Omara – An Atlantean Priestess via Beatrice Madsen, September 3d, 2018

Omara – An Atlantean Priestess

September 3d, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


My name is Omara and I lived and acted as a highly developed priestess during the time of Atlantis and in connection with the higher spheres. I no longer need to incarnate into the life cycle on Earth, since I continuously exist in my higher condition. In my work on Atlantis crystals assisted me and I also carried a headpiece with thin crystal walls in different angels that helped the resonance and the clarity in taking in the messages from the higher spiritual spheres. We were a highly developed civilization and besides the spiritual knowledge and wisdom that could flourish and develop freely there was also a highly developed technology. This technology made it possible for us to move and travel in the most astonishing ways, but everything that was obvious for us we cannot yet disclose to you as you would not be able to absorb it. You are on your way to become ready and it is with great excitement and eagerness that we follow your steps and your development. Many of us have had relationships with you earlier in Atlantis and we rejoice over now being able to reconnect. As you ascend it becomes easier for us to contact you and it becomes a dear reunion and a kind of homecoming.

During the time of Atlantis there was a balance between the feminine and masculine energies and this situation is on its way to become reestablished on Earth. Even if it might seem hard to understand we want to say chaos can result as a reaction to difficulties with accepting the new. This chaos is apparent and will not last, but is a last desperate attempt to hold on to the lower energies that have prevailed during such a long time and which are and feel like a home abode for so many people. We can liken it to you leaving on a longer uncertain journey to a culture with different temperatures, food and activities. Some of you become afraid and want to stay home in what is familiar and in this way secure. However, the energies are now so high that it does not work very well to stay home in the old. This creates chaos among those who desperately fight for it, and you must understand that they are particularly confused on the inside. Send light and love to your fellow humans who battle and do not know better and are unable.

We rejoice very much in the fact that a light filled and crystalline Earth is reborn and you with it. Mother Earth is your midwife who gives birth for your collective to a better world, where the feminine, divine principle will come to exist in balance with the masculine. Just as it is painful to give birth, both for the mother and the child, it is for you too, dear friends and it takes time to adjust the body to the new breathing and the new energy. Allow yourselves to be newborns and give yourselves care. Thank yourselves for having chosen to go through this difficult process which is being applauded by all of us on this side. You are our true heroes and give birth to this time together with your dearest Gaia. The work you do resonate and vibrate in the whole of the Universe and affects the smallest of particles. In a sense you are doing it blindly as you cannot with your own eyes see how fantastic the effect of it is.

The new Atlantis is on its way to be reborn and we are here to help. Our demise was a strange story and technology had gotten to the heads of many at that time and taken over too much. The heart power did not keep up and this was a contributing factor to our spectacular demise. In spite of the fact that so many of us had such a strong heart connection it was not enough for the collective heart in Atlantis and our civilization was doomed to its demise. Now we have gone through the cycles and it is time again. You can understand how we rejoice and really glitter in our eagerness to see this happen. You who are incarnate now have during the years developed a stable, inviolable, blameless heart power via the grand master and bringer at the beginning of your counting of time. His love is in your hearts and you have through earlier incarnations polished and developed this heart power in order for it to blossom and grow in this era. This power gives you stability and heroism and is what you need in the new Atlantis and what ensures that it does not go under as before. I give you the key through the heart’s spiritual power, which will carry you to creation of the new, lighter and more light filled Earth. The energies are raised step by step and day by day and I return later on in order give you exercises that can be helpful.

I am grateful to have reconnected with you.

Your Omara



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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