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The energy manifestation in the material space above the earth getting faster via Yujun in China, August 28th, 2018

(observation)the energy manifestation in the material space above the earth getting faster

Channeled by Yujun, translated by

Xiong 2018.08.28

As for the remoulding of the earth, the Universe now is concentrating all power in material space on the surface of the earth and living areas of the humanity. Mountains, oceans, lakes, lands, air, clouds, atmosphere, all kinds of all levels of living beings gathering close to the surface of the space, which we can see in the material space of the earth, in different regions of the space, all follow the arrangements of the earth’s manager, remoulding the earth in each responsible fields, and deepening the coordination and butt joint at the energy level of the earth.

After the star core energy of the earth has been level-skipped up, there is a  great discrepancy between matter energy in the material space and the brand new integrated energy of the earth, so now concentrating all the strength in the surface of the space, conducting butt-jointed connection, making it rapidly synchronize and coordinate the situations of energy running and vibrational frequency after the earth’s whole star core has changed.

In the material space we can see, such as regions of oceans, land masses, cloud atmosphere, there are extraterrestrial beings, Universal God and Buddha, local manager of the earth, the corresponding work beings taking office on the earth, all following the arrangement of the earth God, butt-joint connecting with energy of the Universe, deepening into remoulding of the earth’s energy partially

The material space is divided into several big segment, in each segment space there are work beings carrying out this kind of jobs. Now this kind of remoulding at the energy level are manifesting faster and faster, the effects are more and more obvious. This also derived from a big change of the entire environment of the earth, and the function of the energy of the earth’s star core, as well as the linking up and fusion with the energy of Big Dipper, making the energy in the material space above the surface of the earth manifest faster and faster, under the pulling up of the Universal high frequency energy.

We saw that in the material space, in which human beings live, are full of various forms of colorful energy network. This kind of energy network is different from the energy network we saw before, which was formed into by the connection of energy pipelines. The energy network, which we are seeing now, is a kind of radial, being formed into by the radial which is polychrome and shining colorful light, laid in this space.

It’s permeability and penetrability with the energy of material carrier and living beings are very strong, it’s very powerful to tear out and resolve negative energy. This kind of network, made from radial, just like pieces of sharp blades group in this space, all the negative energy touched was penetrated and vanished in nothingness.

In each area of the earth’s material space are laid full of this kind of radial energy network, all the small size networks in each space connect with each other together into a huge radial network covering up the entire human world. Human beings live in this kind of energy network, the energy effects are making all the time, it’s very powerful for human Citta to clean up negative energy and open up some energy pipelines.

At the same time Citta space of the humanity burst out countless sharp, Highly penetrating and radial energy lines into this space, extending out radial colorful energy lines from inside human’s body, connecting with each other into network, overlapping with the radial network in the space. As a result, they formed into a very complicated integrated radial network, making effects in this space.

This kind of energy effect not only is permeating and penetrating into the inner earth in the material space, but also extending outward to other spatial dimensions and stars beyond the whole earth. We can observe the manifestation of this kind of energy effect by the natural landscape near us.

The clouds we saw today was totally different from before, the surface of the clouds looked very clean and pure white, presenting a state of very thin and loose cotton yarn and floating in the air, and the height above the earth was very low, close enough to touch. It’s different from what we saw the clouds before, it’s like in a state of clumps, compaction and thickness.

Through the external forms of the clouds, deepened into the inner energy situation to observe, saw pure white consummate energy inside the clouds keep flowing out continuously, its energy very clean and transparent, the radial energy radiating out from the center of the clouds, making the texture inside the clouds stretched and pulled into thin and loose filiform.

In  the  process of Energy of extension, the negative energy, black energy inside the clouds were cleaned up, covered up and wiped out. Not only the clouds, if we can observe carefully and attentively, we can find that in this material space all the matter and living beings are changing, and getting better and better with the effect of energy.