Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, November 26th, 2016

A Message from Your Guides          

November 26, 2016


Beloved Ones,

It is our great pleasure to see so many of you rising to the need of the times to stand for your beliefs and thereby live your truth. We would say this to any one of you even as one’s ideas oppose another. We do not recommend that you act on ideas that are counter to your intrinsic values. By this we mean, if you are encouraged to show up to support something that you do not believe in, your showing up is actually detrimental to you and to the cause if you do not fully believe in the cause. It is detrimental to you because it takes you further away from your authenticity and it is detrimental to the cause because you are diluting the power of those who are passionate believers in the cause. If you support the cause whole-heartedly, yet it does not feel right for you to show up for the cause, know that this is for a reason and it may simply be that you are meant to show up in a different way or that your support or service might be to inform others who otherwise might not be exposed to or aware of the cause. It may be that you will feel powerfully called to show up when you are able to do the most good for the cause. It may be that you are unable to show up in the physical but a monetary donation and/or powerfully envisioning and/or prayerfully intending the highest outcome for all concerned can have great impact. 

It is recommended that for those things that you feel passionately about, you contribute in any way that you feel is effective for you. If you feel powerfully called to be in service in some way that you are not sure is needed, we would suggest you consider three things: what can my offering do for the cause? Does my offering help or hinder the cause? and, Do I have any attachment to, ulterior motive for, or desired outcome for my offering? Once you can honestly answer these questions, we invite you to ask a few more: Can my offering benefit a few, many, or the entire cause? Do I want recognition, acknowledgement, or reward for my offering? Am I perfectly fine with showing up in service even if my service is not utilized? Am I willing to put forth whatever effort, cost, energy, supplies, etc. without attachment to outcome on any level? Can I walk away in neutrality if I go through whatever time and expense is involved only to find that my offering is not acknowledged by anyone? Can I offer it up to Spirit trusting that I received exactly what is in my highest good even if that is a lesson in humility or being presented with an opposing viewpoint that now seems more logical than what I believe(d) in?  Would I be equally comfortable offering my gift, time, service, energy, know-how if no other person knew about it or if everyone I know knew about it? Honestly answering these questions helps you to clarify your motives and to assess if you are truly making your offering in a selfless way or if you have some attachment that may not be apparent. 

We are pointing this out at this time because of all the protests that are happening now. Protests are an excellent assessment of values. What do you really believe in? Are you willing to invest in this belief in some way? Are you willing to walk your talk? Are you allowing others to protest without judgement or criticism if their values are not aligned with your own? Protests will continue for the foreseeable future until your world achieves a greater balance of resources and information. As resources are shared more and information is more freely shared, the playing field will be leveled for what is commonly referred to as the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. For those of you who think that information is freely available and freely shared, it is not. For all that is available, there is so much more that is currently unavailable. For those of you who feel as though you are on information overload, know that that will not dissipate – quite the contrary. There are a few things that will change in regards to how you receive, disseminate, and process information. You will have access to great libraries of information that make the greatest of your current libraries look like magazine stands. The disinformation that has become so rampant in your ‘news’ media and social media sites will peter out as people become more savvy in discerning truth from lies. The corporate interests that censor what information you receive will be dissuaded from censoring when it is no longer profitable for them to spread misinformation. And the sponsors of the corporate media will be exposed and ethics committees implemented to monitor all media outlets to curtail conflicts of interest, sensationalism, cronyism, and cover-ups. This will be a gradual process and despite that, you can look forward to receiving more and more information within a few short months that will expose much that has been hidden. As your world adjusts to this new information that has been hidden from you, it will be necessary more and more to go within to balance all that you are being exposed to outwardly. Dearest ones, know that any way you choose to go within is better than no way. If you sit or lie alone for any amount of time in peace and quiet without any sources of information turned on/in range, that is excellent. If you choose to add conscious directed thought or visualization, that is excellent. If you choose to meditate in any way – focus on the breath, on a mantra, on a picture, on any one thing to the exclusion of everything else, that is excellent. If you allow yourself to daydream and think of it as a ‘creativity break’ that is excellent. Those of you who practice this are well aware of how beneficial it is – how relaxing, restorative, grounding, and clarifying it is. It decreases your stress and increases your creativity, clarity, and sense of well-being. It also de-ages you. Think of it as an age eraser. Think of anyone you know who has a daily practice of relaxation or meditation and how they are younger than their peers in some way – it may be a more youthful attitude, a greater sense of humor, smoother skin, a sense of ease and grace, or something less tangible that speaks of wellness. We would suggest that if you find it difficult to devote a short amount of time to developing this type of practice, you very likely have an unhealthy attachment to information/technology/social media. As such, we highly recommend that each and every one of you begin to set aside all that in favor of peace and well-being for as much or as little time as you can allocate to that. A series of short sessions throughout the day is as or more effective than one longer session. There is no reason why every single person reading this cannot implement this very simple daily practice into their lives. Unplug and unwind for greater wellness. 

This and all other good habits we recommend – spending time in nature, moving your body, spending quality time with loved ones, creating beauty/art, stretching your mental or physical muscles, connecting with whatever you consider God/Source will all become more and more important to keep you centered, in a heart-accesible place, and give you a sense of wellness as your society navigates through the shift that is currently underway. It is and will continue to be extremely important to keep your immunity up as the changes become more pronounced and small changes lead to larger changes until your world will seem as though it is turning upside down and inside out. Please stay in the knowing that this is all in the highest good. You need to eliminate the old to make room for the new. The old is now obsolete. The new is still being challenged but will prove much more effective, efficient, and balanced than the old. Dearest Ones, do remain in trust and gratitude knowing that all is happening for the highest good and that will be your experience. The more you resist what no longer serves you, the more challenging the inevitable changes will be for you. The changes are imminent. They are happening. Be one. Be well. Know you are loved. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot ( Feel free to share or repost this message in its entirety with proper attribution.