Love is our new reality

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, September 23d, 2018

Know we are loving you powerfully. Know the situations that do not please you about your world are going through a great deal of change so that what emerges will be more agreeable to all concerned. That outcome is likely to come to fruition at a time when you all realize that the differences you perceive are just that – perception. When you are more aware that you are all sisters and brothers, rather than different colors, races, nationalities, and all the other differences that you allow to divide you, you will be able to emerge in a way that will reflect that. All of your societal institutions will reflect the diversity of the human family. Believing that one group is superior to another is childish thinking. That is true of all groups. When one group is more skilled, experienced, or better in any way, they have other characteristics that are not as well developed as those that might be considered inferior. That is what diversity provides –   balance. Anyone who is opposed to diversity is opposed to balance.
This becomes apparent when you think of any civilization throughout human history who seemed superior. It does not matter how successful any group is in warfare if they are not able to survive in peace. It does not matter how peaceful a people is when another people declare war on them. It is necessary to have balance. We are not saying in any way that war is necessary or that warfare is a necessary skill. We are saying that if there are warmongering peoples that exist, it is necessary to be able to either defend your land and people, outsmart the warmongers, or be able to negotiate peace, yet be prepared for defense in the event that those negotiations don’t go well. If one people had a good balance of peaceful people, adept negotiators, and skilled warriors , they would have an advantage over those who had only peaceful people, warmongers, or negotiators. The more diversity is reflected in any people, the more skills they have available to them.
Every people has certain skills that are not shared universally. That does not mean that any skills cannot be learned universally. The more the human family appreciates and incorporates diversity, the more successful the human family will be. As the human family works and plays together in more diverse ways, they will communicate more and more. As that communication continues, it will include discussions about the pitfalls one culture might immediately recognize in the way another culture is doing things. As this happens more and more, there will be greater and greater collaboration. That  collaboration will result in a vast reduction in environmental pollution such that those industries that pollute the most will be either vastly reformed or eradicated. There will be a world-wide collective movement to reclaim the sanctity of Earth. The wisdom of respecting the environment will become much more apparent to those who currently do not allow themselves to see the benefit of being responsible stewards of Earth. When Earth is in balance, She will provide in ways that have not been seen or experienced for many many centuries. The more humanity takes it upon themselves to stop polluting and start making positive changes, the more they will be rewarded with more pristine air, soil, water, food, beauty and diversity in nature, and less disease of the mind, body, and spirit.
Beloveds, it is in the highest good that you see this as the inevitable outcome that we see. The more you come into alignment with what we are saying , the more beneficial it will be for each of you individually as well as humanity and the Earth. Diversity. Balance. Beauty. Harmony. Peace.
And so it is.
The Collective of Guides
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