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“Understanding: The Speed Bump SITREP (Zim)” – One Who Knows – 3.8.17

“Understanding: The Speed Bump SITREP (Zim)” – One Who Knows – 3.8.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 3:14 PM EST on March 8, 2017

Re-posted (4-2-17) by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Understanding: The Speed Bump SITREP (Zim)

“Speed Bump” – Intel SITREP – 12:00 EST – March 8, 2017

At first, this SITREP may be a little confusing, but after this post, it will be crystal clear.

RATES: (What Has NOT Changed)

#1) We know that we will be getting, or should I say “Offered,” higher Negotiated Rates (Formally Known as Sovereign Rates), especially for doing Humanitarian Projects. This has NOT changed.

#2) Remember that these “Special” rates will NOT be offered unless you ASK for them. If you don’t ask for the higher rates, they will not offer them to you. This has NOT changed.

#3) We know that after a “Certain Exchange Period Of Time,” these special, extra high, privately negotiated rates, will NO LONGER BE OFFERED, NOR AVAILABLE. This has NOT changed.

#4) We have been told that HSBC is NOW the lead bank for this exchange process. This has NOT changed.

#5) If you call any of these Banks and ask if they will exchange the ZIM or other First Basket currencies, especially for the higher rates, THE WILL SAY NO! This has NOT changed. They are not allowed to verify the GCR for many reasons you can figure out for yourself. So, DO NOT expect them to “Spill the Beans” and admit to the GCR, until it is actually going and LIVE! Only then will they confirm the GCR and invite you to come in and exchange.

RATES: (What Has Changed)

#1) We heard that due to criminal activity among the various banks, HSBC Would be the ONLY BANK exchanging the Zim. This HAS Changed.

Now, it turns out that there will be many top Banks, and perhaps lower level banks as well, that will be permitted to exchange the ZIM along with the other currencies. This is a big change in the plan. However, it has a catch.

#2) We heard that the “Screen Rate” for the ZIM was as much as $2 per ZIM. This HAS Changed…. a bit.

Now, as it turns out, the $2 Per Zim, is NOT the actual “Screen Rate” that anyone can get walking off the street. It is more like the Low End of the “Privately Negotiated Rates.” More specifically, from what we know now, it is the highest rate you can negotiate without having to sign an NDA. In short the Highest non-NDA rate.

Importantly, it falls under the category of “Privately Negotiated” in that you MUST ask for it, in order to get it. This means that people who have no idea what they are doing, who just happen to walk into a bank with ZIM, WILL NOT BE OFFERED THAT RATE. In short, that means that it is NOT THE SCREEN RATE.

#3) According to the latest SITREP, the Screen Rate is now: 0.00000018 without an NDA (Or 18M for 1 100T note), 0.00000200 USD with an NDA (Or 200M for 1 100T note) This HAS Changed.

This means that someone who does not know to ask for negotiated rates, will be offered these two rates and NO MORE. Anyone walking off the street, into a bank, will get these Screen Rates For the ZIM. While not said specifically, I expect that these will be the rates available after the special Humanitarian Exchange Time Period ends. It most likely, will be the “regular rate” that will go on for some time for these high denomination Zimbabwe (Bond) notes.

RATES: (What Is Different, BUT: )

#1) It is now different that the majority of Banks are now allowed to exchange the ZIM, BUT, only HSBC can offer the Higher Privately Negotiated Rates on the ZIM.

#2) There seems to be some trust that is now being extended back to the other Banks, BUT, clearly, they are only being trusted with the VERY LOW screen rates and NOT the VERY HIGH Privately Negotiated Rates.

#3) It would seem that these Banks are still being penalized since they cannot bring in high net worth depositors due to the limit they have on the ZIM exchange rate, BUT, they will now be able to sell the ZIM they do take in, to HSBC and make big money for the Bank itself. This is a reasonable trade off, since HSBC will get the largest Depositors/deposits with high Zim rates, it still gives the other Banks (Mostly Owned by HSBC anyway), a chance to become safer for their depositors, by having substantial Banking reserves themselves.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that for most everyone reading this post, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. We will still call the special numbers and follow the special instructions when the GCR OFFICIALLY Happens. We will go to the offsite military bases to exchange our Zim for $2 with No NDA, and for higher rates and/or interest programs with an NDA.

What is different now, is that we know what the regular people will get who don’t know about these special arrangements, and what the rates will most likely be after the offsite exchange centers are closed.

As far as early exchanges, I am not sure if they will be cash or have SKRs. I can tell you that the early exchanges at the crazy low rates are NOT FOR ME, since I know our turn is almost here, if not here already.

Everything finds its place in the Universe. Those who get the high rates were meant to, and those who get the lower rates, are probably right where they need to be.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows