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Universal Mother via Mary Carbaugh, October 18th, 2017

Greetings, my beloved children, my sweet daughters, and to whom all this energy goes out tonight!  I am the Mother, Universal Mother, one with the Father and one with All That Is, and I come to remind you, indeed I come so that you may feel my energy and understand that we are all one and that everything, dear ones, exists within you and that there is no separation.

It is time for you to understand, to feel and comprehend on every level that the universe exists within you.  It is time for you to wake up, to truly perceive reality, to break down the barriers, break down the wall, see beyond the veil that has been placed upon you, to activate your true essence, to ignite and unleash your abilities and your understandings. Much is being given to you at this time. Greater knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is being brought to you that you may fully comprehend.

It seems to you that this information comes in slowly, a trickle at a time, and so it does. But as these droplets come to you, they, like water over time, melt the rock.  And so these drops of information slowly erode the barriers, the wall, the veil, eliminating that which holds you back and opening you to the true reality, the understanding of what it is you truly are and what you are capable of. It is time to do this; it is time to see and understand and feel who it is you truly are!

Much goes into this process and you have been working on this your entire lives – this particular incarnation as well as over many lifetimes – until you have come to this moment where you can be in this form and awaken.  All of those things that you have heard of, dreamt of, are available to you.  You have heard often that you are masters, and we keep telling you this, but it is time for you to truly understand what this means.  You are, sweet ones, capable of everything that the masters that support you are capable of.  You are capable of seeing beyond your senses, of working with vibrations, frequency, and sound.

Dear Ones, do you doubt that you can walk through walls or walk on water, change the very essence of the air?  The masters have been speaking to you frequently of how to do these things.  And I come today to tell you that these things are possible…and more than possible, it is your birth right, for it is how you emerged from Source with these abilities. And even though you chose an incarnation and form in which these abilities have been blocked from you, what this ascension is about is learning how to break through that, to break those shackles.  So, I give you my permission as Mother to do this.

You no longer need to be held back, you no longer need to think of yourself as less than, for all of the knowledge of the universe is available to you.  The first step, however, is believing it so. You must believe and know that you are masters.  You must understand that these abilities were taken from you, and you agreed to this, to experience this, but now it is time to break free once again.  So, I come to remind you, to share my energy with you so you may better understand how there is absolutely no separation and there is no difference between you and the ones that you look to for advice and guidance.

Do you not realize, dear ones, that you are these masters, that they exist within you as part of you and you as part of them?  There is absolutely no separation and this is something you must comprehend. We say this over and over again, and yet you still feel separate. You still feel as if you must reach out to another for advice and understanding and guidance. But even, dear ones, when you channel, you go within.  Where do you think this information comes from? It is not outside of you, it is within you.  It is you.

You think of it sometimes as your higher self, your I AM Presence, and you separate yourself out as fragments; but these are illusions. These are simply manifestations of the dream and it is time to wake up.  You have spent much time integrating parts of yourself.  Indeed dear ones, although it is helpful, it is not even necessary because how could you even be separated from yourself or anything else?

The more you awaken to this, the more you will be able to step into your mastery and see and feel and know in your very being what you are. It is what returning home means.  It is not a place you return to, it is an understanding.  It is allowing the illusion to drop away.   You know this to be true. And so, I give to you tonight an eraser that you can use to erase that veil, that illusion, that dream.

And we do understand that this can take some time because the conditioning is quite extensive and to remove it all at once would be devastating to you…so much so that your physical being could not handle it. This is why we take it step by step with those little drops, slowly eroding away to dissolve that conditioning, that calcification, that holds you in the dream.

But you need to hear this and you need to hear this from me: “It is time and you are ready.  Know that it is yours.  Begin to feel the truth of this understanding that you are All That Is.  Allow the illusion to drop away.”

We understand that this can be frightening for some.  You have been kept in a childlike state; manipulated and control.  And we are asking you now to step forward in mastery and that can feel like an overwhelming responsibility, but you are more than capable of standing on your own. Do not shy away.

{{{Energy download}}} Open.  {{{Energy download}}}  And, clear.  {{{Energy download}}}

This is why at this time it is important to clear any final core issues that still hold you back.  This final cleansing must take place. It is part of breaking those shackles, of removing that limitation, and so we applaud you for doing this.  Remove these final remnants and then get ready!

I leave you now, but of course, I never leave you; that would be impossible because we are one.  Know who you are, sweet ones!  Go within yourselves and find the universe within.  Everything that you need and everything that you seek is there.



» Source – Channel: Mary Carbaugh