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OWK Status Report, April 2nd, 2017

Message To Light Workers: Status Report

This message is for the Light Workers ONLY.  If you are Cabal, this is NOT for you.

Dear Light Workers,

We have reached the end of our journey.  There are so many arrests that are going on behind the scenes that you can’t see.  Frankly, I was personally involved one of the first “Take Downs” that netted 60,000 pedophiles and Cabal scum all over the planet.  Since then there have been several operations, each one coming closer and closer to the public take downs.  It is the “Public Take Downs” that I was talking about that you would see on TV.  When you see that, “The Big Distraction” you will know it is all over.

Importantly, all of these different “Levels” of take downs, have always been planned to happen just before the public release of the GCR.  These are the mass arrests that you have always heard about.  I can tell you that they are happening as we speak.  The numbers were so voluminous that I got involved with the “Amnesty For Cabal” posts.

Like it or not, most of them will be released back into society after they sign certain documents and agree under VERY strict penalty, to NEVER harm Humanity in any way for the rest of their lives.  It is sort of a “Tag and Release” of Cabal minions since they really pose no danger since the heads of the Cabal snakes are being removed from the Planet or incarcerated in deep isolation.

For your information, there has been a flood of takers on the Amnesty deal, which speeds up our go time.  Frankly, the fact that I was authorized to offer the Amnesty program to the Cabal minions should be evidence to you that we are at the end, the mop up part of the plan.  The Big “Distraction” in about to happen.  It will signal the end of the Cabal, and the Beginning of our new Golden Age.

I am usually tactful when I respond to the nay sayers, but some of the things I have been hearing are just STUPID.   Apparently some think that the Cabal Amnesty Program is a Cabal Operation….  How ridiculous.

The military are the back bone of our New Republic and are 100% Light Workers in uniform.  There is no way that any Cabal Master would say call a military Base and turn yourself in for Amnesty.  Their Foot Soldiers are “Defecting” in droves because they can see the writing on the wall.  It is over and they know it.  As every minute goes by, more and more opt for safety, protection, and Freedom by taking the Amnesty program.  Frankly, these minions are running to the safety of the most benevolent, Humanity based operation ever conceived in the History of this Planet.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is no more intel to be had.  The Pre-GCR arrests are already completed on many phases and the final, publicly viewable phase is about to begin.  Clearly they had to save the public arrests for last, because once those happened they would have some “explaining to do” to the sleeping public.  But don’t worry, they already have the explanations ready to transmit to the World.  It is called “Disclosure.”

If this wasn’t really happening, then why are the Cabal being offered Amnesty if they call a military base and give themselves up and promise to stop their evil ways?  You have NEVER heard that before, and definitely not in a public message.

We are at the end, and are now way beyond the point of no return.  While I do offer encouragement at every chance I get, I would never tell you something that I didn’t KNOW TO BE TRUE.  I personally KNOW about the final arrests that are going on right now.  I am personally involved in some of those operations, and I am the “Designated” and fully Authorized “communicator” to the Cabal, to offer a final chance for freedom through the Amnesty program.  I KNOW what I am talking about and I can tell you that we are at the end.   Relax, and KNOW that all is well and even better than you think.   I promise you that it is.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows