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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, November 27th


Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Sananda and I ride a white steed to you today. The Light is here my dear friends and I welcome you into the Light. The dark has fallen and there is only a thin haze in the wall that separate the dark from the Light. My steed and I are on the side of the Light and await you. There the Light is a thousand fold higher than it currently is where you are. Everything is just light, beautiful and loving and it is this part of the world you are on your way to, dear children on Earth. My embrace is open for you and I send out all my light of love to further disperse the fog that is left in your minds. Take each other by the hand you children of the light and let the light pour through you from Earth and up to the Highest Source of Light and let it then pour down to Earth again so that it becomes solidly anchored there. You are the Light that right now transforms the surface of the Earth to a light and beautiful place to live.

I am with you. We are with you until the end of time. We are all one and we live in your hearts just as you live in ours. God bless all of you and bring you now home again. Home to your families who are singing in joy over having their own come home again. You are so incredibly loved, that you would not hesitate to love yourself if you knew how loved you are. It is time to understand that you are more than you have become. There are great resources in your bodies that you have not benefitted from or even understood that you have. Go within and find the great potential that is hidden there. It is there for all who dare to dare to penetrate to their inner core. Maybe your world will be changed, yes, but the world changes all the time. Nowhere is it at a standstill – nothing can be held in place. My advice is for you to follow the flow, the flow that is intended for you and which you find in your heart. This is where you find your true self and the true path that is yours and which will take you home again. Do not look so much at what others do – they have a different path and are also striving to find meaning in their lives. All of this can be found within you and me and my guides will willingly help you to find what is uniquely for you.

Do not be afraid of the thunder that roars and rumbles. It frightens you for a little while, but quickly roars past you. Seek and find the light, as it will help you manifest the good for yourself and fellow man and woman on Earth. This goes for animals and nature as well. Everything is tied together. Everything is equally precious and beautiful. See it through the light and you see the beauty around you. Everything receives a golden shimmer around it and shines extra strong. Take it in and contemplate it in your heart. It knows and understands that the time is here now. It is time for the light to take its rightful place in this part of the Universe – so understand that the joy is great up here. Understand that we help you all that we can. All we need it a word from your lips. As everything is of free will and your will is our law. We cannot change this world to a realm of light without your help. It is you who pull down the Light to Earth with your desire and will to do so. You are the pillars of light that keeps the light so high that the dark has been forced to retreat. Your will to clean out the dark from your minds and replace it with compassion and love has forced the dark to retreat. The dark has lost its largest strongholds and can now only be heard as a rumbling in some places around the world.

Hold each other’s hands dear lightworkers and let the light shine through you from below and up and then from the top and down. Let the Light take hold yet more on Earth and let everybody see the beauty that comes from it.

I leave you now with this beautiful sight in my heart.

I love you so much,






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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