Love is our new reality

Buddha via Jahn J Kassl, September 24th, 2018


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Anger you reject, rage you refuse and hatred that leaves you untouched, will release elsewhere.

Floral wreaths you are handed, praise you receive, and affection you are presented with, will unfold their sweet fragrance elsewhere if you remain untouched by them. Because someone who has awakened knows life and knows himself – and hence does not attempt to own what is not his.

Beloved humans!

The path to enlightenment is defined by realizations coming from deep inner spiritual experiences. That is how life serves you, and every day is handing you issues on the platter of life.

Inner growth is only possible when outer circumstances are considered and respected. Respect the unpleasant and the pleasant events in your life and look at everything that touches you one way or another.


This approach demands of you an alert state of consciousness along with the realization that everything you resonate with will reach you and everything you reject will manifest elsewhere.

The awakened one knows how to relate to things. Anger is endured for the sake of not transferring anger to others, rage is accepted so that it can’t release elsewhere, and even hatred gains access to the awakened one so that it can’t disastrously spread elsewhere.

The awakened one knows when and why he brings about this or that – and so the weight resting on his shoulders is never his own heaviness but the burdens of those he loves unconditionally.

However, the awakened one also knows how to relate to praise and homage. Affection and rejection are observed by the awakened consciousness and have no effect whatsoever on the awakened one.

That is how the awakened one walks among other human beings. Without leaving a trace, he serves a world that needs him, and serves those who come to him.

While they themselves are unchanging, awakened ones enter a world that is undergoing change. While they themselves hold still, they move other people. While they themselves are non-involved, they engage in everything.

Are you ready to get to this source? Then come! Because truly:

Eternal life comes to those who look for the source and drink from the source.