Love is our new reality

The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, September 3d, 2018

A Message from Your Guides                 September 3, 2018

Beloved Ones, 

Your lives are changing in many ways and you are learning to flow with change more and more. There have been accelerations of change in recent years such that you are all much more used to and tolerant of change. From our perspective, this is excellent. We will continue to guide you through more and more change until you are able to navigate the changes on your world very easily and effortlessly. Just as you are assimilating change at a much faster rate than you ever have before, that process of acceleration of change and assimilation of change will continue. The more it continues, the more you will experience a deeper connection with all that is and a deeper knowing that we are all one.

 It is as though you are living in your house completely unaware that there are all kinds of insects and other beings that also are at home in your home and slowly and gradually you become aware of more and more species of insects and other beings who share space with you. As long as you do not startle one another, you can live and co-exist very peacefully. It is only when you are completely unaware of something being present and then are startled by it that it upsets you. You will begin to understand more and  more that your environment is shared and that just because you own a home or rent or pay a mortgage, that does not give you exclusive rights to that space such that no other beings are allowed. There are many beings from multiple dimensions that do not comply with your laws of ownership. You already co-exist very peacefully with many beings, largely because you are unaware of their existence. As you become more and more aware of these other beings, there will be more and more information about them that will allow you to coexist peacefully and comfortably with them. 

In order for you to make progress in this area, we would like you to be aware of some awarenesses you will  come to: You will have the sense that you are not alone more and more often. This is a heightening of senses that allows you to feel energies that are not visible. You will feel the energies of departed souls – some who may have been related to you in their immediate past lifetime, some who may have occupied the house or the land where you currently live. You may also experience beings of other dimensions who most of you relegate to fairy tales. Fairies are very real. The fact that the vast majority of you do not perceive them does not make that any less true. More and more of you will begin to perceive the faerie folk who are known to some extent by many names. The plethora of information and art about them is a testament to their existence. They have peacefully co-existed with humanity throughout human history. At certain times, in certain places, they were much more perceived than they currently are. If you did a comprehensive study, you would find that there is information available about the fairy folk and credible people who have seen them. You would find that the depictions of them are consistent. The information shared about them is similar regardless of time and place. The fairly folk are generally playful, protective, and often perceived as mischievous. Their behavior is similar to a playful child who means no harm. That does not mean they are not wise beings. In many ways, they are much wiser than humanity. They have a keen understanding of the inter-relatedness of all life. They understand how you are affected by them even when you are completely unaware of their existence. They are most deeply connected to the plant realm and nurture and protect many plants. If you are not a friend to plants, it is unlikely the fairy folk will befriend you. They are drawn to those who love and nurture plants, those who feel comfortable spending time in nature, and those who are at home in pristine natural settings. They enjoy natural settings that have not been landscaped in ways that alter what grows naturally in any given place. Places that still support native species and do not use any manmade fertilizers or pesticides are sacred to the fairy folk. Because of the prevalence of these manmade products, the fairies work has increased tremendously. They have some compassion for those who know not what they do, but are unlikely to appear to anyone that harms the environment knowingly or unknowingly. 

They have relationships with some people who do their best to minimize man’s impact on wild places. They deeply appreciate these unknown and unsung stewards of the land and sometimes honor these ones by communicating directly with and showing themselves to them. Their understanding of the human realm is limited by what they witness in human relations and humans’  relations with their environment. They consider those that are excellent stewards of the land to be wiser and more advanced than other segments of the human population. Those beings that have respect for all life and the interconnected web of life have great respect for other species that also have great respect for all life. Unfortunately, the human species as a whole is considered a lower life form to many species because of their proclivity to harm others of their own or another species in so many varied ways. 

Beloveds, we beseech you to raise yourselves up from a lower life form to a higher life form through your personal choices each and every day. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides 

Channeled by Salena Migeot, Feel free to share, forward, or repost this message in it’s entirety with proper attribution.