Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, November 9th, 2016

A Message from Your Guides        November 9, 2016


Beloved Ones,

Know we are loving you powerfully. The changes we have been preparing you for are well under way. The way through these changes is to continue to trust that everything is happening for the highest good. Know that for all you see, there is so much that is unseen transpiring on many levels that will come to light to show you that the illusion you have been living under has been just that. A large house of cards has fallen. Many more houses large and small will fall before you reach the promised land. Know that nothing is set in stone until it happens and the changes that are happening will continue and accelerate until the houses are rebuilt as though with tempered glass – completely transparent and completely functional in every way. In the meantime, there will be many phases of reconstruction, deconstruction, and re-alignment until the new houses are all in cosmic alignment with what is truly in the highest good of Mother Earth and all her beings.

Those of you who read the stars are aware of the enormity of changes that the astrological charts foretell. They foretell sweeping changes that maySGNL keep you in a state of stress, confusion, doubt, and uncertainty unless you take good care of yourselves and continue to trust that everything is happening for the highest good. We recommend doing all you can to stay grounded and centered and in alignment with Source. Remember that the thoughts you attach to create your reality so do your best to stay in the knowing that you are in a period of ascension and the ease or difficulty of this transition depends largely on your ability to monitor your thoughts and stay aligned as much as possible with all that represents health, goodness, love, peace, ease, flow, abundance, joy, and connectedness.

Know that the changes that are upon you will continue to accelerate so that what appears today may quite literally disappear tomorrow. Nothing is permanent – with the changes that are occurring, not even death and taxes are as imminent as you currently believe them to be. Your view of both death and taxes, as well as many other topics, will be expanded and contracted and revisited from a higher perspective. You are all spiraling upward and onward and no force in the universe can now stop that. Know that as you continue to spiral, the momentum you build will cause all that does not serve your highest good to be spun off in all directions eventually leaving you with more clarity than you have ever experienced. There is no going back to what was. There is only moving on intrepidly with whatever unfolds, embracing it or rejecting it. These are different sides of the same coin as what you embrace may be spun off and what you reject may revisit you until you embrace it. We do not mean to speak in riddles. This is just another way of saying that you are moving into a reality that will only support that which is in the highest good of all.

Dearest ones, know that we are loving you powerfully and we will continue with these messages to support your growth and expansion. We are divine witnesses to all that is happening and we urge you to visualize exactly what you want. The more you communicate what you want through your thoughts, visualizations, imaginings, and daydreams, the more we can assist you in manifesting that. Know that what will manifest will be what you collectively deem to be most desired or most important as expressed through all the ways you know how to express. So, if you are not one who finds it easy to visualize, we suggest you express your personal and universal desires in whatever way comes naturally and easily for you – drawing, painting, sketching, writing, journaling, making music, gathering groups in councils, talking circles, sewing and quilting circles, meditation, game nights, pot luck dinners, and expressing and discussing what you want to see in the world. What do you want to feed through your thoughts, words, and actions? What do you not want to feed? For those things you do not want to feed, support, or see grow in any way, withdraw your awareness from them so they are non-issues for you and concern yourself only with that which you support. For those of you who believe that this is impossible, it is. For those who believe it is possible, it is. You have control of what you allow yourself to receive, what you allow to ‘land’ within your field of awareness.

We highly recommend you become more adept at being an excellent gatekeeper as to what you allow in. It will serve you very well through the changes as you will continue to live in times that are extraordinary in many ways. We do not mean keep your head in the sand through all the chaotic energy that the changes are producing. We do mean – stay in alignment with your sources of love, with nature, with Source, become very attached to good habits that will keep you grounded, centered, and in a place of personal wellness. Know that just as the universe is collaborating to only support that which is in the highest good, the same is true for what is in your personal highest good. Now is an excellent time to develop excellent habits of moving your body, training your thoughts, staying connected to loved ones, breathing deeply, learning an instrument, a language, a skill, or anything else. If it is truly in your highest good, it will be easier than it has ever been for you to learn it now. If it is not in your highest good, let it go and attach to something else.

Beloveds, be well, be in alignment, be of good cheer as you chart the course of how you want to navigate the next phase of life into your own personal highest good. And know that that will have a ripple effect to the collective of humanity.

And so it is.


The Collective of Guides