Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides from Salena Migeot, October 10th, 2016

A Message from Your Guides   October 10, 2016

Beloved Ones, 

Know we are with you always, in every moment with every breath. We are here in service to help and guide you, to assist you in your unfoldment into your greatest potential. Every time we address you, we are assisting you in raising your thoughts and vibrations. For those of you who find it challenging to remain positive, to keep your thoughts uplifted, and to stay out of so many things that seem to pull you energetically into lower vibrations, we will share once again the most effective ways to raise your vibration. The most important and effective way is to spend time in nature. Walking outdoors will benefit you by reconnecting you to your Earth Mother. She is and always will be the most important being in your life, regardless of your awareness of that. Just as babies fail to thrive when they are disconnected from their mothers or deprived of any love and affection, you fail to thrive when you are disconnected from your Earth Mother. Your Earth Mother is the only one who can completely and totally heal you from whatever ails you. She provides your breath, your food, your medicine, your shelter, your clothing, and there is a powerful energetic relationship between you that helps maintain your vibrancy and ability to thrive. She is your health and your sustenance. When you take her for granted, neglect your relationship with her, and fail to spend time with her, you greatly deplete and deprive yourself. The single best thing you can do, on any given day, to restore a sense of wellness to mind, body, and spirit is to sit or walk on the Earth. 

Another powerful tool you have to excite your mind, body, and spirit is the breath. If you simply breathe deeply in and out for a few minutes, you will feel better than you did previously. Everyone can benefit from a few minutes per day of deep breathing. The more you practice deep breathing, the more energized you will feel, the more your cells will sing and work beautifully in concert to heal whatever ails you, the more clarity you will have, and you will be uplifted. Deep breathing for sustained periods of time can catalyze profound change that you may or may not be ready for. As such, we invite you to educate yourself on the transformative power of breath exploration.

Another wonderful thing you can do is laugh. The more joyful and exuberant your laughter, the better for your well-being. So bring more humor into your life in any way you can and enjoy all the health benefits of that. You can also uplift yourselves through loving attention and affection with another being. You experience this more commonly with another human or a pet but know this can be experienced with any sentient being and this includes, plants, animals, rocks, and celestial bodies, as well as bodies of water. What we mean by attention and affection is to see this being in all its beauty and glory and focus on all of its attributes that are unique, and that can take you to a different level of knowing simply by focusing your attention on it. This is a part of your education that has been omitted to your own detriment. You can learn volumes through focused attention. You do not need books or teachers to teach you about things you can access yourself.

Another uplifting practice is movement. Moving your body in whatever way feels good to you is powerfully healing and uplifting. It does not matter if you walk, dance, run, jog, do yoga, qi gong, tai chi, twirl, skip, jump, swim, or anything else. If you move your body in some way for a sustained period of time, you will feel benefits. Especially if you do it every day. The more you can do this the better. In many ways, moving your body for 5 minutes multiple times per day is more beneficial than exercising consistently for extended periods of time. We do not want to discourage any disciplined exercisers among our readers. We do want to encourage those who do not exercise regularly to begin where they are with 5 minutes per day or 5 minutes multiple times per day and increase it gradually as you feel motivated or inspired to do. 

Another recommendation we have is that you express gratitude on a daily basis by focusing on whatever you are grateful for in your life. There is no limit to what you can be grateful for if you choose to. Anything you appreciate in your life and want to maintain the presence of in your life is worthy of your gratitude. 

These are the primary examples of things every one of you can do no matter what your station in life, degree of health, or perceived time limits are. We remind you of all this because you will all need to get better at taking care of yourselves to withstand the level of change that is upon you. Taking care of yourself first is primary to your overall well-being and your ability to help others. Incorporate the restorative practices we have reiterated here and you will be poised to withstand whatever comes your way.

You are experiencing an unprecedented level of drama in the current U.S. presidential election cycle. There will be a shake-up that will alter all that is seemingly in place. This is something we want you to be prepared for. We ask you all to visualize exactly what you believe to be the highest and best outcome for all. We ask you to do this without imagining a certain candidate winning, but to imagine that all the issues you care about are being addressed and solutions are being found to every problem. Without thinking about the politics of how solutions will be addressed, where the money will come from to implement these solutions, or even the seeming impossibility of solutions being found when the political world is so divided, simply imagine how things could be if you all set your minds and hearts to finding solutions and money, politics, and resources had no bearing on the outcome. If you knew you could not fail in this great social and political experiment, what would you propose, lobby for, rally behind, and vote into existence? Imagine the highest and best for all beings on the planet. Divorce yourself, for the purpose of this exercise, from ‘the reality’ you have been taught and conditioned to believe in and be bold, daring, and willing to imagine something different, something better for all concerned. Imagine a world where everyone is accountable for their actions, held responsible for the choices they have made, forgiven if they have changed their ways and made amends, and given the opportunity to right any wrongs they have committed on any level. The more you exercise your brains in this type of visualization, the more likely it is to become your reality. If you live in fear about what is to come, you will collectively manifest something fearful. So, dear ones, we invite you again and again and again to imagine a better world knowing you truly have the power to change your ‘reality’ through your thoughts. 


 This is why we have been repeating over and over for the past six years through this one and for many more years through other channels that your thoughts create your reality. You can and will literally create a new world and you will do this calmly, with reason and intention, as communities that are not divided politically or otherwise but that are joined in unity with the conscious awareness of what is truly in the highest good of all. This will take some hashing out as you consider and discuss how you want your new world to handle or be responsible for things like health care, education, industry, technology, finance, economics, environmental clean-up, sustainable resources, and many other important issues including how to hold those responsible accountable for so much inequity, corruption, and flagrant misuse of resources. Rest assured that it will all work out beautifully. We say this with loving awareness that it will be the most challenging time that humanity has ever lived through in many ways. It will also be the most rewarding. We say that with absolute knowing.  Yes, it will take time to get there. And yes, you will have to get through the realization of how totally  and completely you have been collectively misled. This will be difficult for all of you. Some of you will experience outrage, some will want to check out, and some of you will be very excited to live at this time to witness the great restructuring and to get to work on co-creating exactly what you want with this brand new clean slate the universe is offering you. Yes, it will take years to rebuild and yes it will be the most dynamic exciting time any of you have ever lived through.

You will have many tools at your disposal to build the most thriving existence possible for all beings of Mother Earth. You will have your true history delivered to you via advanced technology from some of your star brothers and sisters. You will see how many Earth civilizations existed, for how long, and by what means they ceased to exist. You will understand that your human history on Earth is so much more extensive than you have been told and that humans have thrived on Earth, as well as on other planets, for eons. Mother Earth is raising herself up and all of you with her so that you can survive and thrive, rather than cleansing herself of all of you to begin again.  You are the first civilization that Mother Earth has chosen to raise up. This is because your collective consciousness has risen to the level that you can withstand the Earth changes which will be much gentler than previous ages. 

There are powerful forces working very tenaciously to keep a level of stress and fear present in you and your environment to keep you from raising yourselves up more. This is done largely through the media who do their best to get you caught up in and involved with any drama they can create to keep you absorbed in a way that you will be less likely to do all the things we suggested in the beginning of this message. When you are engrossed in political drama, crime drama, racial issues,  and terrorist threats, you are under stress and depleted and therefore more susceptible to believing what is being put forth. Your collective focus and attention on whatever you are fearing increases the likelihood that those fears are made manifest. Mass focus on whatever the news is spewing out keeps your whole society in a lower vibrational state.

If you detach from media, you see more and more the illusion that has overtaken so many aspects of your reality. We ask you, what is the harm of detaching from media, essentially fasting from media for a week? That is the most empowering action you can take in your life at this time. It will  restore a sense of sovereignty to you when you understand that you are not ruled by the media. If you think  you are not ruled by the media, but you cannot detach from it, you are ruled by it. You have no idea how freeing the detachment from it can be until  you do detach.  We can hear all of your excuses and justifications of why you need to watch the news or check your social media sites. Dearest ones, we highly encourage you to divorce yourself of the news, social media, and any serial PROGRAMMING. We are not attached to when you do this or for how long.  If you fast from media, you are giving yourself a great gift. You will not know what a gift it is or what the benefits will be until you do it. We can tell you with certainty that if you completely fast from media for one week, you will feel a level of wellness that you have not experienced for some time – provided you fill your days in meaningful ways. Again, we go back to the practices we began this message with. If you fast from media for one month, it will have a life changing effect on you. You will have a great deal more clarity about your life, your environment, your relationships, and much more if you detach from media and use the time to read, listen to music, play, sing, dance, draw, paint, knit, sew, purge things, organize, plan, write, build, create, connect with loved ones, go deeper in your relationships, nap, daydream, cuddle, explore the world in much more meaningful ways than having misinformation spoon fed to you on demand. You will have a greater ability to finish incomplete projects, begin new endeavors, develop new interests and relationships, take on a new area of study, develop a beneficial habit, and secure more for yourself in many ways than you can when you are consistently giving your time and attention to the media, rather than to more life enhancing pursuits. 

We do not wish to admonish you. We do wish to inform you, help raise your awareness, and give you the tools to do so. Dearest Ones, know we could not be more proud of you or excited for you. Our collective messages to you have been not only a preparation for this time, but a catalyst to assist you in arriving here, where you can hold the truth of what we say. We have no need of validation, yet all those who believe in what we have to say will feel validated as all we share here will come to fruition. 

Beloved ones, know we are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides