinking, perfect recall, full memories, the ability to learn anything you choose in a shorter time than you could previously imagine, the ability to communicate with any realm you choose, if you choose, all psychic abilities available to you as surely as the ability to walk and talk, all handicaps being healed, all disabilities becoming a thing of the past, all desires that do not serve your highest good being eliminated, all desires for connection, upliftment, purpose, validation, right livelihood, right relationship, and any other soul satisfying desire or need being met fully. This is what is possible for you. This is your divine birthright. Creator intended for you all to live in peace, joy, harmony, abundance, and most of all love.

The time of experiencing lack, limitation, suffering, and pain is ending as you recalibrate yourselves to the Christ Consciousness reality of truly living in a state of brotherhood and sisterhood with all beings, conscious stewards of Mother Earth and all of her resources, taking nothing for granted, least of all each other. The more you can embrace this through each and every thought, word, and deed, the sooner you will experience it as your reality. It is not for you to leave it to others. This is a collective effort. Each one of you affects the whole more than you can possibly know or understand. The more you live in oneness, the greater your understanding will be. The greater your understanding, the more powerfully you will be able to achieve that reality.

Those who choose not to participate are free to do so. They will simply remain in a state of lack, limitation, and disconnectedness. You are free will beings after all. You each create your own destiny and no one else is responsible for your reality. You create exactly what you need to experience your soul’s evolution. The easiest way to evolve is to go with the flow. If you resist, you make it more difficult for yourselves. You can flow along with a few turns and dips in the current or make it much more difficult and strenuous through your resistance.

Know that regardless of your choices, you are surrounded by loving guides who only want what is best for you. The more you help yourself and go with the flow, the more they can help you. If you are resisting and fighting the current, that is where you are focusing all your energy and so you are missing their messages, their guidance, their encouragement. When you focus more on the flow – the ease, the synchronicities, the everyday magic and miracles that occur all around you, you become more open to receive more love, support, guidance, blessings, and opportunities.

Go with the flow of love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Be love. We are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides