Love is our new reality

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Universal Mother via Genoveva Coyle, August 27th, 2018


Come home to me so that I may hold you in my heart for a few moments to assist thee to shift your perception and your energy into that positive and optimistic pole of the spectrum.Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my sweet Annas! I AM Universal Mother Mary, I am your Mother, Mother of Hope and Mother of Love, Mother of Change and Transformation, Mother of all of you my precious children!

I am here with you today, and I come to you every day to remind you to return to me, to come into my heart, to travel home often. Come when you feel down and depleted, come when you are in need of love and nourishing, and come when you feel proud of yourself, when you pass your so-called challenges and milestones, for there is no one better than me to fill you faster with love, reassurance, and strength, for I am proud of thee as only a mother can be of every single one of her children.

Dear hearts the world is changing beautifully, and so are you, and there are times when you are growing and expanding faster than your mind can comprehend the magnitude of what has been happening, but you are forging forward in trust and determination while following your Divine plan and your soul’s direction.

But when you become overwhelmed, come home to me so that I may hold you in my heart for a few moments to assist thee to shift your perception and your energy into that positive and optimistic pole of the spectrum. For you see, there is nothing wrong that you are doing, you are not missing or failing in your missions, regardless of how chaotic things may appear at this time. If anything at all, you are flowing with your missions in the most graceful way, even when you are not quite sure of this.

It is not always easy to accept the challenges that you have placed in your way, that is easily understandable, and I have great admiration for the rapid way you adjust, recenter, and remain loving to yourselves and to others.

Your knowing and willingness to uncover your truth has deepened greatly, and this has given you a great sense of freedom. Freedom in a true sense, and not in a sense of living and avoiding obstacles and challenges, or of requesting dispensation from dealing with them. No, none of you are the escapist type, but through accepting and embracing with love everyone and everything that is creating any kind of unsettling emotions or low vibrational feeling in you, you are strengthening that sense of freedom.

You still need to stand your ground and set firm boundaries, but now you have learned to look inside yourselves, by forgiving, healing, and loving that part of you that resonates with the troubling issues. This is the way you let go of the whole spectrum of judgment and self-judgment, of every speck of debris of righteousness, of martyr-hood, and ultimately of the feeling of lack of self-worth or of being flawed and unlovable on the other side of the spectrum. You love and accept others that are doing that which is not of love, not by fighting and condemning them, but by healing and forgiving them and yourselves. There are actions that need to be taken, and there are “Nos” that need to be spoken loudly and clearly and repeated if necessary, but the real work is done inside your heart, sincerely, and with piety and reverence for all life, and for all of the souls involved. This is the graceful way, this is the easy way to forge a new path through the turmoil and chaos!

You have been chosen to come here at this time of transformation, for your fortitude, for your ability to find your way home into my heart through the darkest paths and roads, but mostly for your immense capacity to love and to forgive everyone, regardless of the misdeeds and mistakes that they have committed.

My sweet angels of love, there is only total and absolute forgiveness of one’s self and of all others, and that can transform this world into the Nova Earth of your dreams faster than you can imagine. Work in silence within yourselves, dear selves, and then see the world outside shine more and more brightly every day!

I am leaving you now with my love and tender embrace! Farewell!

By Permission.


©2018 Council of Love, Inc.