Love is our new reality

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The Council of Radiant Light via Ailia Mira, April 2nd, 2017

Hello Dear Friends,

We greet you in love. It is good to be with you today and to have this chance to connect with you in a state of loving appreciation, for that is how we feel about you.

We feel immense love and appreciation for you. For all that you are. For all that you are becoming. For what you’ve not yet imagined and for what we know will occur in each and every moment of your embodiment: expansion.

Expansion of all of Creation. That is what you are making possible through your focus and with your manifest expression.

We love when you are feeling good for in those moments we are more fully with you. We are more fully able to flow into your life and with you, amplify what you are focused upon and enjoy with you all that is in a way that you feel exquisite and know yourself in the way we know you; as a lover of life.

You are a lover of life. This excludes nothing. We know you as a lover of all life and in that way you are free and expansive and fully resourced. Your flow, the expression of all that you are is empowered by your state of being and in the non-physical you are an immense lover of life. This empowers you. In fact, being a lover of life is the structure of how you are expressed and how you are expressing. It is your Source and the pathway of Source supporting and enlivening as you, as your consciousness.

No matter where you are focused you have a direct and perpetual connection to All of Creation. In your innate capacity as consciousness you are free to choose how you are expressing energetically and what you flow and create. In this realm of focus, you are surrounded and supported by immense diversity which acts as a reflection to you of what you are expressing and also triggers expansion in your consciousness. The world around you helps you to feel the distinctness of you and in that awareness of who you are, you expand as consciousness. Knowing yourself in new ways is an adventure. New experiences and choosing new aims for your focus, elaborates your energy and enriches your life. When you live knowing this, you allow yourself to flow.

Allowing your flow is the most blissful experience. When you allow yourself to flow your life is graceful and you feel light, informed, clear, steady and life feels easier and better to you moment to moment to moment. Because, in fact, life is becoming more and more to your liking from moment to moment to moment. You are creating this when you allow your flow and you know life is getting better all the time because you are feeling better all the time. More and more of your moments are ones you are enjoying, savoring and finding pleasing. This is how to live in an elevated state of consciousness.

There has been a lot of confusion in your world about how to live in higher consciousness. A great deal of the guidance and beliefs about living in higher consciousness have come through a filter of struggle and limitation. Many people who wish to live in higher consciousness have a basic sense of lack in terms of their own self-perception; they feel unworthy of what they want. In a state of believing in your unworthiness, you naturally wish to change how you feel. So you do things to try and feel worthy.

Therein lies the misunderstanding; you are already fine. Perfect. Worthy of anything and everything you want. Nothing else could be accurate given your source. You are here to live freely and express freely and all that you do accomplishes what is your inherent function: expansion. You expand all of life in every choice you make. You tend to judge your choices based on ideas of morality and beliefs about right and wrong; yet all of those ideas are human inventions. All of life expands consciousness and consciousness is unconditionally expanding because of all you do. That is a wonderful thing!

We love you and we know you as a flowing, elaborating expressive field of consciousness. You are in the world in which you are focused because you chose to extend your energy and embody your signature here, now. You made this happen with your attention and you did so with great enthusiasm. You viewed this as a wonderful adventure and saw Earth as a profoundly stimulating environment from which to create. You did not come here to fix things. You did not come here to rescue other people here. You did not come here to be light and overcome evil. You did not come here so that you could make right your prior mistakes. In short you did not come here to learn lessons, or to heal yourself or others. You came here, for the fun of it, knowing you would get here, discover what interested you and play with all of that. Learning and growing would happen naturally as a by product of you being here and exploring, but they are not the aim. The aim was to expand and explore and to create and express. You came here to express yourself.

Now we know many of you feel you wish to do this, but that you are somehow hemmed in, limited, blocked. You have many beliefs that make this a reality for your life manifests from your practiced momentum’s and the ways you’ve been thinking and feeling about yourself and in each moment.

All it takes to change your life and allow more of your flow, is to think differently and do so often enough that you feel differently.

When you feel differently and in this case we mean “better” then you know that you’re thinking differently often enough to create new experiences that you will also like better.

Life is far simpler than you’ve been thinking and your connection is direct. Many of you turn often to others who wish to help you feel happy and feel it is their role to help you liberate yourself from the darkness and then to liberate others from the darkness. If you want to play that game, you can. But it’s a made up story, not a requirement of living here.

When you live here on Earth, whatever you think about a lot and pay attention to, becomes real for you. Your embodied life experiences are no more real or shall we say, no less real than a novel, or a film that you watch. Only that there is more form associated with them and to you they feel more real. Yet all of it is happening in consciousness and what you are paying attention to, becomes real for you, in your experience.

You may feel you can watch a film or read a book and know it’s not real. That you feel perfectly capable of putting down that book, or pausing that movie and moving on and into what you think is your “real life.” We encourage you to think of your real life knowing it is just as much a construct as a movie or a book.

You are the Creator of your life experience. You are free to rewrite it and change it up anytime. You may not believe this, because you may not yet have lived this, it in a dramatic enough way to make it real for you. That does not mean that it isn’t how everything in your experience comes about.

You are energy. Pure, eternal consciousness infused into conscious form. You create your energy state with your attention and the non-physical wholeness of you is always with you. The non-physical wholeness of you, is unconditionally present in every moment and your feelings in every moment show you the relationship between how you are focused and perceiving and how the non-physical wholeness you are is focused and feeling. Your feelings are your guide constantly helping you know – am I in sync with all I’ve chosen and become? Am I keeping up with what I’ve realized I prefer and am I allowing my life to flow and bring to me the experiences I will love even more? Or not.

Your feelings beloved friends are always telling you how you are relating to YOU. How you are in relationship to the Infinite Intelligence which is acting on your behalf, unconditionally, to bring about everything you pay attention to. Your attention to something is like placing an order at a restaurant and like putting down the book, or pausing the movie – you can change your order at any time by turning your attention to something else.

Life if a flow of experiences, thoughts, and connections that are demonstrating to you how you’ve been focused and the essence of what you are creating energetically. You are a masterful being; an eternal field of consciousness here to express your uniqueness as you play and explore this realm of focus.

There is nothing else you need do. We suggest you consider that your experience of the world, is continually adjusted to reflect how you are using your attention and focus. This world, this Universe, All that is, is constantly rearranging and orchestrating what you experience so that it reflects your vision, your momentum, your energy and the way to know what you’re emanating is through your feelings.

A lot of people misunderstand all this. They believe they are flawed, capable of being flawed even, or broken, which is not possible. You cannot be broken, or diminished. Only you can alter your flow. Although embracing your capacity might initially feel difficult, isn’t the promise of it fabulous? Isn’t the relief of considering that there is in fact, nothing wrong with you, with any part of you, or your life, worthy taking to heart? Doesn’t it feel good to love yourself this way?

Of course it does. In loving yourself unconditionally, just as you are, you do not settle for life as it is, you allow life to flow! You sync up with all of Creation in adoring and appreciating you! You empower yourself. It’s normal it’s natural and it’s available.

The truth of your being is powerful, creative, expressive and free. As eternal consciousness you are born into this form, of your own making. You’re making this whole experience happen day in day out, by the stories, you tell to yourself and others, and the way you are choosing to use your attention.

Discovering how to expand and alter the quality of your flow, is key to being who you truly are. When you allow your flow to expand you allow your expanded energy to infuse you here, in your embodiment, elevating your experience through the coherence of your eternal consciousness.

To open up the flow of more love, abundance, happiness, freedom, ease, clarity,, well being, and anything else you might like, tune to the feeling of it what you wish to experience. In tune to the vibration of it, you attune your field to it, developing resonance with all you pay attention to. This is how you become ready to receive what you wish to know as your life. You can let your feelings tell you when this is happening.

If you would feel your way into things and use how you think and what you focus on to generate feeling states you prefer, your flow would open up in ways that thrill you and you would begin to know, first hand, how powerful you really are. You are powerful because you control everything about your flow!

We are the Council of Radiant Light.