Love is our new reality

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A Message from Your Guides via Salena Migeot, February 12, 2018


A Message from Your Guides          February 12, 2018


Beloved Ones,

We greet you with the warmest rays of love and light and we ask your assistance in helping us help you. We have the power to assist you greatly except when you make mindless choices that obstruct our assistance. When you are mired in mindless activities, unconscious eating, watching, reading, or listening to things that do not uplift you in any way, you essentially block your own access to the love and light that is all around you wanting and waiting to envelope you and buoy you through your days and nights with ease, flow, and abundance. Those of you who are unaware of how ‘staying informed’ can and does limit our ability to access you because your attention is not open to receive us, we ask you at this time to consider what the consequences would be of going on a news fast. If you refrained from watching, reading, or listening to the news for one day, we believe you would feel very liberated and have a sense of freedom from the lower energies that plague you when you are attached to watching political machinations, crime, abuse, scandals, and violence play out in countless ways in front of your eyes and ears. You are subjecting yourselves daily, some of you nearly constantly, to barrages of these very low vibrational dramas that keep you much less energetically uplifted, and keep your mind focused on shifting through the motivations of all the characters involved and judging them through your own biases. Beloveds, that is not something we think you would readily admit to or continue to do so constantly if you were aware of how much it maintains a cloud around you that we find very difficult to penetrate to uplift and assist you.

As we move forward in these very pivotal times of your existence, we want to make you very aware that the more you can clear the cloud around you of any unconscious behaviors and choices, the easier it will be for you to navigate through the ongoing changes without suffering. The more you choose to stay clouded in your unconscious addictions – what some euphemistically call ‘guilty pleasures’ and others that are so widely accepted and commonplace as to seem perfectly normal, the more you will stay mired in the energies you are choosing to expose yourself to. We are very deliberately emphasizing that you make these choices countless times every day and you put little or no consciousness into that choice. You do it out of habit, or because that’s what the person or persons you live with do or because you do not think creatively and constructively enough to make better choices for yourselves. Dearest ones, you are not children and yet you are allowing yourselves to be treated as such by those who very intentionally orchestrate things so that you do not utilize your considerable power for your own good or the greatest good of all. For those of you who are in service to others to uplift, awaken, and enlighten, we ask you: how much more effective could you be in that role if you allowed yourself to completely eradicate the cloud that surrounds you and thereby gave us 24/7 access to you? By access we mean the ability to serve you in ways that can only enhance your service to others.

Some of you have all kinds of beautiful intentions to serve others and yet, you do not allow us to assist you  because of these clouds of mindless habits and choices that surround you. For some of you, the clouds are so thick that you feel very much alone. Those of you that are more ‘connected’ to what you perceive as Higher Spiritual Beings or any other of the myriad terms you use to name and describe that which you do not understand, could be that much more connected if you eliminated the static around you that we have called clouds. Think about any communication transmission. When static is present, it is much more difficult to receive the message clearly and so most of you simply change the channel to one of less static. That is why your cable and telecommunications companies are thriving. They know you will pay well for these distractions and they are all too eager to capitalize on your eagerness to receive communication clearly. What we are saying is: the more you can eliminate the distractions that create the clouds that we are referring to – that we experience as static, the easier it will be for us to replace that cloud with one of love, light, well-being, clarity, certainty, and all those qualities and attributes that will assist you with making the highest and best choices for yourself and your loved ones, those you are in service to, and all you wish to serve. It is with unbridled enthusiasm that we impart this message to you in the great hope that you will level the playing field for us so that we do not have to compete for your attention with those who profit from your being inattentive to us.

It is imperative for you to understand that what you watch on a daily basis has a profound impact on your overall well-being or lack thereof. We ask you to be very mindful of how you feel watching certain events versus what we will call the daily drivel that passes for ‘news’. We would like to suggest that a great deal of your ‘news’ is not very newsworthy. We would like to suggest that you choose to watch that which informs – not in the way of ‘he said, she said’ or this one did that and informs you why that is not okay, or informs you that they are great for doing that when whatever they did is not so great, but news that is really fresh and new. Yes, it is a responsibility of the news industry to inform you of tragic events and no, it is not their responsibility to continue to keep you informed 24/7 about that particular tragedy. We suggest that the choices made around which news or tragedies are covered very minimally or not at all and which are covered seemingly non-stop are made by those who are not only in positions to sway public opinion, but who back certain political parties, lobbies, or candidates with billions of dollars.

You think in the United States of America you have freedom, but Dearest Ones, in many ways, you surrender your freedom and enslave yourselves to the media, to digital screens, to disconnection. And most of you reading this make these choices every day while the ones you love sit in another room or even across the room or the table and engage in social media, news, or games rather than engaging with the person you are physically present with. When you do this, you are making a choice to stay disconnected from yourself, from your loved ones, and from we who are loving you so powerfully and patiently standing by to assist you to make more conscious choices and regain the power that is yours when you refrain from giving it away in mindless ways. Beloved Ones, we who are with you always, in every moment with every breath, completely understand what you are up against. We have the utmost compassion for you and we only want what is in your highest good. We do not deliver this message with any judgment whatsoever, only the pure intention to enlighten you toward that which you do not see clearly. We welcome you out of the clouds and into our loving arms – whenever you are ready Beloveds.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides