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Plato speaks via Jacquelyn Fox, September 3d, 2018

September 3rd 2018

Session with Plato for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)


Note from J: Just to clarify some of Plato’s language which may be confusing for some… When he speaks of an “open Light mind” he means minds that are open, or sensitive to spiritual energy, intuitive minds. “Night-light” is his term for describing energies that are not in alignment with peace and happiness, not in alignment with God, and in need of healing. When he speaks of “your flow” he refers to your energy flow, or your aura.


Plato is speaking:

“Plight in life is the order of life. Meaning, that no life is without it. In life, plight aligns with the learning of lessons. One cannot progress in enlightenment without it. In the ultimate goal of the soul, plight plays the role of a great lesson-giver. Souls often choose growth through plight as their learning mode. Hope is life’s antidote to the effects of plight. One cannot escape plight, but through hope, one can weather life’s storms without crumbling in spirit.

Kicking out plight can be a difficult task, however. It is not always easy to avoid growing dependent on one’s life-hindering modes of escape such as destructive habits and addictions. Staying in alignment with Light and with God sometimes seems impossible, and maintaining one’s trust in Light when one is experiencing life-plight is very challenging. Falling into alignment with limiting habits is much easier. Open Light minds like yours are susceptible to great life plight, more so than closed minds. When one’s mind is open to Light it is open to all forms of Light, including strong night-light energies. Simply put, intuitive minds are hard to manage sometimes. If open Light minds become overwhelmed in plight, it is entirely possible for plight to last indefinitely, unless that mind can lift itself through hope.

Hope is the wellspring from which happiness flows. Without hope in life one becomes lost in night-light. Losing one’s hope is a sure path to life misery. Gallant trust in Light is the path to Hope. To trust in Light is to trust in one’s higher self. Hope is facing plight with trust in the wisdom of your higher self. Knowing that your soul has chosen this experience for a reason allows one to look at the plight differently. Learning the life lesson quickly enables one to move past the plight and experience spiritual growth. Moving through the plight quickly is much easier when one holds onto hope.

Right-minded students of Light demote themselves in spiritual growth quite often in life. They limit hope, allowing plight to overshadow joy. They wallow in self-pity and blame for their troubles as if they knew nothing of Light Truth. Lost mutterings of ‘Why me?’ emanate from their minds. In Light, we hear these thoughts of self-pity and indignance and shake our heads. Gentle though we may be in our open-handed encouragement, our guidance will be temporarily withdrawn if our student falls into the trap of turning away from Light. Lost time waiting for them to come back frustrates us but it is all part of their learning process, so we allow it to take its course. No guide in Light will deny guidance when it is sincerely sought, so do not fear that you will be abandoned. When you stop stepping on hope, Light will shine through again. Love is always with you. Higher beings in Light pour their loving energy into your flow until it shines brightly again. We never stop loving our students. Arguing with them however is a waste of our time, so we allow them to experience the plight they have chosen and wait for them to learn the lesson it contains. Life can be very lonely when one is cancelling one’s much-needed Light guidance because of plight. Hope is the only path back from that loneliness.

But how does one find hope when one is in separation from Light guidance? Through aligning with the principles of Light Truth. Light Truth states that in Light all possibilities exist. Hoping for the most desirable possibility draws that possibility closer to one’s life reality. One is always manifesting their life experience. If that experience is not to your liking, then eliminate the mindset that drew it to you. Do not wallow in blame or self-pity, for that is only wasting precious time in life. Face the Light and lift your hope in Truth! Fling away the night-light thoughts that limit you and embrace trust in Light, knowing that all is as it should be in life and Light. Move out of night-light and back into Light. We will be right here waiting for you to smile our way again.

Thank you for your kind attention to my words, my friends. Until next time, be well.”



You can connect with Jacquelyn, and her Master Teachers, via her website at httpss:// A book of her channelings, “LIGHT LESSONS: Wisdom for Light Workers from Master Teachers in Light” is also available on Amazon.