Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, December 16th, 2017

A Message from Your Guides    December 16, 2017



It is with great love that we greet you this day. We have much to prepare you for as your ascension codes are in the process of being activated. What we mean by this is: you will become more aware of All That Is. You will have greater discernment about what your reality is, what you can do to enhance your experience of your reality, and what you can do to alter or eliminate those aspects of your reality that you do not care for. This will be a process that some of you will master quicky and easily and others will go on struggling because they lack the belief in their own power and the possibility that they can change their circumstances for the better through their thoughts, beliefs, and choices. You have all heard this concept or some variation of it for a very long time, yet few of you truly believe in its power. That is changing rapidly as you receive divine assistance for your biological vessels to be upgraded at this time as well as your psychological constructs. There are many other aspects to the upgrades that are flooding your world energetically at this time.

You often claim you do not have the energy to do something, when, in actuality, you can psychologically call forth the energy, your biological vessel will receive that energy, and you are able to carry on with whatever you invoked the energy for. We will elaborate as some of you completely understand and practice this often and others use a lack of energy as an excuse to avoid those things to which they are resistant. It is one thing if you know in your heart, mind, and body that you do not want to do something. That is quite clear to you and there is no reason that you cannot speak your truth about not wanting to do it. When you speak your truth, it increases your power, your authenticity, and your agency in the world. If you avoid truth, make excuses, or do things you would prefer not to to please others frequently, you are thereby diminishing your own power, authenticity, and agency in the world. If however, you truly do not want to do something, there is no reason you need to explain to anyone else your reasons for not wanting to do it.

This is, perhaps, the most important part of this message: You are sovereign. No other individual or group has any power over you unless you allow them to. We do mean this quite literally. No organization or system has any power over you unless you allow them to. You are not subject to any creed, code, laws, or rules unless you choose to be. When you allow yourself to be part of something larger, you often subjugate yourself to any laws, rules, regulations, or expectations of what that larger body expects of you. That is your choice and most of you do not think about any consequences of subjugating yourself to the larger group wether that is your family, your social or professional group, your spiritual community, your political party, your artistic, athletic, or avocational groups. Dear Ones, as more and more of you become aware of what you are capable of, these groups will begin to feel constrictive for you. You will begin to bristle at expectations that you were perfectly willing to comply with in the past. As you reach a greater and greater level of sovereignty, you will avoid groups and organizations that limit your sovereignty in any way. Many groups and organizations will evolve to accommodate those who are unwilling to comply to the previously standard rules, regulations, and expectations of membership by offering partial memberships where the obligations are more flexible. This will be necessary for many of these organizations to continue.

Another way you will see people coming into their sovereignty more and more is in the area of education. Many more people will eschew the organizations called colleges and universities. Many of these institutions limit the ability and capacity for learning by essentially controlling what is offered in terms of curriculums and courses. Those that will continue to thrive will be the ones that offer more self-directed curriculums, more multi-faceted degrees, and allow students to design their own degrees based on their interests and abilities, without limiting where they can do their research or even the kinds of research they do. You will hear more and more about students who conduct research experientially, rather than relying on someone else’s completed and therefore often outdated or obsolete research. This is already happening at some institutions, which we deem in the highest good of all. Learning in general will become much more experiential and less constricted to books. What is experienced is exponentially more valuable in terms of learning than what is read or heard. The more freedom students have to experiment and explore, the greater prestige they will bring to these institutions. Those institutions that continue to control curriculums and the process of acquiring information will become less dynamic and eventually lose their edge in terms of attracting and maintaining a viable student body. As such, we can say unequivocally that this trend will continue until students realize that they do not need such organizations and institutions to succeed.

Much higher education will become more didactic, or self-taught. The standards of higher education will shift dramatically as a result and businesses and other organized systems will require less formal education and will look more for innovation in terms of how new recruits facilitate their own learning process. It will be quite clear that those that are motivated to excel on their own terms according to their own interests, will enhance any organization they choose to be a part of, rather than conforming to what has been expected in the past. Just as entrepreneurship has skyrocketed in the past decade, those who do desire to work within existing organizations will create a type of organizational entrepreneurship for those organizations resulting in a win/win situation for the organization itself, the individuals who choose to enhance the organizations by lending their skills to them, and for all those the organization serves. In this way, the old, outdated company expectations and conformities will become a thing of the past and the power and success of these companies will rely more and more on human ideas and output rather than numbers and profit margins.

As more and more people are able to explore their potential under the flagship of a company, organization, or institution that allows them to chart uncharted territory, your perceived limitations will become a thing of the past. So, on an individual and collective level, you will be letting go of limitations. More and more people and organizations will see and understand that progress is continually achievable in a way that was previously perceived as happenstance or luck as opposed to measured input equals output. As a result, more and more will be achieved. Human potential will be studied and experimented with much more as more and more people break through boundaries, perceived limitations, and false beliefs to achieve ever more increasing abilities, thereby expanding possibilities for all.

Beloveds, for those of you who perceive that others have all the power, you could not be more mistaken. Every one of you is exceptionally powerful. How or if you choose to use your power is your choice. We highly recommend that you contemplate your power in a number of ways. How can you use your social, financial, intellectual, physical, or spiritual power in ways that contribute to the greater good of all? Know that each choice does affect the ALL through the ripples it creates. We ask you to be very mindful of this – how you empower or disempower what you desire through your thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions. Each thought, word, and action is a choice indicating  what you focus on. Focus clearly and consistently on that which you want and that is what you will achieve, provided you are not sabotaging your desires through false beliefs or perceived limitations. It does not matter that what you focus on is perceived as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Most things can and will be perceived as ‘good’ by some and ‘bad’ by others. We ask you not to judge your own ideas or desires, simply fuel what you are passionate about through your thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions, and it is so much more likely to come to fruition. For those of you who lack passion for any idea or cause, we would like you to consider what it is you would be willing to devote your life to if you could not fail. If all of your needs were abundantly taken care of simply by focusing your attention on what you want, what would you create in your life or for the world at large?

Dearest Ones, we strongly encourage you to contemplate the possibilities we are presenting through this transmission as more and more, you will experience your thoughts and words becoming your reality. This is merely the Law of Attraction at work. Your experience of this Spiritual Law will increase markedly as you assimilate the Ascension Codes and attract that which you focus on. Again, Beloveds, be very mindful what you focus your thoughts, attention, and energy on.

We are loving you powerfully.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides


This Message was channeled by Salena Migeot ( Feel free to share, forward, or repost this message in it’s entirety with proper attribution.