Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, January 1st, 2017

A Message from Your Guides    January 1, 2017

Beloved Ones, 

We greet you with good tidings of great joy on this auspicious day. Know that you are expanding in every moment with every breath. This will be a momentous year for you. You are expanding into a new level of consciousness that will have some of you feeling quite inflated in all good ways. Some of you however will feel the ‘puffing up’ and judge it as uncomfortable. Others will not even notice any discomfort as you focus on the wonder of it all. It can be a very magical and seamless process for those of you who choose to stay optimistic about all the changes that are occurring. We have said many times in these transmissions that the changes are ultimately for the highest good of all no matter what the packaging looks like, feels like, or what media spin is put upon it. 

Rest assured, no matter what misinformation you are receiving, there will not be a third world war. That is not congruent with the most dominant timelines you are moving into. Timelines are energetic frequencies of possibility that gain momentum through collective thought and attention. If you do not want war do not focus on it in any way. aWe cannot stress enough the importance of taking your focus and energy away from this misinformation that is designed to keep you in fear and keep a possibility of war (or any other agenda) prominent on the prospective timelines. For those of you who feel more powerful being informed than uninformed, we ask how powerful is it to be misinformed? Wouldn’t it be more empowering to tap into your own inner knowing, your connection with source through meditation, and visualization?  Isn’t it more empowering to turn off the news and the social media and focus on personal development, spend quality time with loved ones, be in nature, move your body to stretch your muscles and bones and feel your body stretching? Isn’t it wonderful to count your blessings and appreciate all that you have instead of becoming aware of what you do not have (and in most cases don’t need) via commercial advertisements?

Beloved ones, of all we guide you to do, refraining from television in general and ‘the news’ in particular is in the top 3 recommendations over being mindful of your thoughts and practicing the attitude of gratitude. If you did nothing else, putting these three guidelines into practice would increase your vibrational frequency a great deal. Keep in mind that when you maintain one of these guidelines, the other two are much easier to maintain. 

If you want to feel better, be healthier, be more motivated, have more energy, get more done every day, feel more connected to Spirit, to loved ones, to All That Is, unplug in all ways possible and get to know your self first and foremost. Then make a point of spending quality time with loved ones. The more you put into any given relationship, the more you get out of it through the Law of Giving and Receiving. This is true of anything you give – your time, your know-how, your experience, your love, your companionship, your craftsmanship, your charity, your willingness, your compassionyour support, your compliments, your appreciation of another or of any of these things they give to you. When you are spending more of your time and your resources giving to others in these ways, your life becomes fuller, more fulfilling and more well-rounded. It is an on-going process. Volunteering somewhere will not solve all your problems. It will help you to re-prioritize your problems into blessings. I.e. you become aware that there is a need in your community and you happen to have the time slot available, the know how or resources they need, and a friend encourages you to help out or you see an ad asking for help and it tugs at you in a way that just feels right for you to respond. You show up, you give your service, and feel blessed and fulfilled to be a part of this event or organization. While there,  you meet someone that can and will freely fix the thing at home that you’ve been stressing about calling a repair person for because it is not in your budget this month. That is how universal flow works. If you resist the ‘tug’ that told you to go, you miss out on a wonderful experience of giving and on the rewards that are furnished through you saying “Yes” to the call. The rewards, beyond a sense of fulfillment in the activity itself,  may not show up immediately but in some way they will. It may be that you run into the one person you really connected with at that event months later and they introduce you to someone who you end up marrying. It may take years for the ‘reward’ to reach you but the more you embrace opportunities to give of your authentic self, the more rewards will come your way. 

If you feel that you don’t have anything to offer, you are not aware of how gifted God made you. If you are not aware of your gifts, you are not living in alignment with your true purpose. We are sharing this with you today so that you set the intention to begin this new year of 2017 with a greater awareness of your gifts and a stronger intention to bring your gifts out into the world. If you are not yet clear about your gifts, be clear that you do have them and it is your job to discover them. You were not created to live your life in unawareness of your gifts. You were not meant to live your life on someone else’s terms, to support another’s dreams and not have that reciprocated, to stay in a job that you abhor, to stay married to someone with whom you do not flourish. You are meant to live in joy, in oneness, in peace, in loving mutual respect with whomever you live with and as many more people as possible. You are meant to experience ease and joy and flow and abundance and be prosperous in all ways – relationships, food, clothing, shelter, toys, adventures, lessons, experiences, whatever you want to experience. There are no desires that cannot be fulfilled or at least come closer to fulfillment. The attainment of something  is not always as satisfying as the striving for it, the getting closer to it, the growth involved in that process. It is a gift to have a real and true desire and to be actively pursuing that. 

And so, Dearest Ones, for 2017, we wish you a great and singular desire that you visit every day – not in an energy of lack, but in an energy of excited expectancy – and thereby bring it to you through the Law of Attraction. We wish you the best possible world you can conceive for yourselves and all the power to manifest whatever you choose through your thought forms, your time, and your focus. May you desire powerfully and manifest those desires in a way that makes our current jobs obsolete and thereby raises us up to the next level of service. Dear ones, know that that is exactly where we want to be. We can only assist you if you allow us. Please, allow us to help in any and all of the considerable ways we can. We are all around you always – literally in arms reach. Ask. You as free will beings must ask for assistance for us to furnish it beyond some very basic needs. Know we are loving you powerfully in every moment with every breath. 

And so it is. 

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot Feel free to share or repost this message in its entirety with proper attribution.